[Ratings] 1-1 Dont blame Almunia, Blame Wenger

Full Time

Liverpool 1 – 1 Arsenal

  • Ngog 46
  • Reina (og) 90+1

Lets just say that we got lucky!

Wenger said before the game that whoever was in goal today would be our “Number one” keeper.

Almunia got the nod and was back to his old self.. Flapping for crosses and got beat at his near post. Not as bad as the mistake by Pepe Reina in the last min that allowed us to salvage a point vs the 10 men.

I see a few posts on the forum blaming Almunia for costing us 3pts today? Why are you blaming Almunia?
We all said that poor old Almunia was not good enough for Arsenal at the end of last season.

But what did we do? Did we go out and address this? No?… We made him our captain.So please dont blame a player who is doing his best but is not good enough. Blame the manager who keeps picking him and is to stuborn to see this.


  • 01 Almunia – 4/10 : What can i say? Until we get a decent keeper we are never going to win anything.
  • 03 Sagna – 6/10 : Look pretty solid, but still cant cross a ball.
  • 05 Vermaelen – 7.5/10 : Decent game and looked pretty solid
  • 06 Laurent Koscielny – 7/10 : Did ok, Showed great pace and was unlucky to get sent off.
  • 22 Clichy – 6/10 : Did well but wasteful with his final ball.
  • 27 Eboue  – 6/10 : Worked hard
  • 02 Diaby – 7/10 : Played in the DM role and did the job well, Just needs to give the ball sooner.
  • 08 Nasri – 8/10 : Our best player all summer and started the season well.
  • 19 Wilshere  – 4/10 : Poor game, Gave the ball away for the goal and was wastefull with his passing.
  • 23 Arshavin – 5/10 : Poor, Didnt look up for the game at all.
  • 29 Chamakh – 6.5/10 : Up front on his own and worked hard but his link play was pretty poor. Brave for our goal
  • Subs
  • Walcott – 7/10 : Did well when he replaced Eboue, Looked up for it and was willing to have a go.
  • Rosicky – 8/10 : For me he changed the game. Played very well when he came on and unlucky not to score.
  • Van Persie – 6/10 : Not enough time to make an impact. Funny that Kuyt managed to play the full 90mins?

So what did today tell us?….Nothing we didnt already know. We need more cover at CB FAST! and we have a clown as a keeper. Wilshere is not ready and I hope when RVP is fit he plays up top with Chamakh and gives the lad some support.

Positives : … The Almunia mistake just might make Wenger go out and sign a keeper? But i very much doubt it.

Negatives :.. for 65mins we didnt test the Liverpool keeper and we had the extra man. Pretty much the same old Arsenal. Pass pass pass from side to side with nothing to show.

Debate this more on the forum www.arsenalaction.com/forum/



  1. Mo

    August 16, 2010 at 8:21 am

    I dont knw y diaby got 7. Are you blind? this guy is super slow, a snail would do better than him. He cant pass on time neither can he shoot. He had enough oppotunities to shoot n took none of them. Useless.

  2. Andy B

    August 16, 2010 at 8:40 am

    Blame Wenger? For what you simple fools? You did hear that Fulham rejected our bid in MAY?? Or did you miss that? Just because the clubs transfer dealings aren’t plastered all over the papers doesn’t mean we aren’t doing any thing…it’s how the club do things. Nobody wants to sell, the new rules, the flat market…other leagues like the German and French don’t need the money etc etc. Blame Wenger…for market forces…well done. He knows our keepers aren’t good enough, hence the bid in May!

    We got a draw at Anfield for fucks sake, suck it and stop moaning.

  3. ProArsenal

    August 16, 2010 at 10:11 am

    Wenger you are the biggest idiot!!! All summer you did nothing to get a keeper despite goin to the world cup and had a joilly good time!! Now you try to fool everyone saying he’s No.1 keeper for Arsenal (at the same time, possibly looking at Schwarzer). You have no respect for us, do you, only yourself??? By saying almuia is No.1 keeper, how on earth have you inspired confidence in the fans and players?? Please stop telling lies…or else, with due respect, just get lost.

  4. AGunner

    August 16, 2010 at 10:15 am

    Andy B, if you want to f***, just F*** yourself. Why cant others say their piece?

