Wenger & Gazidis are liars! New season, same story

Who can blame the fans for booing?
There use to be a famous quote ” The Arsenal Way”.. Our great club always did things the right way and with class.
Now look at us, we have become a joke.
A club that cant finish off and hang onto a lead and a club that cant finish a transfer.
Linked for weeks with Ricky Alvarez, but we faffed around and lost out on him. Linked with Joel Campbell, and again couldn’t complete that deal. If we cant even convince unknown players like Alvarez and Campbell to join us then it shows how unattractive we have become.
And now news that the Juan Mata deal collapses because Arsenal Fail to pay the release fee in time just proves how Mickey Mouse we now are. Now his buy out clause is invalid and the price is now £10m MORE!
Add to that the current problems with Cesc and the fact that we might lose Nasri for NOTHING next summer and the fact that players like Almunia, Eboue and Bendtner are still on the payroll… CAN YOU REALLY BLAME THE FANS FOR BOOING!
What happened to “We will be active in the transfer market”… What happened to “We will see a high turnover of players”… What happened to “We wont allow a Flamini type situation to happen again”…. What happened to our great club?

But this is nothing new… I dont understand why so many people are now shocked. This has happened to Arsenal for a number of years now. Gazidis and Wenger making ill advised bets on house money, our
money, losing big at the proverbial 888 casino. But it’s the Arsenal faithful who are the real victims.

Mark my words the booing on Sunday will be repeated a number of times this season.
Nothing will change because Wenger hasn’t addressed our weaknesses… But this is nothing new!
I’ll rather Gazidis and Wenger just came out and said “We don’t have money to sign players” than them promising a busy summer but fail to fulfil it.
Mr Gazidis and Mr Wenger should hang there heads in shame for lying to the fans yes again
It’s going to be a long season.
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  1. bazza

    August 4, 2011 at 10:33 pm

    For starters..

    @Jenkinson says:
    August 4, 2011 at 9:58 pm
    Well you got a lot of response. What you wrote is however destructive rubbish so you won’t get a hit from me again.

    Too late d#ck’ed!


    For all you happy go luckys out there, you need to seriously wake up and open your eyes.
    There are numerous problems at Arsenal and if you think everything is rosey, then your obviously very deluded.

    For starters do you think it is right that a single ticket for an ordinary game is £100? The highest in the premiership. This is for a club who in the last 6 years has won diddly squat! Maybe your paying the premium for moving into a new stadium, but doesnt justify astronomical prices for a club that has in recent years been a failure. How do you justify the 6.5% rise in ticket prices? PHW said its because of the increase in VAT, but if my memory serves me correctly, VAT only rose by 2.5%.. so where has this extra 4% come from?

    Moving on to footballing matters, Arsenal’s problems on the pitch are as clear as black and white. WE CAN’T DEFEND! However going out and spending £30 odd million on CB isn’t necessarily going to solve the problem. You can have the best CB’s in the world but still have the leakiest defense if you haven’t got the setup right. I should know, going back to my FM days! (and before the ‘go back to playing your FM’ cavalry arrives, f#ck off! ;] ) It is clear that the work that goes in training is just not working and it’s a deeper problem than everyone thinks. This is backed up my numerous players as Fabregas and Clichy have both eluded to it. This doesn’t mean however, that we don’t need AT LEAST 1 new CB. Will we get one? I bloody hope so..

    Do I agree with people booing the team? Yes and no.. I never like to see ANY set of fans booing their team, its disruptive and creates a bad reputation. HOWEVER, you can understand why us (the arsenal faithful) are getting frustrated, new season is upon us and the same problems are still there. To all the people that say its pre-season, give it a break. We are just over a week away from the start of the season, you think the problem is going to be solved by then? The same problem that we’ve had for the last 4-5 years? Get real. If we concede in the 89min against Newcastle and lose 1-0 are you guys going to continue to stay on your high horses? Yes it’s pre-season, but this is the time to sort the problems out not when the season has already started and your faced with a crucial month of CL qualifiers and games against Liverpool and Manc!

    The whole reason why the transfer window opens in June is so that teams can buy their players and let them settle in and integrate them into the squad prior to the start of the season. Someone should point that out to Wenger, because I would bet my bottom dollar that he doesn’t know that. You think if Wenger goes out and buys Cahilll, Jagielka and Mata on deadline day, they are going to come and settle from day one? NO, i’m sorry but it doesnt work like that. Before are very quick to hide behind this Fabregas and Nasri smokescreen, but it doesn’t matter whether they stay or not, neither of them are going to turn into amazing defenders and plug the hole! They are 2 completely different issues.

