[X Rated Video] Harry Redknapp “I’m no wheeler dealer”

The truth hurts harry?

After Tottenham’s defeat to Wigan, Sky’s Rob Palmer chose the wrong turn of phrase when trying to find out if Harry Redknapp plans any further dealings in the transfer market before the window closes at the end of August.

[ Warning-This Video Contains Adult Language ]

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  1. mjc says:

    Triffic interview.
    BTW – how did the interview go with HM Customs & Excise, ‘Arry?

  2. DragonDragon says:



  3. EireGunner says:

    Thanks for the hilarious clip.
    And thanks for not turning it into a Wenger bashing article!
    Good to see Arsenal Action posting something like this, instead of just slating our manager.
    Thanks again, hilarious!

  4. Dan says:

    “I’m a fucking football manager”- What a dickhead.

  5. Goonerjon says:

    Self-delusion of the weekend…this is Blackburn’s ‘star’ Ryan Nelsen on the game: ‘“The difference was the ball fell for them and it didn’t fall for us. They probably only had three good chances, while we had more. But we can’t always use that as an excuse.

    “The number of times I’ve played against Arsenal or one of the Big Four and lost but been told you played well, I’m getting a bit sick of it now.”

    What a knob….no one said you played well…

    Note: Nelsen comes from the football stronghold of New Zealand…..that’s rugby football…..

  6. Chief Gooner says:

    @ goonerjon
    ya nelsen is obviously a bit dim. he basically said he always loses to big 4. then put 2+2 together there ryan and realise you are not unlucky, just shit.

  7. Rupert Murdoch says:

    Why is no outrage from this this – if it was wenger – well you know. Anyway he is a weeler N dealer, going from portsmouth to southampton & back in a matter of months – being asked why and how – he says I don’t know. This lying criminal need to be addressed , from our tax money.

  8. anon says:

    he touched on a raw nerve there.

    harry knows what’s coming…

  9. cootas says:

    Fuck me talk about hitting a nerve! he’s one of the dodgiest managers the countries ever seen everyone knows it.

  10. Fevzi Goonah says:

    Oh c’mon Ary don’t get the ump….pmsl

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