Stubborn Wenger failed to strengthen squad “AGAIN”

Arsene Wenger has no excuse anymore and will deserve all the criticism he gets this year.

Yet again a transfer window has passed us by and I feel let down and disappointed by our managers lack of spending.

Wenger has had five months to line up a goalkeeper, but Wenger  failed to see what every fan and pundit could see. That our current bunch of keepers are not good enough.

When I said a few weeks ago that Wenger wouldn’t sign any more players or a keeper I was told to wait till the end of the transfer window. I was told that Arsene was not stupid and of course would sign a keeper.

Well he didnt, So do I know have the right to have a voice without being told to F#K off and support Man City or Spurs?

You think I want to come on here and moan about our manager? I don’t.. I wanted Wenger to prove me wrong. But its the same old stubborn Wenger who has yet again failed to strengthen our squad.

Did you really believe Wenger when he said that he would bring in players to strengthen the squad?.. Its not the first time that Wenger has let us down like this, I’m just waiting for him to come out and say ” We did everything we could and we came very close to signing a player ”

What a load of tosh, Wenger admitted back in April that Almunia was no longer his first choice keeper. So what changed? Well I know what many of you are going to say “Fulham are c#nts and didn’t want to do a deal with us” Well lets look at that again. We had a £2m bid for Schwarzer  in May, rejected and again a £2m bid rejected a few wks before the window shut.

Fulham did NOT get an improved bid from Arsenal for Schwarzer on deadline day.

I knew that we were skint, but didn’t think for one minute that we would fail to be able to afford to buy a 37 year old FULHAM’s keeper.

Its ridiculous that after everything that happened last season Almunia is going to remain our number 1.

We have had all summer to find a replacement, and a pitiful £2m bid for Schwarzer is the best we could do.

Its inexcusable, almost neglectful. We deserve better. Why didn’t Wenger make a move for Sebastien Frey or Maarten Stekelenburg? Oh that’s right, They would cost more then £2m.

So Wenger has signed 3 players in Squillaci, Koscielny, and Chamakh, but allowed 9 players to leave in Gallas, Campbell, Silvestre, Campbell, Eduardo, Simpson, Traore, Barazite & Merida.

I said weeks ago that we still needed 3 new signings [HERE] a GK and CB and a DM, and without them we wouldnt win anything this season. I stick to that.

Wenger also said we needed 5 CB. We only have 4 and one of them is Johan Djourou who spends more time off the pitch then on it. So bassically we have 3 plus Alex Song who can cover.

Wenger also said that Frimpong would save him a DM signing before his injury, So why didnt Wenger sign a DM player?

And with Robin v Persie and Djourou back in the treatment room who really thinks that our squad is stronger this season?

All Wenger has done this summer is trim the wage bill and balanced the books, but whats new?

Manuel Almunia should now get all our support, But when he makes a mistake don’t blame him.. Blame the manager who’s keeps putting him in the firing line

Sinbad – In Arsene we rust

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  1. TheBayingMob

    September 1, 2010 at 12:11 pm

    LG said: Did you learn nothing from the Cesc saga over the summer?

    We did learn something actually – that when Barca come in with a low offer for a player then don’t come back in with the required amount they’re cunts for unsettling our players.

    When we go in and unsettle Fulham’s keeper with a low offer and then don’t go back in it’s just circumstances and hey ho that’s the way football is.


    In Wenger we Rust

  2. Flavour

    September 1, 2010 at 12:28 pm


    “We have had all summer to find a replacement, and a pitiful £2m bid for Schwarzer is the best we could do.

    Its inexcusable, almost neglectful. We deserve better. Why didn’t Wenger make a move for Sebastien Frey or Maarten Stekelenburg? Oh that’s right, They would cost more then £2m.”

    How do you know he didn’t make an offer for Frey or Stekelenburg that was rejected??? Do you?…. you don’t. No one does, except Wenger and the clubs these players play for. Not all rejections are public, this i know for a fact.

  3. Kipmonster

    September 1, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    The AKB are mainly those who forever support from their armchairs & afar whilst investing not a penny. No one has asked for a ‘Citeh’ style spending spree but simply to strengthen positions where internally the answer is not there. The 2 Keeper clowns have cost Arsenal points & potential silverware too often & a Keeper should have been brought in well before yesterday. At the very least a Keeper should have been installed prior to the Emirates Cup to enable an early chance to strike up understanding with the defence & settle into the surroundings. As soon as Hughes became Fulham manager Arsenal should have abandoned pursuit of Schwarzer as it was obvious Hughes would not co-operate. I would rather we had stayed at Highbury if we had to put up this constant frugality. At the very least all incoming transfer fees received should be invested in incoming players.
    Wenger cannot justify such frugality & himself take a 20% pay rise.
    The club are rewarding him for financial reasons not football reasons.
    Even the best Keepers make a mistake like as someone earlier mentioned Reina did BUT they are rareities & not numerous & himself & others do not look like constant accidents waiting to happen like our 2 clowns do, particularly Fabianski.
    It does Fabregas a huge disservice to get him to stay & then not ensure we are as secure as possible behind him.
    In this instance I’m afraid to say that stubborness does not come into it, Wenger has plainly been negligent not to have signed a decent experienced Keeper this window.

