As long as Arsene and the board manage to end the season at 4th place they consider that’s sufficient and will not make any improvement to the squad.

ALL this to maximize in profits and forget the club belongs to the fans!

How many more season should we wait on? Wenger has lied to the fans for years now, His stubborn ways and lack of transfer signing are killing this club.

We never asked him to sign like mad and spend big like City , but at least bring in strength to the weak areas which he failed to do so all these years! We can all see that we need new players to push us on, And maybe  try and win things again.  But yet he keeps saying that the injuryed players will be like new signings?

Well thats not going to cut it anymore. How can he stick with Almunia, Denilson and co and not bring in a striker when its clear to the world thats what we need?

He has money to spend and his tight ways are turning the fans away, How many empty seats are you now seeing at Arsenal? The fans need to know that the money we spend is going back into the club.
All we get from Wenger is young talent and now players over 35 on a free? He sells our best players and that money is never invested back into the team. Like the money from Adebayor and Toure.

We didnt hire a manager to look into the profit of the club.That’s where everything WENT WRONG

Arsenal does’nt belongs to him.I cant see there being any changes and there will never be one as long he continues.His time is up!

Just sign the petition at least, let them know we are unhappy.Very unhappy

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  1. Adeboy says:

    Wenger should have been sacked 3 years ago but the board members are happy with me because he does not spend money on players and they end up making more money. Wenger also gets commmission off them so is you lot (fans) that suffer.
    Wake up and smell the coffin – Wenger and his greedy mates (board members) are taking the club down, down, down!
    Wenger is shit without David Dein helping him out in the transfer market, we need Dein back, Usmanov in and Wenger and the idiot called Peter Hill-Wood and his clueless cronies on the board OUT!

  2. Chris says:

    the last time the Arsenal first team shipped 8 goals was 1896!

    the game’s up (the pole) Arsene – do the decent thing!! He ‘can’t say anything because it is too painful’………….

  3. william says:

    we need a new manager wanger gone

  4. OrLiO ChIp says:

    Give him a glass of fine wine. Hes brulliant

  5. Conor Fogarty says:

    Arsene Wenger sucks!Hes the reason arsenal lost to blackburn rovers!

  6. Mikel Arteta says:

    Arsene Wenger is absolute crap!Not only is his transfer choices terrible but im Arsenals vice captain and Vermaelen has been hogging up captain for ages! >:(

  7. Bob, Darlington says:

    I’ve been calling for Wenger to go for years now. He should try moving to Northern Rock. Followed Arsenal since 1995. I have not been to a game since 2008 as I am so tired of how poor the team is and the way the club is ran. Some of the blame has to lie at the door of how poor as a whole the English league is. The greediest in the world and to uncompetitive. Come May 3 out of every 4 seasons everone is usually watching the relegation battle because the title got wrapped up 4 games ago. The fact U.E.F.A. safeguards English clubs in the league every season does not help.

  8. Olly says:

    Sack Wenger now and take waste space ozil with you

  9. jonathan alberto ball says:

    this cunt need to go we lost 2-1 to the shittest man u side the cunt needs to go we have only won one trophy in the last 9 year that fucking prick cunt need to go now!!!!!


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