    Something that worried me though, is Wenger’s comments after the Emerites Cup. He said that he was pleased with the performance from both of the games and the CB’s weren’t to blame for the mistakes. If he truly believes that, then I do worry for my team. Squillaci and Djourou just aren’t good enough, they aren’t even good enough as backup players. In my opinion, we need 2 new CB’s, one to partner Vermalen, and one to play backup with koscielny. This will go someway, but as I said before, the whole system needs to be re-looked at.

    Too many problems to solve in such a short space of time, whether you want to believe it or not, it’s going to be another frustrating season for us.

  2. Ayoade Emmanuel Taiwo

    August 4, 2011 at 10:54 pm

    Yes …. Mr … Gazidis ..,and Wenger are lier

  3. Albert Shakalisa -Ireland

    August 4, 2011 at 10:55 pm

    Wenger a big lier in the world. People relax our Captain and Nasri going no where. Papers lies like wenger to make u buy and read. You will c diffirent gunners next season

  4. Harsh Chopra

    August 4, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    HE can’t even spell liars right and you believe him. What has happened to the Arsenal brigade?
    We signed Jenkinson-who looks like a breath of fresh air an now that bartley is back to rangers I am sure there will be a defender coming in.
    We signed Gervinho-and he has enhanced our attack.
    We had the best defence in the league in open play. Set pieces were our problems, but look at the ridiculous penalties given against us and you will know we aren’t that bad.
    For the players to play well, we need to be behind them NOT UP THEIR ASSES.
    Get behind the team and stop bullshitting around.
    A true gunner would never boo his team. Any1 who does is probably better off switching clubs.

  5. Ayoade Emmanuel Taiwo

    August 4, 2011 at 10:58 pm

    All arsenal .. Boards .. are full of shit and lies…

  6. admin

    August 4, 2011 at 10:59 pm

    SL – if you feel Johan or Sqil are good 3rd choice defenders then you haven watch much of our games recently

  7. diamond dave

    August 4, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    why are you some arsenal supporters simpletons , you make me sick if you really loved arsenal football club you will stand by and want to see change the writer of this blog is totally right, we have been lied to throughout this season, and mark my words we are fighting relegation wenger and the board for the past six seasons have said the same thing yet the press the supporters have said the same thing yet wenger the idiot can not see it th defense is in disarray, midfiel we know lack any real committment, an yet the idiot who manages arsenal after watching our games in in asia and germany says we faded outn in the last hour give us a break these are professional players why dont you admit they are not good enough for the prem i am fed up of the excuses and the preverbial bull shit from this club, he can not see we wuill be fighting relegation this season lets look at staTISTICS WE ONE ONLY ONE IN 15 GAMES LAST SEASON WHAT DIOES THAT TELL YOU, i am fed up and sick ND TIRED OF STUPID ARSENAL SUPPORTERS WHO SAY W MUST support this tema WHY? we pay the most in ticket price then i expect to be seeing a team who wins things like barcelona, this club want to rip us off and give us crap look at tyhe players we have even nigel winterburn agrees we are lightweight wenger can not see it and son the better you leave the better for us all your philosophy does not work and yu know it dont make out us arsenal supporters are pricks, we can see from your actions what you are and the board and it is not about being succesful so wenger fuck off and the board bring in usmanov because if the american was intersted in arsenal why dont you stick your money where your mouth is, most arsenal supporters are fed up with the bull shit, it is obvious arsenal are not title contenders or for any cups the champions league we will be out even before it starts keep booing lads these cocks need to know what it is like to pay mega money to wtch a team that is mediocore under wenger

  8. Chris Richardson

    August 4, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    And now Bartley returns to Rangers for the year and we are left with Squillaci. Honestly you couldn’t make it up….

  9. Frustrated Gooner

    August 4, 2011 at 11:20 pm

    completely agree. same old tired excuses from wenger and arsenal. and i renewed my membership. feel like a right mug. we’ll probably get 40million for cesc and not spend a penny and then on sept 1st wenger will tell us we were so close.
    show some ambition in the transfer market for christ sake

  10. Domhuaille

    August 4, 2011 at 11:28 pm

    Admin…..this has to be the biggest peice of shite ever excreted over the blogsphere about AFC and you must be the biggest Arsehole ever to try! Noone is denying we have problems to straighten out and noone thinks the picture is rosy but your insane ranting Gloomer-Doomer-Moaner-Groaner whining is pitiful and pointless.
    ¨Now look at us, we have become a joke.¨………….you have become a joke in the eyes of any true Gooner. this is just an anti-Wenger, AAA diatribe that has absolutely no credibility and rehashes the same old shite arguments…no trophies in 6 years, highest ticket prices in the EPL…¨
    And now news that the Juan Mata deal collapses because Arsenal Fail to pay the release fee in time just proves how Mickey Mouse we now are.¨…guess where this tidbit came from…a certain Balaque in Spain, who is in direct competition with you to be the biggest Arsehole on the net and is truly a Liar, unlike AW or Gazidis.
    There are still 27 days left in the transfer window and since you are such an ¨expert¨, how about telling us the exact problems Aw and AFC encountered in trying to sign players so far. No idea right!
    That’s because you are a cretinous,wanker moron who ventilates on pitiful blog and probably leads the boo section in hurling insults at all things Arsenal.
    Bazza you idiot….FM is a game you loser….you are another wanker who thinks he knows everything that is ¨wrong¨with AFC and has the solutions straight out of the FM manual. You have NO idea what is going on in the Club and even if you could get some inside information you’d not be able to understand it as you’re too subjective and angry based on your singularly negative view of AFC.
    Come the 1st of September, we,ll all know where we stand and that gives you the entire season to whine and bitch to your rancid heart’s content, win lose or draw!

