Are Arsenal on the verge of greatness?

By Galatyali Gonner

As tough as the last week has been and as poor as some of our players have been we do need a reality check as to what is on the horizon.

Yes, it is true people have predicted that Arsenal’s young team will go on to great things. So many people have said this – that this young team is now ready to take on the mantle of being the best, but they just have to complete that final lap. What they did not contend with is just how painful that final lap was going to be!

Of course we want that winning mentality – many people thought that the Birmingham game was going to be the catalyst for some wonderful things.

Unfortunately, despite playing awful in the first half and getting lucky with a dodgy offside decision, we upped our game in the second half and there really only looked one winner – until that comical moment which saw Martins get what was probably the easiest goal he will ever score.

Yes the Barcelona return leg was also very painful, but we should not look back – let us look forward. We are only 3 points from Man Utd and we have a game in hand and they also have to come to our manor. There are only 10 games to go. We have a great chance. This is not a time for bickering. Don’t worry about Spuds fans chucking it. Let them have their moment of joy.

We all know they will get tonked at some stage and if it is going to be at Wembley all the better!

I have read a lot of the comments and I agree that there are quite a few Arsenal players who are testing the theory of whether they are worthy enough to wear our shirt. Denilson, Diaby, Schillaci, Arshavin, Bentdner, Almunia, Rosicky and the list could go on – Fabregas mopes around far too much for my liking and he needs to take a few leafs out of Tony Adams book of captaincy. Otherwise he can f*** off to Barca!

So this is a rallying call to all my fellow gooners all around the world. Let us unite and get behind the team for the final push. Get behind Arsene. Yes, he is not perfect, but it really would be potentially suicidal for the club to even consider changing their manager.

Come the end of May there is a real chance we can watch the Champions League Final as Champions of the Premiership and watch Spuds get taught a lesson by Barca at Wembley [that was my Nostradamus bit!] Now that sounds like something to savour!

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  1. dbq

    March 15, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    You need a reality check mate. You are obviously still intoxicated on the PR BS Wenger feeds all the AKB devotees.

    His excuses after every damning defeat is getting more and more pathetic. It is always somebody else’s fault. Has he taken any responsibility for not strengthening in the summer the key areas of defensive midfield, centreback and goalkeeper ??

    His grand project has failed after 6 years of empty promises. 2 years ago he raged at shareholders who dared to question him and said to judge him by his results. He was confident the team would deliver a trophy if not that season then the next one. Now he is once positioning for not winning anything by saying it’s an achievement to finish in the top 4 ! What utter BS is that !

  2. J

    March 15, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    I hear such negativity about Aresenal, its great to read something positive
    and now my long winded shout.
    Most season holders pay around? £1000- £1400 to sit in one of the best stadiums, us having a team capable of being there and every team under us would love to be in our position.

    People forget our history, just a few years ago we moved from 2nd to 1st in the league, at last passing Man U when Chelsea were pulled out of administration with millions to spend, so taking over.

    1996 we appointment Arsene Wenger as manager, Wenger brought us new tactics, a new training regime and several foreign players who complemented the existing English talent. We won a second League and Cup double in 1997–98 and a third in 2001–02. In addition, the club reached the final of the 1999- 2000 UEFA Cup losing on penalties to Galatasaray, we won the 2003 and 2005 FA Cups, and won the Premier League in 2003–04 without losing a single match, an achievement which earned the side the nickname
    The Invincibles
    49 league matches unbeaten, a national record.

    We have finished in either first or second place in the best league, in eight of Wenger’s first eleven seasons at our club.
    With his vision, the stadium was named after its sponsors, Emirates, this alone was the largest sponsorship deal in English football history, worth around £100 million
    which means I now watch my beloved Arsenal in a very impressive 60,355-capacity stadium.

