[NEW Photo] 09/10 GREEN Arsenal Away Shirt

09/10 Arsenal Away Shirt

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  1. Tony Adams says:

    Whats the point of moderation, if people can make comments like this Osae character has?

  2. Kolo Habib Toure says:

    Ugh! I hate it already, I’m gonna tell the boss to stop this shit! Yahaha

  3. wdkf says:

    its too minging to be true, no?

  4. northbankgooner says:

    It’s a fake. Some geezer in thailand has been getting busy!

  5. GoonerTony says:

    if that is next seasons away its cool. its got arsenal on it ill wear it. arsenal for life

  6. aaront says:

    the colours may be real (shit!!) but this particular shirt is fake… the badge gives it away

  7. aaront says:

    the colours may be real (shit!!)
    but this PARTICULAR shirt is a fake… look at the badge..

  8. Fabregas says:

    FAKE. the new away kit is going to be blue it shows a small secton on yhe arsenal site

  9. Sam Beswick says:

    this is complete rubbish the new kit is blue with either white or black pinstripes going down it it seems really nice :)

  10. Liz says:

    Arsenal are not a cricket team, thats all this shirt makes me think of. I wouldn’t wear it.


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