[Photo] Cesc Signs Barca Shirt

What do we make of this?…..Cesc signing a Barca shirt.

After being made to wear a Barca shirt last week, you would of hoped that our captain would be mindful of hurting the Arsenal fans feelings by doing anything more… But it looks like Cesc is more then happy to sign a few Barca shirts….is there anything wrong with this?

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  1. Barca Malta

    July 23, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    you are all forgetting he is a catalan…he is not spanish…he is catalan…and if rooney had to sign an arsenal shirt? ever tried it? and he wasn’t born and trained their for the first 10 football years of his life….

    some barca players are exagerating…true…but this is the first time i saw them reacting this way….maybe its because their friend who is coming back…not just a new player…..

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