[Photos] Gallas Training With His New Team

I Feel Sick!!

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  1. Judas says:

    Oh dear Gallas you really look as though you have made a big mistake. You look like you really don’t want to be there. Oh well, here’s to a season of mediocrity. Enjoy!

  2. chika says:

    he looks like someone that just quit a job in a bank and gets a job as a cleaner

  3. Yiddo says:

    Mediocrity is not winning a trophy for 6 years! I thought he looked like someone who had left a team on the decline for a team that are going somewhere. You have got something to look forward to, Wenger signing up for another 3 years of moaning.

  4. olumide says:

    he looks like he tired of football, just need some money in the pocket. sorry galcash.

  5. Jules says:

    Haha…I actually feel sorry for him!

  6. chris says:

    the first thing that came into my head was just ‘what an absolute cunt’

  7. guy says:

    yiddo. a team that goings somewhere? what like austria to lose to a young boys team? tottenham have as much chance of getting back in the cl as i do of bedding paris hilton.

  8. geeGunner says:

    Mediocrity is

    losing to young boyz…

    you been on the up for the last 10 yrs and your still looking up the ARSE!!!!!

    Spuds the joke of london.

  9. GOD says:

    He will look to do well @ TH Scum as they have lower standards & Harry (hotflushed twitcher) Rednapp will let him eat his ketchup & burgers. Also with the likes of Crouch & Defoe he in good company if he wants to smoke, drink & party.

  10. jimbo says:

    yiddo – if mediocrity is not winning a trophy in 6 years, what on earth is 1 trophy in 19 years? even if that trophy was the big one, oh no hang on….

  11. highberries says:

    He looks like someone who found the club to pay his wage demands. Not bad for the 3 games he’ll give them, I guess he’ll keep King good company.

  12. East End Gooner says:

    RE: Yiddo

    Considering that we moved stadium, competed against Chelsea’s and United’s millions, and still managed to finish in the top four every year despite the financial handicap, I beg to differ on your interpretation of our status.

    Mediocrity is spending like a big club but not showing it on the pitch, or, wait for it, not winning the league for close to 50 years!

    Face it – Gallas only settled for your lot as no one else out there would give him the wages he wanted.

  13. ken says:

    Gallas in a filthy scummy sperms top says it all. I always felt adebayor and gallas were poisonous players to have at Arsenal. Don’t worry gallas is a bottler as we all know and he divides dressing rooms. Fuck him!! Tottenham have 1 world class player in bale arsenal have fabregas, van persie, arshavin, vermaelen, and world class players in the making in walcott, vela, wilshere, gibbs nasri & ramsey. not forgetting chamakh, and an amazing next generation of youngsters such as yennaris, afobe, aneke and wellington silva. FUCK GALLAS his 33, past his best and will be let go next season when the yid scum fail to get into the Champions league again.

  14. Viejo says:

    It’s rumored he took a pay cut from 80k at arsenal to 60k and tots. It was last chance saloon for him and he really looks like he’s not happy. I mean powder puff blue and a cock and ball, seriously thats just embarrassing.

  15. Mickey D says:

    Crouch (in the top photo) – Whats it like playing week in week out with great players?
    Gallas – Not like this team, now speaking of a pack of fags, where are my Gauloises??

  16. kazeem says:

    He has made a big mistake of his life 4 leaving Arsenal to join spurs. I fink Arsenal gave him 1 year contract wt £80k/wk but he wanted 2years, y did he now sign a year wt a pay cut wt Spurs? He is a stupid playr of his time.

  17. gazzap says:

    he burnt his bridges at Arsenal. if he knew then what he knows now he would have bitten wengers arm off to renew his contract but he left and that was that. Only spuds would match his wage demands so he went there.

  18. wow says:

    1 game before he alien himself from every1

  19. Hjörvar says:

    He looks what he is in this “uniform” – shit.

  20. Good to be a GOONAH!! says:

    I applaud this move by Gallas. This sort of charity is rare in the Premier League.

    We should (seriously) greet him very warmly when we play sp*rs. He should get a standing ovation from the Emirates.

    Imagine if we were all able to get this cunt to actually wave to us? HAHAHAHAHHA

  21. Barry says:

    In response to Kazeem, that is the most honest thing to come out of this thread. Why did he leave Arsenal when offered a one year contract on £80k for a one year contract with Spurs on a quarter less wages?

