[Podcast] The modern day footballer makes me sick! Greedy c*nts the lot of them!

Modern day players just make me sick. They kiss the badge and then screw the fans over for MONEY!!

John Terry has just proved what the modern day player is like, Just like his boyfriend Ashley Cole. Money grabbing c*nts

Check out my views on this and more in the first podcast of the season. Warning i swear a F8cking lot

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  1. anon says:

    haha haha hahahaha Joker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. milani says:

    so 6’1 is a midget now? hmmm but anyway it was funny

  3. Tommygun says:

    PMSL….super stuff : )

  4. Stu says:

    Long time since the last podcast. I missed them somewhat…dont know why tho. Keep ‘em coming.

    And isnt it wierd how noone complains about whats said in the podcast? An article and there are hundreds of cunts telling ye to fuck of etc etc

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