[Ratings] So lets do what we always do.Lets blame the ref!!!

So lets do what we always do..Lets blame the ref!!!

Rooney dived! The Van persie goal was offside! Lets blame the ref, YET AGAIN!

The sad fact is this…Same old Arsenal, Cant kill the game off after taking a lead! Lets face it if Van Persie had scored to put us 2-0 up we might have gone on and won the game. But it was a great save from the Utd keeper with his legs and that for me was the turning point of the game.

Lets take about the Man Utd Pen!

For me it was a pen, what the hell was Almunia doing coming for that anyway? Rooney was happy to go down and was looking for it agree, Almunia should of known that and stayed on his feet.

Yes maybe we were the better side on the day. But bad luck, poor finishing call it what you want. We lost fair n square. PLEASE don’t start blaming the ref YET again for a lose!

Lets look at ourselfs for a change?

Clichy and Sagna yet again let us down with balls into the box from the wings. Denilson and Song Careless with the ball and giving it away to much. Eboue on the wing ahead of Wilshere?

And Wenger wants to tell me that we dont needs new signings. Well i hope that this defeat will prove to many of you and Wenger that we are a very long way from being a team that’s going to challenge for the title.

Yes we are a “good” side and will fight for 4th place but that’s about it.

Wenger needs to swallow his pride and go out and bring in 3 world class players right down the spine of the team.

And some of you gooners need to except defeat like men and stop blaming the refs every time we lose.

My Ratings

Almunia 4 ( didnt need to come and give away the pen )
Sagna  4 ( poor crossing all game )
Gallas  7 ( Very solid again )
Vermaelen 7 ( see above )
Clichy 5 ( Same as Sagna, But got forward well)
Song 5 ( Terrble passing )
Eboue  4 ( Crap and booked for a disgusting dive )
Denilson 5 ( Same as song )
Diaby  7 ( did ok apart from the OG )
Arshavin 7.5 ( Scored a great goal but that was it )
van Persie 6.5 ( wasted up top on his own)

Cypriot Gooner




  1. Iluvafc

    August 29, 2009 at 9:51 pm

    First off, the ref was piss poor. But I hate to pin our defeat on “bad luck” cos we had chances to kill the game off against a subpar manure side. Sure the arshavin penalty not given was a sham, but instead of dwelling on the misdemeanors of our rivals, which I don’t give a hoot about, I’l rather focus what I’ve observed from our boys.
    Almunia isn’t & won’t be top-drawer material, but he’s our No.1, so live with it.
    The CBs were brilliant, the fullbacks were dilligent, but futile in final third. I assume crossing is not part of their training.
    Midfield play too cautious & predictable. Denilson looked like a bullied schoolboy, passing the ball backwards & getting shoved aside too often. Song seemed to be a better player w/o the ball than with it. Diaby’s bad habit of over dribbling also quite evident. Although he showed more urgency in attack, what was he thinking with that header?
    Eboue is our backup RB. Period. Please don’t make him Mr.Utility.
    Arshavin looks short on fitness, but to be fair he was still our ONLY attacking threat on the field. RVP upfront on his own was hard to watch. He’s too fragile to play that role, I can’t recall the no. of times he felled either by a slight nudge or a strong breeze. Besides he was never a great finisher.
    I do hope AW will address some of these issues soon. I can’t wait for Fab & Ros to return & bring intelligence back to our game.
    Oh and yes, the window’s almost shut.
    Come on gunners.

  2. Patrik Swegooner

    August 30, 2009 at 6:21 pm

    Please! Song terrible passing? He made the most passes in the team and still he had the best passing%. I´m so tired of people complaining about Songs passing when he is at top in passing% game after game.

  3. 26may1989

    August 31, 2009 at 12:20 am

    Another crap post from Cypriot – he gets 2/10 for this one.

    Gutting result, great performance. I saw a United supporting cousin today, who was at the game, and he said United were made to look very ordinary by an excellent Arsenal. Any honest United fan would agree, they looked awful, we had all the class. Given how we were destroyed by them in the CL games, that is an achievement in itself. I was most disappointed with our failure to use the last 10/15 minutes well enough. But overall, excellent performance, shame about the result (perhaps it was karma for the 2005 FA Cup Final).

    Remember, we beat United 2-1 at home early last season, but that didn’t stop them staying focused and winning the league and getting to the CL Final. In fact, losing a few games has never got in United’s way. That’s the sort of example we need to follow. As a predictor for the season, it’s United that should feel most worried after this game: even if they did fluke the points, their post-Ronaldo reality looks worrying for them.

    The ref was terrible but none of his mistakes (refusing the Arshavin pen, being very unfair on yellow cards and sending off Wenger) affected the result. I agree with almost everything SoCalReferee said on the decisions – van Persie’s late effort was correctly disallowed. But I think United were correctly awarded a penalty: yes, Rooney did start to go down before the contact but there was contact all the same, so it was a foul. This shows how fine the differences are – Eduardo was doing exactly the same vs Celtic but Boruc managed to pull his arms away at the last moment whereas Almunia didn’t. A fraction of a second’s difference and no-one would have questioned Eduardo being awarded a penalty.

    As for ratings, I’d say: Almunia 5, Sagna 6.5, Gallas 7.5, Vermaelan 8, Clichy 7, Song 8, Denilson 7, Eboue 6, Diaby 7, Arshavin 7, van Persie 6.5, Ramsey 6, Eduardo 6, Bendtner 6.5.

    The most worrying thing is the poor form Almunia has been in from pre-season and into the league season. Having had a pretty decent year last year, he looks to have returned to his flakey form of a few years ago. I hope he corrects that very soon.

  4. howitser

    August 31, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    total disagree with the article and most of the fucken spurs fans that write on this site. WANKERS.
    we more than deserved to win the game but mike dean must of had fergie bent over the treatment table in the lockers at half time. then again its not the first time weve been cheated at old trafford.
    how the fuck could the ref not award a penalty for aa being upended then give shreak one.
    wish the fuck the fa would allow video evidence to be used at the time of the offence.
    fergie after the game said that rooneys penalty was just and the ref got it rite and in the next breath praised mike dean sucking cock ability by saying the flether got the ball and the ref got it rite.

  5. aravindvr

    September 1, 2009 at 5:30 pm

    SONG was the best passer among the 3 midfielders…What the fuck were u watching????

    DIABY is the one player which Wenger misssed out to sell….

    When ever he got the ball he gave it away to Manu players….

    My sunday morning team plays better soccer thn shitdiabys…

    He s a mad man always do not know where he is on the pitch and to do wat wen he gets possession…

    Lcks passion n committment…just some skills cant make him a gr8 player…

    To rate Diaby at 7….my god u must be joking…rent a DVD n watch a movie..thts better for u…

    and pls dont giv ur shitty ratings anymore…

    u r one among the false media guys who says eduardo dived,rooney did not,Diaby is gr8,Fletchers tackle was fair…….


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