"Deja vu" for Arsenal fans! We have heard this before Wenger.

Arsenal fans must feel like they have lived this summer over and over again.

I feel that we have been here and seen this before.

Wenger has said at the end of each of the last 4 seasons that his priority would be to “keep the squad together”

That never seems to be the case and we never seem to replace the players who have moved on.

And then Wenger comes out and says the same thing “I have trust in this squad, We dont need to sign as the players coming back from injury will be like new signings”…Etc

With only 4 days till the start of the new season, we again have seen a repeat of this.

All summer we have been linked with a host of players, Wenger comes out and gives a half hearted comment that gives us hope and then we are all let down.

Wenger has the money this summer to spend on new players after cashing in on Adebayor & Toure. So what is he waiting for?  The new players should have been brought into the squad a long time ago so they could have time to gel and play a few friendly’s and adjust to life at the club?

So whats the problem?

Well, i fear that Wenger and Arsenal are trying to do the same thing we always do…Trying to get players on the cheap and are waiting till the very last minute.

Remember the transfer of Arshavin that went through at the very last minute on deadline day?

The only problem in playing that game is that another club could come in and pay the asking price and then you miss out and with the deadline you don’t have the time to go after a different player.

Lets look at Liverpool and the way they do things compared to us.

They sell a player in Alonso and 48hrs later they have signed a replacement in Aquilani.

Now lets look at us, we sold Diarra, Flamini and Gilberto last year, Whats taken so long in finding a replacement?

I said at the end of last season that it was going to be a big summer for Wenger and he needed to address the problems, and so far he has not. If anything we are weaker then we were at this stage last season.

And look what happened last season we got off to a terrible start and were out of the league by Dec, Only the signing of Arshavin in Feb saved our season from being a complete disaster.

People might say we came so close, and this team has great potential! But how much longer are we going to here that?

How many of you can hand on heart say we are going to win the league this year? Or even finish in the top 3?

Peter Hill Wood came out last week and said that coming 4th was like winning a prize? What is he on about? If he thinks that’s good enough for a club like Arsenal then he should step down and allow a new owner to move this club forward with major investment.

Players like Cesc,Van Persie and Arshavin need to achieve things or they are going to want to leave.

I fear that this season is going to be the worst ever under Wenger. Lets be honest if Villa didn’t flop towards the end of last season we would have finished 5th. This season we have Man City to deal with plus a host of other clubs have improved.

How can Wenger say that he is happy with this squad and we have a chance of winning everything? And how can the fans be fooled with the same lines over and over again.

I love my team, and will support them till the end.

But I’m a frustrated gooner who wants to see investment and i fear for the future of the club as i have seen this time and time again.





  1. Merse-10

    August 11, 2009 at 7:34 pm

    Spot on mate.

  2. Marce07

    August 11, 2009 at 7:34 pm

    I agree with this article, and find no merit on the post by those who believe that you are wrong.

    “We should believe!”, “You will see!” etc. are based on very poor arguments:

    – We are more experienced now: oohh suure 3 months made an amazing difference on the same team that suffered big against ManU or Chelsea.

    – We have Rosicky and Eduardo: Edu may be… Rosicky? For how long and starting when? and heeey we lost Adebayor in the process

    – Other teams are shorter than last season too: May be Villa, and ManU and the last one was so superior against us on Champions that may be we still have to kill Rooney and Ferdinand to get close (and please do not talk about that stupid 0-0 of a season that was already over and they were thinking on Champions Final), Liverpool could miss Xabi Alonso but they bought a good replacement, Chelsea is a stronger team, ManCity is stronger, etc.

    Is exactly the same plot of last few season… and the chances of getting the same results or worst are high.

  3. zigzag

    August 11, 2009 at 7:42 pm

    couldn’t agree more mate. sick of those whinging bastards who call themselves Arsenal fans. all blogs are jammed with that effing lot. why don’t they go and support Citeh, then they have their transfer galore or support Manure and you have your trofies and a Manager to sack. If that lot can’t understand modern football and don’t appreciate how unique our club and manager are they should at least keep quiet and stop disrespecting the good people that work for the club.
    So, go away. You will come flooding back when we lift the silverware again and despite all this negative drivel it could be as soon as this coming season, oh yes!

  4. Marce07

    August 11, 2009 at 7:45 pm

    Merse 1o, a good and positive analysis BUT:
    – Adebayor and Arshavin were available at the same time for months last season, and we didn’t make great, did we?? A tie with Liverpool at Anfield the only good result against good teams. So I don’t see how Arshavin is Adebayor replacement
    – And on your amazing line up: Rosicky / Nasri / Vela? Well mate only Vela is available for at least 6 weeks.
    – Fabregas / Denilson: please do not put THAT name close to Fabregas…
    – Song / Ramsey / Diaby: ok, I’m afraid actually is Song /Denilson / Diaby… and even when I believe Song has an amazing future, he is too young and Denilson, Ramsey and Diaby are a very poor back up for such important position on field.