  4. Robert Parks

    September 1, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    Failed to strengthen the squad is a little harsh. 2 new defenders new striker, a matured Walcott, Djourou. The troops a year older. The mistake last yr was not strengthening in the January window. We will hit top form in time to win something this year.

  5. Sahoo

    September 1, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    Loads of rubbish, when you say 9 players. How many of them were quality? If your belief is that squad is made just of numbers, I’m sorry I beg to differ. Other than Merida and to some extent Campbell I would not have retained any one.

    I like the players he has brought in. Maybe he could have brought in another DM.

    But I do agree on one thing, Wenger should have brought a new keeper, no doubts. Almunia and Fabianski are disasters waiting to happen. This time Wenger cannot hide he has to take the blame.

  6. tony akers

    September 1, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    I think over the years Arsene Wenger has done a great job for arsenal but as far as signing Players he is an utter cunt every body knew we needed a goalkeeper to strenthen our squad I think we have an exelent young keeper who is only 19 years of age and needs experience maybe 2 years away from the first team so therefore we should have signed a keeper in the transfer window but Wenger has failed to do this everyother manager can get the sack why not Wenger are the board frightened of him if so get rid of the board Wenger has had 13 years at Arsenal it is about time he fuckedf off back to france go running down that tunnel and dont come back I really do beleive that Wenger has has fucked up our chance of the Premiership.

  7. goonnneeeerrrrr

    September 1, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    Ermmm…you left out Senderos in the list of departures…more OUTS than INS as usual…but i ain’t surprised.

  8. Frankantz

    September 1, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    Almunia’s ranking last season, in terms of saves to shots ratio, charts him as 19th in the Premier League. This is frankly not the foundation required to win titles. Brian Clough used to say that Peter Shilton won him 15 points per season and I’m pretty certain Aluminia cost us at least 10. At some point Wenger must have calculated how many points Manual had cost him and decided to look elsewhere.

    The problem we have is Wenger cannot bring himself to admit he has shit judgement and luck with keepers. He’s afraid to pay over the odds and be made to look foolish again. Just look at his record: Manninger, Richard Wright, Rami Shaaban and Almunia – all flops. Only Jens Lehmann had any real success, and that was because Wenger got lucky and Lehmann knew how to organise a defence. With Almunia he can always say ‘Well what do you expect from a spanish 2nd division keeper?’

  9. spectrum

    September 1, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    I told you Wenger has lost it. Not signing a quality keeper after having had THREE MONTHS to do so, is indefensible. It’s nothing short of a disgraceful situation.
    There have been a number of keepers who he could have signed – some of whom actually WANTED to come to us. Hell, if he was really THAT KEEN on getting Schwarzer in, then why quibble over a million quid or so ? That amount is not going to break the bank. If he had genuinely wanted ANYBODY he could have done it – the money IS there for him.
    I suspect the reason he didn’t, was because his ego wants him to be proven right and that he “believes” Almunia is good enough.The man is deluded, and should be charged with criminal neglect of the team. And he gets four more years for this incompetence ? Give us a break !
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  10. RP7

    September 1, 2010 at 4:32 pm

    Spurs signing VDV has done it for me – we have Diaby in our midfield and they Modric, Bale and now VDV which would all walk into our team.

    I absolutely hate transfer deadline day it reminds me of the day before an exam – you just want it to be over ASAP because you know you’re not gonna perform.

    Fooking gutted we didn’t even think about signing him up especially with Nasri getting injured and diaby/denilson/Cesc and Song not getting pre-season.

    There’s no way on this planet we will win anything this year Arsenal v Spurs and they’ll play VDV against watch us get rinsed out bigtime.

    not happy

    truly gutted

  11. jimthegun

    September 1, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    Great work Sinbad. Speaks for many of us real fans like always

  12. talking out your wenger

    September 1, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    that photo of the liar is exquisite!

    Hey everyone, let’s sit around and smell the liar’s shit and profess how wonderful the aroma is. It’s been known to heal souls and mend broken hearts.