  11. viera

    August 4, 2011 at 11:36 pm

    A spend of £80mill plus,15 goals conceded in pre season , overpaid for average prem players , yeah the scousers have got it right aint they?

    spent 60 mill on a untested spanish gk, a second rate english winger , and a rookie c.b. and still no midfielder to replce sssshhhhcholes a representative side beaten 8-2 and did not hear any booing and the coup de gras berbie going for 12mill a loss of 20 mill great buisness and i darne’nt mention bebe yeah manure have got it right ain’t they

    Pay the new boy £200000 a week then watch the old boys kick off, which bargains may be leaving shitty i wonder , could be worth a wait don’t you think, and your star player and elcapitano told to report for the charity shield and he tells you bollox i’ll come when i’m ready .yeah shitty have got it right aint they

    chelsea , well they just got older

    tinytotts………do me a fakin favour

    cesc will be sorted over the weekend Stantheman is in town to do it nasri will be gone and then and only then will we see wengers plans,,,until then just carry on boooooooooing you’re doing a great job NOT

  12. topgun

    August 4, 2011 at 11:43 pm

    GTB and the rest of you lashing out on the blog are definitely all employees of organizations all your life. You have never and would never ever be capable of being entrepreneurs because you lack the simple most fundamental factor of PLANNING.

    How does a serious manager, who has for the past 3yrs plus identified his major weakness as his defence, spend season without fixing it. How can you say the summer isn’t over yet…does a serious manager or business man wait till the deadline day of supply before he buys the raw materials for his production?? and to charge the most expensive tickect in the world, even before the 6.5% increase…Arsenal and Wenger are modern day Con artist reaping out fans.

    They(fans) can boo as much as they like till he gets the message, there over 1.500 pounds per season ticket gave them the right to. A manger on over 6million pounds couldn’t be so blind and domb.. buying one or two defenders to strengthen a defence that has consecutively leaked over 40 goals per season over the course of the season isn’t rockeck science.

  13. dr njiti

    August 5, 2011 at 12:00 am


  14. moses

    August 5, 2011 at 12:46 am

    It is disrespectful and disgusted to c fans booing thier own team, bt i have to agree with atictle tht Arsenal wenger as well as Gazidis are liar and i suppose they should be the one to be booed rather than the team cuz they always let us down by telling us lying. they should look themself in the mirror and pologise to the fans.

  15. AR

    August 5, 2011 at 2:10 am

    I’m not pro Wenger or anti wenger…just pro Arsenal. I understand that you want the club to do well but wonder, if as predicted by so many ‘intelligent’ people we fail to win anything this year and finish in mid table or as some even think get relegated, will you then stop supporting the club? Of course it is likely the manager will leave in such a scenario, but what if the board think that since he got us into trouble and they love him so much, they might as well let him get us out of it? Where will that leave you all?

    This is all conjecture of course, and I am being very dramatic about it all but surely you need to get behind the team and support them instead of complaining so much. Like him or not, Wenger is in charge now and most likely will be until 2014, think what you may of them, the players who take the field every weekend are the ones in the Arsenal shirt and agree with the prices or not, they’re what we’re faced with and what we pay to watch this team and this manager.

    If tomorrow Wenger leaves, the board will surely replace him with someone almost identical to him, at least in principle and policies. What good will that do? If the team gets booed off enough, they may either start playing very well or might just completely lose interest and definitely not create any incentive for a prospective signing to consider when deciding between us and some mega rich club.

    Why don’t we just get behind the club and support them no matter what? You want Wenger out….you might be able to get that to happen with lots of negativity, consistent booing and ranting and of course the team’s expected failings. You want Gazidis to leave, that is probably easier to achieve since the board don’t have to take into account any success or history that he has with our great club.

    So in comes a new manager and someone in place of Gazidis, someone similar to the departing duo and then what? Really for everything to change as you’d like it to be, the board has to go and someone else has to come in with different ideas and then things might change…but no one out there has enough money to buy all those shares and Kroenke is definitely not going to sell…so while you make peace with reality, I have a simple suggestion…support this team with all your heart….give them everything you have and hope for the best! If nothing comes of it, then surely that’s what you predicted, if something comes of it then what a great feeling that will be.