  5. jackandthebeanstalk

    August 16, 2010 at 10:20 am

    Almunia did well yesterday. y’all are just biased minded. everyone knows Almunia can be prone to horrible mistakes. yes, but yesterday, he was at his best. does Reina’s howler make him a bad keeper? no. but i bet if he was an arsenal keeper, you’d be at his throat already. Ngog scored with a rocket of a shot, and y’all are blaming Almunia? how many keepers would have saved that? how many would have saved General Stevie’s free kick? yes. y’all applauded that save, but still believe he had a bad game. so, Almunia is not a top class keeper, but he’s got some top class saves. puuuleeeease, off his neck, and let Almunia be. he’s not good enough but he’s still picked to play. i prefer him to Flappianski any day. Wenger please sign someone else already before some anti-Almunia dude does something stupid.

    Now to the over-hyped 18yr old! do y’all know why General Stevie’s called on Capello to give Arteta an England call up? cos joe cole is an over-hyped player, and lil’ jack is not just ready for that role. he’s got the talent for lesser teams like westbrom, not an away match to l’pool. that’s what we get for over-hyping him! our mid field was shit ystday. jack was no where till that clumsy tackle fetched him a deserved yellow. Diaby…. oh Diaby… (it hurts as i call his name)… he was absolute shit today. Nasri was the bomb. always a top class performer. i’d have prefered Rosicky and Frimpong to start ahead of lil’ jack and Diaby. Diaby is not, and will never be cover for Song! if lil’ jack is not ready to under-study the more matured players, and wait his turn, he’s free to leave!

    Kos had a nice game. i like him. now he’s out cos of that red card. who’s gonna replace him? time will tell if the gaffer will dig into his pocket this time, but i won’t bet on that one!

    chelsea and man u, always field their best players. i don’t know how we aim for the title when we don’t field our strongest eleven. Wenger, this is the EPL, and not the carling cup!

  6. Timbo

    August 16, 2010 at 10:40 am


    Did you miss the 2 crosses that Almunia came for a flapped? And to say that he was “at his best” after that and got beat on his near post just shows you are clueless.

  7. Timbo

    August 16, 2010 at 10:42 am


    Bid rejected in MAY and since then we still havent signed or made a bid for a keeper

  8. Caboose

    August 16, 2010 at 10:57 am

    A gunner I agree everyone should have there own opinions but I do agree with andy wenger has tried to sign a gk and it did fail however the transfer window ain’t closed yet plus he also tried to bid on a cb aswell that failed, wenger knows where needs strengthening

  9. prodigy

    August 16, 2010 at 10:58 am

    Wenger is one of the oldest fool i know..He is aware of the loops in the team,why not go for the best…All this while world cup was on…He was having fun…Dont see arsenal winning the league this season..All due respect to all fans but we should be sincere with ourselves…we all can see what the winning clubs are doing to achieve goals..gunners for life

  10. jose reyes

    August 16, 2010 at 11:10 am

    having watched the game again i felt that we earned and good point without cesc,song,robin(for the most part of the game) and without a decent goalkeeper anfield is not an easy place to go to espicialy on the first day come chirstmas this will look like a good point.

  11. Illybongani

    August 16, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    some of you are in serious need of a reality check. I saw my first Arsenal game in 1970 – the year we went on to win the Double. Not a sniff of a title after that until 1989. THAT’s a bloody long time to wait believe me! We were in relegation trouble and bottom of the league 74/75ish. I went to a home game against Stoke with 12,999 other people – bad days indeed.

    So please get a grip. What Arsene has done for this club is nothing short of a miracle. Beautiful football, new stadium, TROPHIES. No one has a divine right to win trophies. We are outmuscled in the spending department by numerous clubs both home and abroad (albeit temporarily until our debt has gone) and we still have 13 years of unbroken Champions League football, something Real Madrid and AC Milan can only dream about.

    He’ll buy who he needs – do you really think he doesn’t know who he needs? Keep the faith Gooners, or would you rather Martin O’Neil takes over….?