  13. Max

    September 1, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    I think Wenger has strengthed the side. Koscielny & Squillachi are far better than any centrebacks we let go & Chamakh is far better than Eduardo. I am disapointed that we didnt sign a keeper but we should be able to win something this year anyway. Plus none of you have any idea who difficult it is to buy players & be a football manager & do any of you who critize Wenger have any real idea what our financial situation is?

  14. garymurray

    September 2, 2010 at 1:50 am

    Wenger said it himself we needed to strengthen in the back after conceding too many goals last year. So what did we do. No keeper (besides the flapping, how many near post goals did he give up last year?) Gallas leaves, which doesn’t bother me , but we replace him with a second team international for France. To me thats like for like Gallas 32 Squillaci 30. Kolchensney (whatever) could come good but is he better than JD or Campbell? Remains to be seen. JD has been on the trainers table for the past year and a half. Song is the only other option to partner TV, so where id the upgrade? God help us if TV goes down. Why we didnt go after Sahko. The guys a monster and can play the game. I read newsnow everyday first thing in the morning and I cannot beleive I have fallen for all the rhetoric again. Please prove me wrong, I really hope I am

  15. luthergooner

    September 2, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    We have played 3 games. Won 2 and drew at Liverpool. We are 2nd in the league at the moment. Stop complaining. Things aren’t as bleak as you want to make them.

    We have everyone fit and healthy again that had us right in the thick of the title race. We’ve retained Cesc Fabregas, the best midfielder in the EPL. We added a more dependable center back than Gallas–who was a team cancer–in Squillacci. We added a young talented defender with pace in Koscielny and got back Djourou from a bad injury, who has stood up well in the past against the likes of Chelsea in the past, and got rid of 36-year old Campbell, who did a good job but demanded a ridiculous 2-year contract and Silvestre, who was pitiful. Nordveit also has been recalled from loan and has all the qualities of becoming a great defender in the near future. Thats an improvement in defense. We promoted the best young English player in the league, Wilshere, to our senior team. We lost the timid fox in the box Eduardo and replaced him (for free) with the best center forward in France, Chamakh. The team is much better than last season.

    I wish we had signed a goalkeeper because I don’t trust Almunia. But who knows? Maybe Almunia will play more like the Almunia of 2 years ago, when he wasn’t great but wasn’t this awful, without the personal problems he suffered last year when a family member died. Almunia certainly played well at Blackburn. He stood up well against the set pieces and played like he wanted the job. No mention of how well he played on this blog, though. I’d rather Almunia didn’t get another shot to prove his worth, because I feel he’s already had too many, bu he is the best goalkeeper at the club (until Woljcech, who also has been recalled from loan, is ready) and he is Arsenal’s #1. Thats the way it is.

    Unfortunately, on the internet, anyone can express their opinion. This blog is a prime example that 75% of the “blogosphere” is never worth reading. But to dismiss our title chances and to rake Wenger, the best manager in the history of the club, over the coals three games into what has been a successful and encouraging start to the season, is ridiculous. You clearly prefer the Rednapp approach, wheeling and dealing and overspending for above average players. Disregard of the financial aspect of running a club may keep the fans happy, but you should ask Pompey supporters how well “Arry’s big-money moves worked for them three years down the line. What’s to say, if Almunia plays poorly in the first half of the season, that Wenger won’t replace him with Shwarzer or another keeper in the Jan window? Shwarzer is in the last year of his contract, won’t be cup-tied, and Fulham might be much more inclined to grant his desires to leave half-way through the season. Wenger may be stubborn, but thats a good thing when Fulham demands double the amount a player is worth one year before we could get him for free.

    It isn’t hard to be optimistic, especially when the season’s just begun. Its not as though we’re Liverpool. Hopefully “know” that the transfer window is shut you can try writing articles you can try to write some positive articles, because I, like many Arsenal supporters, are tired of these stupid and mindless negative posts flooding Newsnow spelling doom for the club in August.

  16. Gregg GUNNER

    September 6, 2010 at 10:35 am

    i have officially lost faith in wenger ,
    ok i am not going to be the profit of doom and say we have no chance as i still like to believe we do .
    But the simple fact of this matter is that there is no fucking doubt we needed a goal keeper .
    i dont care what anyone says ….we did not need a frey or a lloris . we just needed anyone better than almunia , which is about 70% of all goalkeepers on professional football today ,
    Wenger has officially fucked me off for the last time , and this time when we get fucked by the small teams because of goal keeping mistakes i am gonna blame the old cunt not the keeper.
    wenger dont act like you dont know these things …
    go find a fucking job on wall street and if you cant find a keeper fuck off

  17. Ciko

    November 20, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    Arsenal??? Title Champion??? No hope 🙁

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