    Through out the years we have had so called loyal 1st team players leaving us to do no better, apart from the one who went to Chelsea, players who were part of the plan for our future,
    I to can get frustrated with my beloved Arsenal but can not see why so called fans have shown such negativity to Mr A W, we have the best young crop of English young players mixed with top quality players from around the world, remember Manchester United’s 1998–99 season, the most successful in English club football history, all with the best group of young players growing up together and pushing for 1st team together,
    If everything else he has done has had such dramatic successful results for the club, then surely his plan will come of age and might have done earlier if it wasn’t for the obstructions mentioned above,
    with all this in mind, is AW really that bad.

    Herbert Chapman changed English football forever and so has Arsene Wenger.

    I class my self as a life long supporter, I pay for my season seat and take my place proud every game, I dont leave early and sing my heart out, I love my club and have been lucky enough to live within 10 mins of my local club, all my 40 years.
    I will follow Arsenal no matter what they have won or league they are in


  3. Murt

    March 15, 2011 at 5:07 pm

    @dbq Wenger protects his players to the hilt. If he says they’re not good enough then whatever drop of confidence they have left will evaporate and our season will be over.

    The pressure on them is enormous and he is trying to relieve it. There’s 10 matches left, get behind the team and wait for those matches to be played before you stick the knife in.

  4. MR. Arsenal

    March 15, 2011 at 5:38 pm

    A Positive Blog From ‘Arsenal_Action’ Never Thought I’ll See The Day.

  5. Dick

    March 15, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    @Murt : Your take on the situation would have made a lot more sense if we were not in the same position this time last year and the year before that. It is difficult to get behind AW in case he thinks thatit is an endorsement of his policy which promises a lot of jam tomorrow. We have had a belly full of it.

  6. eve

    March 15, 2011 at 9:09 pm

    if you mean when you say are arsenal on the verge of greatness winning the league then yes they are, because they will win it, as arsenal are great and always will be. win, lose. draw, win trophies, lose trophies, they will still remain a great club, look at the loyal fans they have, we would never put our club down as no matter what, we will always love THE ARSENAL!

  7. James gunner

    March 15, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    I’m afraid you are as delusional as Wenger.Not so long ago he said he had the best youths and were on the verge of taking the world by storm.Since then it has been one false dawn after another. It will will continue as long as the underlying causes are not rectified.All fans repeat all fans know what they are.
    The only way he can appease the fans is by winning and winning the epl.Fininshing a glorious second aint good enough for the world’s third richest club.

  8. MistaKen

    March 15, 2011 at 10:33 pm

    Can we really play better than we have all season in the next 10 games? Because that’s what we have to do to win the title

  9. Vanmoulds

    March 15, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    I adress this comment not to the article which is shortsighted nonsense, written by a fan who has forgotten just how lucky he is…go support Leeds if you love a moan so much! No I say this to J who wrote the rather large comment.

    YOUR MY HERO! Exactly what I wanted to put but couldn’t be bothered to write, a man grateful to support such a wonderful club with a magnificent manager and history of magnificent managers and players!!

  10. realist

    March 16, 2011 at 1:55 pm

    this team is by far the worst since wenger came to arsenal. they try to play pretty football, while some players in the team are capable of stringing 2 passes together others are not. sure our own captain tryed to play a backheel at the edge of his own box against barca and then pulled out of the tackle that was presented on a plate to win the ball back, that one passage of play sums up this current arsenal team, spineless in the tackle and trying to look good but not quite pulling it off. wengers previous title teams could tear other teams apart with 2 to 3 passes, it was brilliant to watch and it worked. this team passes the ball to death, it works against teams who stand off them, and it just dosnt against any team that closes them down. sadly they have become predictable and boring. take braga for example arsenal hammered them in the first game of qualifying because braga stood off them and let them play in the 2nd game braga had them figured out they broke down our weak passing and beat us. instead of wenger trying to play football like the overhyped barca team he needs to get back to basics he needs to cut out this passing bullshit the players he has are not up to it, the team he tries to copy barca are very ineffective against any team that closes them down and has a solid defence, and they work much harder than we do off the ball. i miss the times viera would crunch someone with a crisp tackle win the ball get back up on his feet play a perfect ball over the top or through the middle henry would burst forward with his stunning pace one touch and bang ball was in the back of the net, they were exciting times. now fabregas wimps out of the tackle the other team then gives us the ball back, then we start passing it over and back eventually we get as far as the 18 yrd box then we start passing it back to the halfway line then we are back to where we started then we try to the same thing all over except this time we give it away cheaply and bang the other team is 1 up. this team is not that bad but their style of play is woeful, if they changed their style brought in some steel and a bit of pace other than walcott up forward we be back on track.