    A lot of WRONG in my opinion.

  5. Anon

    August 11, 2009 at 7:51 pm

    danish gooner the only thing Arsene knows is how to rip the heart out of our club.

  6. wenger is a dickhead

    August 11, 2009 at 7:58 pm

    y does every 1 love wenger he lies he is arrogant and doesnt like being told what to do also the board need 2 sort themselve out money hungry cunts go 2 man city if u want doller , bendtner is shit and u know it denilson is a back up player wether u like him or not diaby may as well leave randall and a few of the kids are not cut out 2 play 4 this club gibbs back up yes traore just sell him, senderos is better than silvest (potato head) so why keep that man u reject fabianski is not that good either , arsene wenger needs 2 fucking wake up and bring in 2 quality players maybe not definite starters but because of injuries and u cant expect kids 2 play 50 matches can u no 1 else would put up with these losers who cant finish which is the aim in football score goals not pass the ball round and round and fucking round they need direct players and goalscorers and obviously the most important thing a good solid defender 2 partner verm and gallas if he is actually fit 2 play pmsl i know the window is still open but whats 2 say chamack etc join other clubs then where are the SUPPOSED TARGETS THEN EY WENGER U SKINNY RUNT……………. PS CHELSEA R FUCKING SCUM CHEATING BUNCH OF FAGGOTS DROG WIG EAT SHIT BALLACK DIRTY GERMAN SHIT FACE AND THE BIGGEST GAY BOI ASHLEY COLE Y COVER UP BY BEIN MARRIED 2 CHERYL SHE IS FIT U R A FAG SO GO 2 SOHO PUFF ….. ARSHAVIN FABREGAS SAGNA CLICHY ALMUNIA RVP VELA WALCOTT GALLAS VERMAELEN DJOROU SONG DENILSON EBOUE SENDEROS WILSHERE NASRI ROSICKY EDUARDO RAMSEY EVEN DIABY? SHOULD BE THERE THEY DESERVE 2 PLAY 4 THE GUNNERS OBVIOUS BENDTNER NOT GOOD AND SILVEST SHOULDNT HAVE EVEN BEEN SIGNED HE IS LIKE CYGAN A BOLD SHIT FUCKING SLOW SNAIL FRENCH AS WELL HA HA DICKHEAD , IF THEY LOSE 2 CELTIC WELL THEN PEOPLE WILL CHANGE THERE MINDS ON THIS SO CALLED “PROFFESSOR “


    August 11, 2009 at 8:03 pm

    Yep I agree. Im sick Hillwood! He came out last week and said that we wont be paying over the odds for anyone. So what IS going to happen to the money that came from Toure and Adebayor? Its clear as water that need some new faces in there to give the team some muscle and leadership. every that has won things for the last 10 years has had a strong physical team that can play football. We are currently a team that can play football but cant physically cope with the likes of chelski, scumchester utd and even liverpool.

  8. moose

    August 11, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    I guess we all have to wait until the new season concerning if we will do good or not. I tend to think its gonna be a season of struggle.

  9. rg

    August 11, 2009 at 8:23 pm

    For me it all comes down to whether Djourou & Denilson & Song are good enough or not. AW thinks they are, I’m hoping they’ll prove to be but deep down seriously doubt it.
    I don’t think he should buy Chamkh, I would rather see him give Vela more of a go.
    I really think he should have got another CB as he let Toure go and a DM as we were not good enough in that area last season.
    If we’re all but out of the league by November AW’s decision to trust the likes of Song & Denilson to adequately shield the back4 is going to seriously backfire on him. The Emirates will not be a happy place.
    Still, I am going to try concentrate on enjoying watching 2 world class players, Cesc & Andrey, play for us this season, I have a feeling it will be their last.

  10. gunner90

    August 11, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    The squad is too small to cope with another season. Already, Nastri is out for some time, Rosicky has a hamstring problem ( which means it will get worse with his record of injuries) and now Djourou ( the only CB that is over 6ft in the team) has a knee problem. Song and Denilson are very very average and will never get any better. Dialby looks the part physically and does possess some skill but always seems to lack tactical awareness and has been with us now for 3 years without any sign of improvement. Ramsay is a long way off from being a top midfield player – still learning his trade. Wilshire is still another one for the future. All our forwards are small skillfull players that are prone to injury in our phsical league apart from RVP and Bendnter. RVP is another one you know will be missing many matches because of injuries and Bendnter shows promise but we need another tall striker as well. Wenger must buy before the deadline but is playing the usual game of poker – holding on to the last minute hoping to bring the transfer price down on targets. Trouble is that all the other clubs know he has £39 million from Toure/Adebayor in his back pockket plus some extra money if he sells Sendorous so he could land up with egg on his face. If we go into this season with what we got there will be no trophies at the end of the season and a good chance of being fifth in the league!

