[Video] Ben Arfa vs Abou Diaby fight

Newcaste Utd new signing Hatem Ben Arfa has a long history with TWO Arsenal players.

When Ben Arfa was at Lyon he got into a training session scuffle with Arsenal new boy Sébastien Squillaci.

And while at Clairefontaine,  Ben Arfa was the only underage player in his class, and was a part of A la Clairefontaine, a documentary series which chronicled the lives of the France’s top young footballers during their time at the academy.

During the series, an episode showed Ben Arfa getting into an fight with Arsenal’s Abou Diaby [Video Below]

Adds some spice to when Newcastle play Arsenal early in Nov 2010

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If anybody can speak/understand French and would like to comment below on what was said it would be appreciated

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  1. rich says:

    diaby started it, said something about ben afras mum….after ben afra said to the camera i cant help it, when someone says something like that i react, it has been this way since i was young.diabys so fault.

  2. Locked Down says:

    Though I don’t understand French, don’t you think the excerpt is too short to be able to understand who is at fault and who not?…Just saying.

  3. Abou diaby says:

    Ok but we all know that ben arfa is an absolute cunt and he cant help it!!! I cant wait for them to play against each other!! Diaby is a legend!! Yes… I am a legend!!!

  4. teeezar says:

    if only diaby can show such strength on d pitch…..

  5. wtf teezar? says:

    do you watch arsenal matches teeezar? just like in the video it takes multiple men to hold down abou. he is a monster on the pitch and i dont recall ever seeing him ‘bullied’ off the ball ever. you should watch a game and then comment.

  6. Goons_with_Guns says:

    took the words out of my mouth Teezer and wrong wtf teezar, he ALWAYS get’s outmuscled on set pieces and is a useless twat. Still dribbles way too much and doesn’t defend. F**k Diaby, cocky, son of a cunt for no reason.

  7. John Holmes says:

    What’s up with the 70’s porn stache on ben arfa. Just sayin

  8. gav says:

    It would’ve been more awkward if we bought Ben Arfa. I remember we were strongly linked with him on more then 1 occassion and it looked like a real possibility we were going to get him until we chose Nasri instead.

  9. NUFCELITE says:

    If thats what you boys call a fight you live very shelted lives down there notice you boy picks his size yous sure he could not find some 1 smaller to pick on what a coward

  10. dimi says:

    whatever Diaby is way better then you people think, you can turn a blind eye all you want but if you seen the blackburn game you’ll see that he was one of the best players on our team. He’s so underrated. He was great against Blackpool too. When have Diaby ever been cocky? I think your the son of a cunt Goons_with_Guns

  11. Yus says:

    If Diaby made fun of Arfa’s mum, why was Diaby so pissed?

  12. Jimmy says:

    Goons_with_Guns, there’ never any excuse to abuse our own players by calling them cunts. Especially not for simply playing below par. It’s not like he’s been uncovered having secret meetings with Harry Redknapp or anything…. Someone needs to tell some Arsenal fans that it’s not compulsory to hate on one of our players each season, sometimes it’s nice to support everyone. I know it’s controversial but just sayin’.

  13. Damian says:

    Its not about going forward he is not a dominate force defensively our back 4 last year was great but still leaked goals because of the lack of cover & control in the middle from Diaby/Denilson i would swop him 4 Melo in a heart beat

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