[Funny Video] Arsenal fan’s reaction to our season falling apart

A must watch… An Arsenal fans reaction to the Newcastle second penalty and our season falling apart.

Im pretty sure we all felt the same

# Warning # languages of a frustrated fan

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  1. Surrey Gunner says:

    We have all been there this season.
    First the anger then depression
    I hope every Arsenal player, and shareholder watches this and knows how it feels./

  2. oj says:

    So pathetic but we’ve all been there!

  3. Helmut Gooner says:

    Fantastic. This is a real hardcore fan who cares. We all know this feeling and how it hurts.

    And Wenger tells us he is happy with 2nd place?

    Oh and love the way he throws something at the dog. I would have kicked it

  4. Joe says:

    i know how he feels, i lost a laptop to that game, he was just 6 months from retirement!

  5. stonroy says:

    Thank you for showing this. This shows me we are all the same. The Arsenal board should see this and know what pain they put us through each and every year.

  6. guy says:

    looks about right.

  7. Asia says:

    I know how he felt, I felt the same thing. I would punch Arsene if he was in front of me….

  8. Vanmoulds says:

    Haha that was funny, I thought I was bad!

    Have we checked that Amy is still with us? I’m worried for her.

  9. Jim of Norbury says:

    Ive just pissed myself with laughter but only because i am probably exactly the same!!!

  10. Family Enclosure Man says:

    We can’t exactly be sure what happened to Amy directly after this video was filmed, but I have a feeling that her moment of revenge has come in posting this on the internet.

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