Video – 15year old RVP “My dream is to play for Arsenal”

Living the dream.

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  1. RVP says:

    fucking legend

  2. Soji says:

    Wow, he’s accomplished is dream of playing for Arsenal, let’s hope he doesn’t still dream of playing for Barcelona.

  3. markt says:

    I wish he hadn’t mentioned Barca in the same breath!

  4. d says:

    Is this a good or bad thing? Good that he is Pro Arsenal from an early but Bad as he is likely to leave for Barca as he has yet to play for them

  5. i want van persie to extend his contract with arsenal.

  6. andy says:

    Seen this before. Great for RvP to fulfil part of his dreams. He also mentions Barcelona! So now that he’s played for Arsenal he can go play for Barcelona and complete his dreams :) Personally I (and everyone else connected to Arsenal) would love him to stay. Arsenal FC have stood by him through thick and thin. Where were the other clubs when he was injured, not playing, etc. Now that he’s fit and scoring they all want him.

  7. Dennis10 says:

    Born to be the next Bergkamp. Natural classy footballer.

  8. Kenny says:

    In my own opinion i wish him 2stay nd wengr shuld not relia at all to bring another clases of player 2emirate

  9. jamma says:

    the video wont even play on my rank computer as my broadband is a rubbish as jermaine defoe. BUT van persie is a legend, not a statue legend yet, but a gooner legend. he is a sick finisher man and this guy will stay with arsenal in my view anyway. As my mate’s dad says: its like a good glass of wine that is nicer when it stays around a long time, or something like that. whatever, anyway he is the best striker in the prem without anyone arguing about that one or its a nosebreaker

  10. Goonerant says:

    Making RVP the player he is was another genius master stroke by Wenger!! Legend!

  11. rafi says:

    no wonder AW always considered him the perfect replacement for the old Dutch master, Dennis Bergkamp. some of the curls and chips, the close control makes yu pur as a gooner!

  12. joshua mwendwa says:

    it my wish that RVP remains in arsenal fc,i think in past he has realy shown what i can do as fare as footfool world is concern,pliz RvP REMAIN WITH US

  13. Woonii says:

    Proof to me that foreign players grow up wanting to play for our great club. Even if its mentioned in the same breath as the current best club in the world!

  14. craigy says:

    i love that guy so much, he deserves all the plaudits he’s received, pure class that man is and a natural leader!!

  15. Being picky says:

    He said arsenal OR Barcelona. And he has done arsenal so in theory, he’s completed his ambition to play for one of them and won’t care about the other :333
    That’s looking very deeply and biasedly (if that’s a word) at it

  16. mahad says:

    He said that it would be a dream to play for arsenal OR Barcelona (meaning one or the other)
    so he has fulfilled his dream !! up gunners

  17. Montlenyane says:

    Pure class, Arsenal is a great club an d would remain great for ever, stars rate it at a same par with Barca, oh yea my arsenal is great, quality football, entertainmnt at its best nd passion….RVP, said either Barca or arsenal so he got what he wanted he wont go anywhr, remember he s not a Judas/ Nasri, he aint lookin for money anyway, he jus want the manager to buy players nd release crap in arsenal…

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