    If you have been priced out by the ST hike, I really can’t be patronizing so all I’d say is try to watch them on TV or find an online stream, I love this club, that’s what I do when I’m outside the country.

    Live your lives, be happy and enjoy watching The Arsenal. Being happy doesn’t equate to being deluded. In fact being angry about something evidently beyond your control is more a sign of delusion than anything else, but I understand these comments are borne out of frustration….breathe easy and enjoy every thing we have. I’d rather be Arsenal and finish 17th than be that nasty club down the lane and win the treble. ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. Sorry about the long post, you guys have good intentions I’m sure…you just need some perspective and calmness…in many ways exactly what our squad lacks and you’ll be fine! 🙂 Any Arsenal fan who truly loves the club, I have time for but please don’t be so negative and make the club a joke as you believe we are.

    Arsenal are held in high regard all over the world, not because of Wenger (though he has to take enormous credit) but because we have always been. We’re nowhere near a joke, but our so called fans are definitely turning into such a group. The author strikes me as intelligent and while extremely frustrated at least doesn’t resort to name calling so let’s hope we can turn the frustration into true support and be successful as a club!

  16. AR

    August 5, 2011 at 2:38 am

    After my extremely long rambling post, I’ve decided to offer you some pointers about the questions posed by the author which again like I mentioned doesn’t mean I like things the way they are, but they are what they are and this is my club and I’d rather support them even if we have almunia, 7 squillacis, cesc, jack and robin on the field than support a club that has won everything every single year. And again, I’m not accepting mediocrity…I am only accepting Arsenal….because I cannot accept any other team . It doesn’t amount to the same.

    Anyway here goes..

    – Regarding Campbell and Alvarez and how we didn’t do enough to sign one/both – how do we know we faffed around? We were reportedly interested that doesn’t mean we didn’t do enough. What if he asked for a ridiculous clause to become manager when he retires? What if he wanted to be paid more than Cesc and RVP? What if he just felt moving to Italy would be better and less of a transition/culture shock as most south Americans seem to prefer? What if Inter/mystery PL club offer 3 times the wages we offered? Would your rather have us sign Alvarez and pay him as much as Cesc just so that we are first to the deal and have a new signing? What if he breaks his leg away to Newcastle and never becomes a great player?

    – Regarding the Mata issue and the new release clause price increase nonsense – none of that has been proven or officially confirmed by either club. It also makes no business sense for Valencia who are in desperate need for money to have such a clause inserted that becomes public knowledge only after it expires? That’s like people finding out we need a strong CB on the last day of the season when we draw 2-2 with Fulham.

    – Add to that the current problems with Cesc and the fact that we might lose Nasri for NOTHING next summer and the fact that players like Almunia, Eboue and Bendtner are still on the payroll… CAN YOU REALLY BLAME THE FANS FOR BOOING! – They’re at the club and as much as we might hate it…there’s no one out there willing to make an offer for them…so what do we do? Other than fantasy solutions all we can do is wait and hope there is an offer and try an limit their playing time.

    Nasri may still leave this summer.

    – Busy and active in the summer – We have been busy and active by all accounts, just not many signings. Just because other clubs sign 4 players each and we sign one doesn’t mean we’re any less active. Plus everyone begging for signings means the selling clubs know we’re under pressure from our own ‘fans’ so it gives them tremendous pleasure in upping their prices!

    – We will see a high turnover of players – we still might…but that is not to say it wasn’t the plan. It seems almunia, bendtner, eboue and denilson were all expected to leave. Denilson is gone and the rest still may. If we end up with 4 signings in total including the 2 we’ve made….that’s a lot of turnover….regardless of whether it is the right signing or not….but yeah that is closest I can come to agreeing it was a ‘lie’.

    – “We wont allow a Flamini type situation to happen again” – It hasn’t happened again…if we’re still not sure if Nasri is staying or going in April then it’s a ‘flamini type situation’. Right now it’s more of an adebayor esque situation with a little less drama and player comments.

    – What has happened to our great club? – Not much really…we’re still great…for every 1000 booers there will be another 3000 on the waiting list just dying to see the team in action…yes even 11 almunias….paranoid as it sounds. That is the appeal of this great club. Like it or not we’re better off than we were 30 years ago, even if the players show less desire and commitment and make crazy money. And we’re definitely better than 16 other teams in the league. And while the other 3 may or may not always be successful, we will always be the Arsenal!