  11. Nakedi from Kenya.

    March 16, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    AW is the best Manager ever in the world of fooball, no doubt. I am an Arsenal fan….I AM A GUNNER 4LIFE. It pains and demoralises to watch the ‘best Arsenal team ever’ bow to such minors like Birm, N’castle, WestB,Wigan and MANURE.

    It is also disapointing to watch some players who are not responsible and doesn’t care wether we loose or draw. Wenger plays a good role in shielding our players but players also need to carry responsibility sometimes for their STUPID mistakes (like against N’castle).

    As Arsenal fans, we are demanding that AW should choose who to leave us in PEACE between him and these second-hand players. Did anybody informed Squillaci that Silvestre was darling of fans and now that the messiah is no longer at HOME OF FOOTBALL he should grap that chance and course as many mistakes at our goal as possible?

    MUCH respect to RVP, JACK, SAMIR, FAB, SONG, SCE, KOS, DJO, CLI, FABIES, ARSH….and the rest whose hunger has been to win for the fans, club and the wonderful manager. CHEERS.

  12. Captain Rathbone

    March 16, 2011 at 10:03 pm

    “..but it really would be potentially suicidal for the club to even consider changing their manager.”

    Yes, because if we did that we’d be bound to get knocked out of the FA Cup, the Champions’ League, the Carling Cup…Heaven forbid!


  13. Max

    March 17, 2011 at 2:44 am

    A positive article on this site? I can’t believe it. Well done mate

  14. Craigie

    March 18, 2011 at 7:37 pm

    Winning something? Yes.

    Greatness? No.

    Greatness won’t be seen in this country until Manicini gets 15 players playing how he wants. The rest of us will then have to try and compete and raise the level of the league again. United, Arsenal, Chelsea are all crap now compared to “greatness”. We could win something this or next year but I don’t think we would be “great” champions.

    At the moment we have about 5 players capable of greatness.

    Cesc, Nasri, Wilshire, van Persie and Vermaelen and if I’m honest van Persie is the only one for me that is there. He’s reached an age where he knows his game fully and can finish anything with either foot and make things happen. However how many years did he spend having average games and making no impact? Even two years ago he was one footed and sometimes was amazing and sometimes ineffective but now you wouldn’t know he was left footed and he works harder and forces himself into the game.

    I do love guys like Song, but will Song ever be the best DM/CM in the world or ever get into anyones top 5 ? I don’t think so. I have hope for Ramsey and Szczesny but we really can’t tell whether they’ll be great or just good players.

    Mourinho’s Chelsea were great, the Invincibles were great, United had a couple of great sides. There have been several great Madrid, Barcelona and Milan sides in the past 12 years or so but I can’t see this side being great. If Mourinho’s Chelsea and the 2002ish United side were in this league we’d finish a long way behind them.

    Just because all the teams around us are being as bad as we usually are doesn’t mean

  15. cameo

    March 20, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    What a nonsense Article, dont understand the kind of blind support some of you people give Wenger, thats the same kind of blind support that turned Germany into a Nazi nation. Please sack Wenger, Just like he gave you 8 great years, he is also going to deliver 8 barren years. I can’t wait. I’ll laugh.

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    March 21, 2011 at 5:07 am

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