[Video] Lets remember the good old days

You never realize how good you had it, until it’s gone

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  1. The Beast says:

    Make ya cry looking at the old side we had compared to what we have now………why change a winning formula..

  2. Simplesimon says:

    Well said Gaff mate, most of the people from outside will never believe something this reasonable came from our forum lol
    Up the Arsenal bring on the Chavs

  3. danish gooner says:

    Where did it all go wrong.If you look at that side compared to our current side,the speed and tempo of the old side when attacking is breathtaking compared to the cumbersome midfield we have toady,furthermore Nasri is no Bergkamp and Song is no Vieira and of course the magnificent Henry is missing and team are adopting a more defensive approach against us.

  4. spit yo game says:

    Nothing short of disgusting from what we were to what we are now.

  5. spit yo game says:

    Damn how good was robert fucking pires

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