    By the way….not a jibe at anyone but just realized Portsmouth (no offence intended) won a major? trophy and made lots of big signings, admittedly good players….no one of the messi/vidic type but top players…exactly what we’re asking for and then got relegated and play in the championship. Their fans haven’t gone 6 years without a trophy…they’ve only had 3 such ‘torrid’ years….yet they do a better job of supporting their players and club than we do.

  17. khriezoyhome

    August 5, 2011 at 2:43 am

    we must sack all the board members and ofcoz wenger n gazidis by now. Guys wat n who r we. We dnt hv 2 blame d players, instead sack all d board. If we truly arsenal fan? Or a fan of wenger, gazidis n so on? Guys open ur eyes.. .tiz s not happening! I am a true Arsenal and i respect every player. N wat r u?

  18. Ken

    August 5, 2011 at 4:08 am

    In reply to Harsh Chopra
    Yes as a true fan i will boo. I am an Arsenal fan since 1970 and i simply can no more take the lies that the board and Arsene are feeding us. They cannot on one hand say that they will invest in proven players (at the time when seasons’ tickets are to be renewed) and when the time comes they recruit unknown defenders and expect AFC to win silverware. The players also need to be booed because of the lot of lies and rubbish (as well marketing arguments) they declare in the press. Just take a little time ad read all the shit that they say to the press. I believe this is a master plan that AFC has, to lure fans to fill the stadium. I will boo and encourage all fans to do so until the damn liars stop spilling their shit. Fans cannot subsidize those greedy bastards who only worry for share value.
    Boo, Boo, again and again.

  19. malcolm

    August 5, 2011 at 4:10 am

    look at it this way…if wenger had started 6 years ago and we had won nothing under him…would everyone still want him as manager…i doubt it

  20. cin

    August 5, 2011 at 4:33 am

    Good Article… This is the fact. All Arsenal fans should understand this.

    These people are cheating fans…. They will not do anything as they are very much satisfied with CL birth.

    They know they are going to win anything. They are trying only for CL birth.
    They are concentrating only on business.

    They are cheaters. Please stop saying ur shit words to people love the club.

  21. myk

    August 5, 2011 at 4:36 am

    somebody pls wake me up…these guys(d arsenal board & wenger)are really sapping us emotionally!!!we else can we do 2 get 2 them.if this continues without addressing it,it might go beyond booing.they should better watch it,they have fooled us 4 so long…there is a limit 2 wat we d fans can take,enough is enough!!!!

  22. Vineet

    August 5, 2011 at 4:45 am


    I am writing from New Delhi, India. I may not be a “paid” supporter (I cannot join other gooners in stadiums) but have been following the team since 2001-02 season. Cricket is still my first love though.

    Wenger of then wanted to fight – Wenger of now wants to make excuses only

    Wenger of then bought talent and focussed on defence – now god knows what he does. We dont score many goals and at times are not that pretty to watch. The less said about the defence the better.

    He has become captive of his own image. Moneybags in the Board have boosted his ego and he has become all the more powerful and has believed that he is the only one who knows. AKB has gone to his head. He thinks all others are fools

    Fans make players and the following ensures high wages. We are their employers. We pay their wages and not the other way around. Why on earth our transfers saga go on and on like daily soaps is beyond comprehension. In the January of 2011 he had the chance to buy the following.
    Bent – 16-18M ; Samba – 9-10M ; Given – 4-5M; Scott Parker – 8-9M ; Cahill / Mertasacker – 9-10M (Total at max – 52M, take it 55M)

    Coulld have sold the following
    Bendtner – 8-10M; Eboue – 4-5M; Squilacci – 4-5M; Almunia – 0-1M; Manone or Fabianski – 3-4M; Denilson – 5-6M; Diaby – 8-10M; Vela – 6-8M (Total at the minimum – 38M make it 35M)

    Not bad to revamp the team with 20M expenses but some savings on the salaries front. The jokers mentioned in to be sold sections are paid such high wages that none wants to buy them. So we are stuck with dead wood.

    May be this is the genius of leading the club to nowhere that the AKB brigade sees in the Professor which simple fans like us are unable to identify.

    Hurts to write but AW has brought the club to dead end. Welcome to days of finishing in top 9 rather than fighting for silverware

  23. Trennon

    August 5, 2011 at 5:56 am

    Yes Malcolm you are right. He would be gone. BUT, he didn’t start 6 years ago did he? He came to this club when we couldn’t afford jack shit and we were a team balancing on the edge, slowly decending into nothing. But he turned us around. His football trippled our support, gave us trophies and put us in the best and most modern stadium in the world. How many moaners out there started supporting Arsenal in Wenger’s era?

