Arsene’s Seeds of Discontent Begin to Blossom

‘Arsene’s Seeds of Discontent Begin to Blossom’

Arsenal fans will remember very well the pointed comments and thoughts repeatedly made by Arsene and some of his players of the last year or so in relation to what he perceived as the ‘real lack of protection’ being afforded to his players by Premiership referees.

Yes it is true that Arsene has Arsenal fans have had to endure watching our talent getting their bones snapped and fractured over the last few years and may of those tackles have truly been x-rated stuff.

Arsenal have now played 4 premier league games and of out of those, in 3 of our matches a player from the opposing side has been sent off for what the referee decided was completely unacceptable and wreckless tackles. Could it really be that all his moaning and whinging last year, planting those seeds of protection in the footballing institutions are beginning to yield some long awaited protection for his players by Premiership referees?? Or, are teams still out to kick us off the pitch, scare and rattle us, doing anything they can to get a share of the spoils with the refs not giving his players enough protection?

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By Galatyali Gooner



  1. jak

    September 13, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    No question that the tackles by Davies & Robinson were leg-breakers on Saturday. And Cahill’s was also disgraceful despite what the ‘pros’ say – he lunged two-footed off the ground at a player hugging the touchline at the centre-circle. WHY? Where was Chamakh going and what was the threat for a defender to dive in like that there? Unfortunately there is a common theme here – THICK ENGLISH HARDMEN. Until a defender get a 20 match ban for breaking someone’s leg, these tackles will destroy football.

  2. Merse-10

    September 13, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    I didn’t with Cahill deserved a red card – it was a yellow. I didn’t think it was two footed. It was stupid and brainless. There was no need to make the challenge at that point of the pitch but it was born out of frustration at Bolton not getting afree-kick for Songs foul on Lee. The flick by Chamakh was superb though and a shame the ref didn’t play advantage because Asharvin was onto and a straight race with the last defender. Had one of our boys been sent off for the Cahill foul i’d be fuming so i can’t sit here and say he deserved to go
    Whilst Cahill did not deserve to be sent off IMO, Robinson should certainly have seen red for his tackle. It was dangerous and over the ball – a typical leg breaker, shocking.

    Joe Cole can have no complaints, he was reckless and whilst i do not think he tried to ‘do’ Kos he was not in control and had to go.

    The Blackpool red card was one of those examples of a frustrating rule. He was sent off for denying a goal scoring opportunity. The rule should change. The guy was within a centimetre of getting the ball, was trying to make a tackle and not a foul and we got a penalty so the goalscoring opportunity was still there. I’d peronally like the rule to be changed to yellow card and penalty or red card if outside the box. It was a genuine attempt to get the ball.

  3. Danish Gooner

    September 13, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    Welcome to the clogger league !!! We are losing a player every game,soon we will be with out any attack and midfield.

  4. Sam

    September 13, 2010 at 9:06 pm

    Joe Cole’s sending off was probably the softest of the three, but it was wreckless and he was absolutely nowhere near blocking the ball.

    The Blackpool one (forget who the player was, as its Blackpool) the ref had no choice with. It wasn’t a dangerous tackle but he was the last man. Red card, no question.

    The Cahill one was from behind. By the letter of the law that’s a sending off, but I’d agree with Arsene that it was somewhere between yellow and red, as it wasn’t vicious. But again, taking into consideration Davies and Robinson’s conduct, I don’t really see how they can be complaining about having a man sent off at all.

    I’m sick of hearing about how Arsene moans and whinges all the time, like that’s not what every other manager in the Premiership does every week. This mug Coyle is a case in point, running his mouth like they weren’t making filthy challenges all game as it was. All I hear at the end of games is “we should have had a pen, so-and-so shouldn’t have got sent off, that offside decision changed the game”.

    Wenger’s completely right to have a go at dirty teams who go out to kick us. If he’s not going to raise the issue, clearly no one else is. I know its a cliche amongst Arsenal fans but the only reason people point to Wenger as a whinger is because he’s foreign and has his little air of sophistication that the majority of football fans and pundits hate (mainly because they are a bunch of simpletons). The guy complains no more than the majority of other managers and that is a fact. He just doesn’t do it sounding like a retarded northern monkey.

    I think both of your conclusions may be true. The fact is, though, that whatever Wenger has said, everyone in the game, including the refs, have seen our players become the victim of two of the nastiest injuries in football over the past few seasons. That is going to have more influence than anything else.

  5. Surrey Gooner

    September 13, 2010 at 10:13 pm

    Arsene has used one of Fergie’s best mind tricks. Sometimes it takes time for referees to being seing your side of things. If the evidence of the first 4 matches is anything to go by it looks like our man’s constant comments about lack of protection etc have pierced the grey matter of those men in black!

  6. Andy Mack

    September 16, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    Surrey Gooner, If Refs were finally appreciating what AWs been saying then more of the blackburn and bolton guys would have seen red. I still don’t believe we get anywhere near the protection that Manure get (especially at Old Triffid – the home of referees).

  7. Kendo

    December 28, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    Well, having only stumbled across this debate due to the fact I typed “Somewhere between a cliche and a monkey” into google after seeing an old interview of Squarepusher by Lauren Laverne, I must admit I found the above comments hilarious. I’m a Blackburn fan, and I can understand that Arsenal fans don’t particularly like our admittedly dismal football, however I would have to say that ultimately it would be Liverpool fans who could really complain as they did see their players get their legs broken at Ewood (Djibril Cisse anyone?!?). But there’s no blaming Allardyce for that one. Mark Hughes was in charge at the time, and nobody has criticised Fulham for being a ‘dirty’ team, perhaps because the media bias doesn’t apply to London based teams?!? Just a thought. It was a freak accident anyway, but thanks to the constant abuse directed at ‘lesser’ footballing teams by Wenger, shit sticks. Arsenal fans need to understand that Wenger cannot constantly resort to claiming that referees are not offering the Arsenal team protection when the Van Persie/Adebayor incident of last season only came about due to the awful tackle from Van Persie which caused the stamp in the first place. Perhaps it’s due to bad tactics or poor performances on the day? Maybe there’s a reason why Wenger essentially writes a blank cheque to the FA each season for his comments about refs. There’s certainly a reason why Arsenal haven’t won anything for the past few years, and that’s because they simply haven’t been good enough. You have to wonder what the fans want, because the sacrifice of pragmatism for practicality (i.e. the ability to win trophies – I’m sure you’ll appreciate a Northern Monkey spelling this out to you) is not going to benefit Arsenal any time soon. I would love as a Rovers fan to watch scintillating football and not currently be the laughing stock of the Premier League with our newfound chicken-plucking owners, but we simply do not have the players to adopt such an approach. Maybe the reason why Man Utd and Chelsea have dominated the league for the past few years is because their players have had the right mentality, to win ugly when needs be – to get results against Rovers, Stoke, Wolves and all the other ‘unfashionable’ football teams that have every right to expose Wenger’s tactical failings when they play each other. I agree that nobody gets a decision against Utd at Old Trafford, but that’s all the more reason for Arsenal to show up and completely outplay them on a footballing level. I haven’t seen that for the past few seasons either, but I did see an ugly display of ‘anti-football’ from Arsenal the last time the two teams played.

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