[Video] Arsene Wenger attempts the crossbar challenge

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  1. smatkin14 says:

    wengers fuking magic he wears a magic hat

  2. Darren says:

    Thanks for sharing

  3. John Money says:

    haha I love Arsene

  4. Messi says:

    truly a living legend i swear to you this guy would die for his players and i would die for him and my club and players ARSENE WENGER WE REALLY LOVE YOU SO MUCH HOPE WE WIN TROPHIES THIS SEASON PREM, CL, FA, CC ALL OF THEM IN ARSENE WENGER WE TRUST……COME ON ARSENAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. arseneisgod says:

    love it!

  6. O.B says:

    messi, bit far mate

  7. abraham says:

    wenger is the simply the best. but in terms of buying placing at this stage maybe no.

  8. abraham says:

    wenger da best for sure

  9. abrahamw says:

    yeah babyy

  10. abraham says:

    yeah thats right

  11. Lucasno1 says:

    …to add to Messi…. yes mate, hes a top bloke 🙂

  12. Donjohnni says:

    Wenger is the next maradona. You just wait. Next year hopefully he’ll be promoted to the first team where you’ll see him do, amongst other things, the Marseille Roulette, Shimmy-Shimmy-Ya-Shimmy-Yo-Shimmy-Yay and backflip deluxe.

  13. matt says:

    If all the managers had the same resources who would win?
    Easy answer

  14. Brad yellow section says:

    Messi getin messy. Easy man!!!!

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