    Don’t get me wrong, like you I am screaming for new players. I am not as firmly on Wenger’s fence as I was 2 years ago and I believe this could very well be his last season, depending on the outcome. But the biggest part of me wants us to be succesful under him because I REMEMBER what it was like before Wenger. I remember the boring, eye pulling football from the 80’s. I remember everything and I would much rather not win a trophy playing good football than be a blackburn that wins nothing with the style of a Rhino. We need to stop looking over at United, Chelsea and City and dreaming of their money because we aren’t there yet. We will be I know it because that is what the new stadium project is about. In 4 to 6 years we will be in a position to compete in the transfer market for any player and all of this will be because of the foundation being laid by Wenger. All of you will realise this, sadly after wenger is gone, then we’ll see the eventual appreciation of what he is currently achieving here. Let’s put this in perspective. United have spent Millions, bought world class players. Chelsea and City have to consistantly spend hundreds of millions to maintain there challenge and Champions League status. Wenger has NEVER, NOT ONCE, bought an established world class player EVER! He has NEVER spent more than 16 million on a single player and yet each and every season we are there, in the top four. Even Spurs have spent more than us in recent years, but still we are ther. Those that say we are in for a relegation battle next season are just retarded!

    I would like nothing more than for us to sign Cahill and Mata, like all of you. But if they don’t come, it isn’t because of Arsenal, it’s because of the fans. Who in their right mind would want to play for such a morbid bunch of supporters who only find their voice when a goal is scored? Who wants to play in front of a crowd that moans and groans each and every times there is a misplaced pass. Who wants to play for a team supported by people that laudh, moan and groan and get so ugly towards a player in their colours that the manager has to sub him for his own protection? Who wants to play for a team that just ended a season with the worst home form in the league because their own supporters have turned their home ground into a warzone that our own players dread stepping on? You are wrong arsenalaction. The only joke here are supporters like you!

  24. Illybongani

    August 5, 2011 at 6:52 am

    I think the thing we all find so frustrating is that we WERE very close last year. Even the most myopic supporter could identify pre-season what was needed, a goalie, a ball winning midfielder and a powerhouse centre-half who can dominate the box. None of these were bought. But we thought Arsene Knows Best – we are merely Xbox managers. He had a second chance to strengthen up in the January transfer window, when in a relatively strong position, but again failed to do so. And we all know what happened then.

    If he had bought what we needed, when we needed it, we would have been champions. Look at Man utd – win the league, then go out and spend £50m on reinforcements. All now settled in and getting used to the systems they play. And look at us – the complete antithesis.

    We may not be a sinking ship but the cracks sure are starting to appear below the waterline.

  25. stanley blackburn

    August 5, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    fuck u arsene wenger,fuck u cheap ass money lovers board members.u cowards are unseccessful due to ur quest to buy cheap n sell big witout spending it on transfer market.i tink its high time stan sell his shares to usmanov cos he has my own style of philosophy to buy big,win silver spoon,remain in the league to compete dan 2 stay trophiless and relegate.i hv read many comments here,those u supportin wenger n dose dirty as board members are bastards,u beta shot d fuck right now.fans shld not pay more again to watch a pussy dat can control a lead.wenger has sacrificed arsenal success 2 his idols.i hate wenger naw wit pass.i hate stupid ass dirty liars board members.fuck u all.

  26. stanley blackburn

    August 5, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    wenger is feltish.he can neva.every year same old shit.money is for club while trophy is for the fans.u motherfuckas in arsenal should use ur head.pussy wenger shld buy n win trophy for hungry angry fans.its funny that in league arsenal cant control their lead till d end of d season.wengers buys french den Epl refs mess him up every season wit intensional poor officiatin.fans lets boo bitch wenger n d rest dirty board members.cheap players no trophies.less players no trophies.fuck y’all.u dirty cowards.i hate wenger n idiots unsuccessful board members.fans pays players wages.fans ar right to cruficy any faggots.fuck all arsenal crew.am angry naw.

  27. Mr S Pearson

    August 5, 2011 at 4:15 pm

    I think the clubs plan was sell Bentner Eboue Clichy Denilson E J Thomas raise 24 million add that to the our pot of transfer funds.

    Buy a forward which we have done buy the young kid form Charlton then bid 12-13 million for a centre half. Trouble is no one wants to buy our cast offs and we have no money to spend.

    We have been lied to by the club – they should just tell the truth we have to sell to buy.

    We were told that if we moved from Highbury and go to a bigger stadium we coul dcomplete with Man U – well that turned out to be a bare face lie.

    I do not think we can compete with Spurs or Liverpool Wenger has doen a great job with the money available.

    But now we have a sinking ship Nasri who had half a good season out of three has got BIG HEADED
    we do not need players like that. She sorry e will get is transfer to Man C then get dropped more than he plays.

    As for Febregas well we did not force him to sign a contact with us – no-one held a gun to his head I suppose he wants to go round his mums for tea so Barcalona would suite him fine.