    I think the answer is simple and we will see the same results against you pricks as we did at the end of last season.

  22. Paul says:

    I think they’re lying about a wage cut… I think I know how the conversations went…

    Gallas: ‘I want 80k a week!’
    Wenger: ‘No, it’s too much for a player your age!’

    Gallas: ‘I want 80k a week!’
    Juventus: ‘No, it’s too much for a player your age!’

    Gallas: ‘I want 80k a week!’
    Roma: ‘No, it’s too much for a player your age!’

    Redknapp: ‘I’d like to sign your old, smoking, distruptive arse for my rubbish team, but I’ve heard your wage demands are very high!’
    Gallas: ‘Ermm… yes, I’ve been asking for 100k a week, but to play for you I’d accept 80k!’
    Redknapp: ‘Bargain… also, I know a guy if you want to avoid taxes on that…’
    Gallas: ‘Brilliant… let’s celebrate, do you have a light?’

  23. Barry says:

    As a Spurs fan, other than the general abuse to Yiddo who is bang on the money by the way, I can’t believe the scum bag is at our club. First Chelsea and then you lot, this has to be the worst combination.

    It’s like Hoddle joining Arsenal. For those of you (99% of your support) glory hunters who only know Arsenal and football since the turn of century, he’s an old player who has played for both Spurs and Chelsea.

    PS: Bale our only good player!! I wonder which of our forward line I would swap for that wonder kid Bender or what ever his name is.

  24. Max says:

    @Paul, i bugged the room and converstation was excatly like that loll

  25. jackandthebeanstalk says:

    Gallas is a professional, and always gave his best when playing for us. he knows what is good for him. if he decides to play for t’ham, it’s his choice. we all have to respect that, and wish him the best in his career. bet if y’all were in his shoes, you’d have settled for staying behind and being part of a dressing room burst-up every time. you’d sure be happy to be in a team where some of your team mates don’t talk to you, right? let’s be adults for once, and focus our energy in supporting our team, instead of wasting it on nonesense grudges.

  26. aravindvr says:

    good one paul…

    hope Mr.DisruptiveInfulence does enough damage so that all Spuds can Celebrate a pompus 50th Anniversary of Nothing@hand…..
    St.Totteringham is far more earlier this time around…..

  27. CentreSpy says:

    Crouch is explaining how he can arrange a night for him with a Spanish hooker. Gallas looks interested.

  28. vince says:

    First photo: Crough: William, life here is easy and i will introduce u some sexy girls…
    Gallas: You really gonna be my best friend, that’s why I’m here…

    Second photo: Gallas: Emm… they call this training? I feel like back to my highschool time…

    Thrid photo: Gallas: Why the grass over here is like steping on stone?

    Fourth photo: Gallas: I can’t imagine i can still earn 10000pouns a week when i’m 33… happy~~

  29. arsenal boy says:

    hahahha sad cunt wots more funny is he is talking about yiddos wining the tittle hahah

  30. ismail says:

    he look like shit now

  31. anon says:

    instead of talking crap about gallas who like the other guy said: always tried his best for arsenal why don’t you take out your frustrations on the man to blame for gallas’ defection. the man some of the deluded of us arsenal fans like to worship as a god. in fact, why don’t you try listening more carefully to your deity who had nothing but praise for gallas. i was sad to see gallas leave arsenal and even sadder to see him in the gutter now with the yids.

  32. Schnablkese says:

    I give crybaby Ga**as ONE season for Spudz befor he starts bellyaching about everything and everyone DOWN there.
    He’ll play for Fulham or West-Ham next season…HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  33. Anter says:

    If you are shit player then you have to go shit place like tottenham. So Gallas is a shit player and he has right to go tottenham because tottenham is shit club

  34. Jaygooner says:

    Loving those picks of Billy the Bodger training with his new team, the Super Spuds. The second pic says it all. Within minutes of arriving, he is already training on his own with only a traffic cone and a yellow stick for company. If you look really closely, the traffic cone is trying to edge its way out of camera shot.

  35. alan says:

    chris, I think you summed that up nicely. Its not gallas I’m worried about, but possibility of spurs getting Diarra, the best player wenger let go.

  36. chika says:

    how cool will it be for his first goal for spurs to be an own goal against us.

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