  11. arsene knows

    August 11, 2009 at 8:44 pm

    arsene knows! i go to most games home and away and am very confident… stop this fantasy football nonsense..

    we are a proper football club, we do things the arsenal way, the way we have for a hundred years, arsene is doing an amazing job…. chelsea? half a billion in debt, it will end in tears eventually, they will be bust, totally ridiculous, man utd? even more debt as are liverpool… in fact the only other club that seems to be run well i hate to say is the sperz, lucky they dont have wenger, they have a thieving twitch, can you imagine if they had arsene

    listen arsene has built a team playing proper football within a tight budget and makes a profit every year as he has for a decade, he makes stars, he does not need nor want to buy stars, you can list them in your head you know who they all are, he has done that from day one with the signing of an unknown french player who became a legend and now wants to come back…

    he did it with or current captain and will do it again and again, he will buy when he can do the right deal as he has for years, sure he makes mistakes, and he knows where he needs to improve the squad but its not as easy as buying a pint

    last year we were beaten by man utd & chelsea out the two cups, but they are teams that cost hundreds of millions of debt more than us, but have perspctive we beat chelsea at the bridge and deserved to and held the champions at old trafford and passed them off the park…

    so, get behind arsene, get behind the team… were gonna win the title this year, remember my post… you heard it here first…
    arsene knows…

    come on you rip roaring gunners

  12. paul

    August 11, 2009 at 8:45 pm

    We have money to spend why not while the other 3 aren’t spending now is the chance to spend big we are not gonna finish in the top four next year and its gonna be another trophy-less next year

  13. Anon

    August 11, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    Arsene and the Board Out!

  14. Marce07

    August 11, 2009 at 9:29 pm

    Bloody hell “Arsene Knows” I love what you just wrote… is what I used to said 2 season ago. You remembered well, when Henry left, when media bet on our 5th or 6th place on the league. I remembered that I BELEIVED.

    The thing is that even when I still believe in 80 or 90% of what you said I know that the other 10% made all the difference between a “So close” season and a title, a real thing.

    One thing is a philosophy… and the other being blind and stupid in not correcting the path on the same mistakes that cost us so much last 2 season.

  15. MistaKen

    August 11, 2009 at 9:33 pm

    Just cant get over losing out on Huntelaar. He would have been perfect for Arsenal


    August 11, 2009 at 10:08 pm

    to be honest im not arsed about Huntelaar. I watched quite a few videos of his and concluded that many of his goals were absolute sitters. Anon i would happily boot the board out, but Arsene??? nah thats short sighted really. Really hoping on Hangeland to come in. Risse’s brother has just came out and said that if Arsenal offer it to him he will come. fingers crossed that we get him. Someone mentioned Diaby up there, havent really seen him in pre training but as you are all aware he mentioned that he had been doing intensive wieghts training. We shall see what happens.

  17. Iluvafc

    August 11, 2009 at 11:01 pm

    As much as diablo needs to bulkup, what he really needs is a lobotomy. He’s got all the makings of a Arsenal player, but it seems he more concerned with showing off his skills, constantly trying to dribble past entire colonies before giving the ball away. Someone needs to remind him that great players make difficult look simple. He is just the opposite. If only he can Finally add that discipline & mental fortitude to his game we wouldn’t be crying for a DM now. If only.

  18. Erik

    August 12, 2009 at 12:33 am

    First of all, the transfer window is not closed…

    And even if it was its pretty clear that we are NOT lacking as much you say at all.

    Who’s left? Toure and Adebayor… Toure was replaced already if you hadnt noticed. Not saying Vermealen is going to be better or worse but thats the thing, we dont know.

    Adebayor might NOT need replacement, we got Eduardo back and Vela must be on the verge of being 1st team regular, specially after seeing what he has done for Mexico this summer, Walcott is meant to be playing more centrally now as well.

    How are Vela and Walcott supposed to get the experience they need if we go and get Chamakh or another striker?

    Oh and Bendtner is someone that has time on his side and just needs consistency, if you are a true fan you must agree that sometimes he can be really good.

    Just have faith, once this team wins the 1st trophy it will be the first of many.

  19. Z

    August 12, 2009 at 2:27 am

    Arsene knows best.

  20. kenneth

    August 12, 2009 at 8:29 am

    Wenger is out of tune. We ve lost the premiership once again before a ball is kicked.Wenger getting senile!. Lets thank him for what he has done and boot him out. Bring on a Rijkaard or someone with passion and will to win.Imagine Wenger content with being in a semi final!. Even Leeds united got to champs lge semis my friend. Arrant nonesense!.This man has lost it. Go! Go! Go! just fucking GO!!!!!

  21. Pier

    August 13, 2009 at 11:36 pm

    I too will revel watching Cesc and Arshavin in their last season here, as it will be a long time before players of their ilk are seen in Arsenal’s colours again.


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