    After all I do not think he will be first choice or perhas he will be just a nother player at Barcalona and he cannot stand the heat of being the star player at Arsenal

  28. rathak

    August 5, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    yes . Arsenge and Garzidis want to make money only! They buy boys at cheap prize and sell them when they bcome man at huge profits. EXAMPLE…..ashly cole, flamini, clichy, ,adebyor, toure,etc and now fabrecas……
    look at how many boys they are buying now…wait and see 3years time.

  29. itchyballs

    August 5, 2011 at 4:47 pm

    the question is “how many arsenal fans will be content if we sign no one,don’t win anything & don’t qualify for cl”?will it still be akb,will it?or will there be another 100,000 or so fans around the globe becoming increasingly disinchanted ?seems to me that the inactivity by the club smacks of a future by out v.soon..prob by the uzbek-why else does “silent stan”remain silent?

  30. John

    August 5, 2011 at 4:55 pm

    3 weeks for Wenger to bring in a few players. Joel Campbell transfer is still on going and may not be completed until 20th August due U20 World Cup. Jenkinson looks a proper right back back-up for Sagna and Gervinho looks a vast improvement on Bendtner and Chamakh. Frimpong is going to get his chance and looks a vast improvement on Denilson and Ramsey will be fully fit for the start of the season. Just and extra centre back and striker who can play multiple roles and keep hold of our star players.

  31. real G

    August 5, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    lol more absolute crap!!! wtf is wrong with you ppl?? lol! since i last looked…the summer isnt over and the transfer window is open til end of august!! any knowledgeable footy fan knows most clubs do their business near the END of the window! as right now they are looking for the BEST deals and once ppl start moving THEN the real business STARTS!

    your right… mr wenger has said “We WILL be active in the transfer market”… “We WILL see a high turnover of players”… “We WON’T allow a Flamini type situation to happen again”…. note all the FUTURE tense used!! so how has he lied?? still basically got a month left for all that to happen!! so pipe down and hold your horses before you start chatting all this doom and gloom!

    and if all your about is big money transfers..go support citeh or chelski!! arsenal are far too classy to have idiot so called supporters (true glory supporter) like you!! (booing!! hmmm real good support there ppl!! nice 1!! and you wonder why arsenal have bad games! i think i would be put off if my so called fans dont even support me!! disgraceful!!) and if u argue ‘i pay for tickets etc etc’ yawn yawn well fucking stop paying for them then and dont waste a seat booing the team you say u support?? (look in a dictionary to find the meaning of SUPPORT) when there are 1000’s of other genuine REAL fans who would love to be able to go to games regular and have that seat!! its pretty simple if arsenal annoy u and costs u too much money…DONT GO!! arsenal are a massive club and dont need loser negative fans like you lot!! so shut up and actually support your team or go follow someone else or maybe get into wrestling?? there is good guys and bad guys in that so you can do all your booing at them!!

    and going back to the quotes…high turnover of players..you do realise that means ppl coming in and going out! so far we signed 2 players..and denilson and clichy have gone!! along with the normal loaning youngsters etc so we have been very busy already!! so thats def 4+ players so far and we still have a month left!! you say almuina, bendtner and eboue still on the payroll yet wenger has publicly stated at various times that each one of them players IS talking to clubs and has offers!! so when everything is agreed thats 3 more players out!! so thats 7+ players in/out!! already a crazy amount..hence ‘high turnover of players’ plus all our loaness that have come back to challenge the 1st team…traore, mannone, ryo miyachi, afobe, lansbury and frimpong is back (looked amazing last pre season aswell as this one!) so thats 13+ players!! so u still think arsenal have been doing nothing then???

    and i love all the contradictions!! you are the type of fan who needs big money signings yet your annoyed we didnt sign alvarez or campbell!! who are they??? obviously if we linked with them then they prob will be good players but not exactly an aguero are they?? so your annoyed we dont sign big players but also that we decided not to sign unknown players!! lol! ok mate nice one!! make your mind up!!!!!!

    and if you believe everything that is said in the media about nasri, fab, mata and all the other 100s of players we linked with then your an absolute mug!!!! as an arsenal fan and football fan surely you know 99% of media transfer stories are bullshit!! especially with arsenal!! so wait and see!! never trust the media!!! i only listen to official arsenal news or interviews!! anything else, any other so called expert, pundit, newspaper, online crap like this or even ex players or rival players/managers that say something about arsenal is never gonna be 100% true!!!! most of the time its twisted, misinformation and lies!!!