  12. j

    August 16, 2010 at 1:04 pm

    omg!! what is wrong with u bloggers? we get a point away at anfield! with half our team missing! that sounds like a blinding result to me!!
    u can argue the 10men thing but that just gave liverpool sumthing to hold on to and took all the pressure off!! and 1 mistake and they capitalised on it! as they r a top top team!!
    they had 10men behind the ball for the rest of the game!!! dont blame wenger! dont blame almunia! blame liverpool for being a top team!
    if u make a mistake which was 2 OUTFIELD players fault by the way against liverpool u get punished!! same as if u make a mistake against arsenal! (pepe reina OWN goal!!!!) fair enuff almunia coulda and shoulda done abit better but pls dont listen to fucking andy gray!! the guy is an idiot and fucking hates arsenal…everytime we make a mistake our players r the worst players in the world!
    i love how the media and so called in the know pundits can brainwash arsenal fans! u r all idiots!!! open ur eyes and see things how they really r!!! i bet if the media never said anything about almunia then u would all love him! pepe reina gets an own goal and who gets abuse…almunia!! wtf??? oh yeah but to the media, pundits and u guys pepe is a top class keeper! love to see what u lot think of him if the media/pundits etc hated him as much as almunia!! and if almunia is so bad how the hell did he pull off an amazing save to keep it 1-1?? oh yeah u dont wanna talk about that do ya?? cause u all hate him! fair play almunia! good game mate and thx for GETTING us a point away at anfield!!

  13. Paul N

    August 16, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    ProArsenal? then you call Wenger a big idiot? chagne your name to ConArsenal.

    How do you know what Arsene tried to do and who he tried to sign?

    So you just want him to sign anyone, is that the key or to spend over the top for players.

    You dont know jack about what happened so it would be best to keep it quiet.


  14. GoonerGaz

    August 16, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    To Andy B,

    Wenger has had years to sort this out, don’t talk shit about having no money and market forces, we’ve spent well over 30m on Arshavin, Vermaelen and Kos, when really we’ve needed a keeper for what seems like years, we could have bought Given from Newcastle for only a few million not so long ago.

  15. Andy B

    August 16, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    Where did I mention money GG? I didn’t…last season was the dawn of the GK crisis, it wasn’t a real issue before that. And if you can’t grasp the fact that market forces are the biggest driver in football transfers since the recession, more so than ever before…then you are a little thick. Twitchers record of sinking clubs is evidence of what is wrong with your way of thinking…

    The glory will return…and it will Wengers legacy that assures it, not spanners bleating on as if they know better.

  16. Zap

    August 16, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    Vermaelen is quality, the way he can win headers against taller people is just amazing.. and rvp is more injury prone than dirk kuyt which is why the latter could play the 90 mins. RVP actually changed the game not rosicky, because he was the one creating chances from open play and corners. RVP is just immense, if he is fit, i am pretty sure well finish in the top 3 for sure, and hopefully even win the league, great point at anfield, if someone were to tell me 1-1 would be the score the morning before the game i would be ecstatic, so at the moment there isnt much to complain abt really lets see when the season really starts before judging eh?

  17. redanddread

    August 16, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    Blame , Blame, Blame. Yawn, Yawn Yawn!

  18. danny

    August 16, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    Wenger should be fired immediately. He is filling his and boards pockets and not investing in the team.

    The AKB do not know jack!.

    Yesterday , we got very lucky, Reina made a once in a blue moon mistake. To me the problem lies in not having a leader in midfield like a Veria,
    a enforcer and decent CB. A great goalkeeper would be nice, but Alumia is adequate

    Also e do not shot often, pretty passing , picking up daisy’s do not cut it also.

    Until these issues are addressed, expect the same for wenger

    Another barren 4 years to go

  19. Aziz, KL-Malaysia

    August 16, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    Agree with ‘Andy B’. If anyone says Alu was good I can only laugh.

    A GK spinning around like a headless chicken flapping 3 times after thin air never reaching a crossed or passed ball – that is a good game ???
    Arsene, please don’t f**k up our season again, for the entire football world it is obvious that we nee a GK (topdraw) and 2 CB’s (recognized ones). We don’t need Aluminium, we need steel in the back.
    Send Alu and Flappy to the Championship.

  20. Fevzi Goonah

    August 19, 2010 at 12:33 am

    Have not read the 69 comments before this one and apologis for any repetition, but already looks like it is gonna be one long season!! Almunia is such a nice guy, but nice guys apparently don’t keep clean sheets. Maybe his misses can verify this too?? lol

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