    what i think will happen by the end of august is nasri will sign a new contract, barca wont pay up for cesc so he will stay and still give 100% to the mighty arsenal and almunia, eboue, bendtner will all leave (like always we will make huge profits on them! e.g brought eboue for under a million i think so will triple our money etc) and then we will bring in a midfielder as denilsons replacement and a decent centre back and maybe a striker… the biggest mistake arsenal will make is keeping squilaci!! 🙁 sorry i try support every player but that guy is just not very good!! 🙁
    so after all that….i think it will be around 20 odd players coming in/going out and loans in/out so how can you say wenger lies?? 20 players in/out is crazy!! and very very busy summer!! so what the hell you on about??
    and like wenger has always said…if he can find the right player he will get him! money isnt the issue!! so you might rate the cahills, samba’s, jagielkas of this world along with the media and myself BUT wenger might not like sumthing about them!! and id rather have wengers opinion about what HE needs for HIS team than any fans opinion or medias opinion!!! especially a stupid glory supporters opinion!!!!! lol! WENGER KNOWS BEST!!!!! i cant wait till end of august as i think ALOT of ppl will be very red faced!! and i cant wait til the end of this season as even more ppl will be red faced and be hanging their heads in shame!! as arsenal if they stay fit and focused will destroy the prem this season!!!!
    UP THE ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. rellends

    August 5, 2011 at 5:47 pm

    can anybody tell me what the fuck gazidis does?

  33. Susan

    August 5, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    yes they are both liars and same old stories bastards and fucking leave Arsenal,,,We can handle it

  34. Asiimwe, Rushere

    August 5, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    Am too sick and tied of the way this club handles its business. the percentage of blood pressure is high among the fans because of unfinished businesses.

  35. che grimandi

    August 5, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    @ the author – absolute pile of shite. Simply quoting tabloid sensasionalist headlines with no source.

    @ Trennon – please set up your own blog; agree with all of what you have to say. I remember watching some horrendous displays of football at highbury (that was our old ground by the way, just for most of you out there!!!) Yet a couple of years ago I was at the Bolton game at the grove, we came from 1-0 down to go 2-1 up…..yet 10 mins to go all these fuckers stood up and went to get their trains. Couldnt believe my eyes. You could see some of the players visibly look around the ground thinking “where the fuck are all our fans going”.

    Look closer to home if you wwant to see some things “wrong” with our club

  36. Cultured Mind

    August 5, 2011 at 8:15 pm

    3 players to bring home the TITLE…

    Romelu Lukaku – Goal Machine

    Lucas Moura – Great runs from midfield

    Gary Cahill – Strong centre back

    Sell fabregas and nasri and you’ll still have money to bank.

  37. Dan

    August 6, 2011 at 6:46 pm

    There’s a lot of dumb Arsenal ‘fans’ here who can’t write properly. We still have a while before we get in signings, should have got them sooner but we’re in the budget market therefore deals are hard to do for the top players we want. Let’s wait until then to see what we have to work with this season, but Wenger really does need to, or his job’s on the line. I dread the atmosphere at the games if we don’t sign anyone and have a bad start. Wenger should be busting his ass to get in these guys. Fingers crossed!

  38. asan1960

    August 7, 2011 at 9:08 am

    Enough is enough.Its time for you to leave Arsene Wenger.The same old Arsene Wenger sleeping in the transfer market.Other clubs are busy signing players but where is Arsene Wenger?The problem with Arsene Wenger is this,he never wants to pay the asking price and because of that we miss out on players.Shame Wenger….aRSENE wENGER should do the sensible thing and resign.We are tired,sick and healed of aRSENE wENGER

  39. asan1960

    August 7, 2011 at 9:46 am

    Let’s be Frank,Nothing can save Arsenal now.The only solution left is to change Arsene Wenger,period

  40. Pete

    August 15, 2011 at 2:13 pm

    What really pisses me off is that people fail to see the players Wenger has actually tried to mould into the same caliber as ‘the invincible’s’ – Rosicky for Pires, Diaby for Viera, Van Persie for Bergkamp, Walcott for Henry, the list goes on. Unfortunately the impatience of our fans is what has and will be the determining factor of any future success, we all have put far too much pressure on these players plus they pressure themselves by having to live up to being the great side we were before. I’m unhappy about Wenger’s pre-match line up decisions in important games playing untested formations and odd positioning of players, last season we saw Bendtner on the wing!! – What the hell happened there, he is defiantly not a winger yes i said defiantly not definitely, you dont put a developing 6″4″ striker on the wing and expect it to pay off and if you do please let it be only in training. Wenger has the right idea but is not using the talents we have correctly to the point where even our players probably don’t know they’re best positions. How come I can tell players like Wilshere should be played in the same positions as Messi but Wenger feels its ok to stifle such talent by moving him backward to CM to train as a new Cesc??? WE MUST CONTINUE TO BE PATIENT IN THESE TESTING TIMES FOR ARSENAL REGARDLESS OF WHO WHAT AND WHEN, THEY NEED OUR SUPPORT TO BELIEVE THEY CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING. EVER HEARD OF THE 12TH MAN BEFORE? WELL WE NEED HIM NOW MORE THAN EVER.

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