Oğuzhan Özyakup in talks with Besiktas

Talented Arsenal whizkid Oğuzhan Özyakup is in talks with Turkish club Besiktas.

Reports in Turkish today confirmed that Besiktas club officials have started talks with Arsenal about a deal. At this time its unclear if this deal would be a loan or permanent move?

Ozyakup is very highly rated inside the club and has been at Arsenal since he was 15 but has yet to make the step up into the first team.

The 19-year-old who was born in Holland has now officially declared for Turkey and hopes to eventually force his way into the Turkish national squad.

“I decided now because for a long time it has been in my head that I have two nationalities,” Ozyakup told Arsenal.com. ”

“My parents are Turkish but moved to Holland a long time ago. It was a hard decision because I have played for Holland since I was 15.

“I spoke to loads of players, my parents, my family. They just said that it was my decision. A national team is not like a club, it is a country and you have to choose who you feel the most for.

“My Mum and Dad always said to me that it didn’t matter who I played for, but I know deep in their hearts they wanted me to play for Turkey. But it was my decision overall.”

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  1. kalu

    June 4, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    just a loan but not permanent coz the kid is a project and can break in to the 1st team.

  2. Kaan

    June 5, 2012 at 1:40 am

    Well, it’s exactly the type of player we’re needing at Besiktas right now…

    I’ve felt that last season we’ve really missed this type of midfielder, a guy that can score and give assists. Manuel Fernandes has been our most “offensive” midfielder in the past season, but eventhough he’s a great player, he’s often fumbled great chances in front of goal. What I’ve seen of Öguzhan is that he’s not afraid to go forward and I could see him do very well with the likes of Ricardo Quaresma and Manuel Fernandes in the short-room triangle combinations…

    I have a hard time believing this would be a permanent move, however most reports I’ve read haven’t mentioned anything about a loan thusfar. For the sake of our club, I’d muchrather prefer him to sign for us on a permanent deal. But seeing our financial situation at the current time I’m not sure if that’ll be possible… Gökhan Töre was allowed to leave Chelsea for an apple and an egg not so long ago but I don’t see a club like Arsenal make such a mistake… like you guys say “We don’t buy Superstars, we create them”.

    In the footage I’ve seen of his reserve team matches he’s got some really nice splitting passes which remind me of Sergen Yalçin and more recently Guti Hernandez. Those types of classical number 10’s tend to do really well in Turkey…

    Anyway I’d think that from his perspective this could be a very interesting move… Besiktas is currently undergoing some serious financial headaches which is probably going to turn out well for the youngsters on the club roster. In Turkey we’ve kind of made a habbit in recent years (for the last 15 years or so) to buy older, fading stars from the European top leagues and Besiktas in particular — who arguably has the best youth network in the entire country with Youth academies spread over the country and even abroad in countries like Nigeria — have not been giving the youngsters the chances they deserve. Often buying old or just overhyped and overpaid foreign players (Ailton, Kléberson, Juanfran, Ricardinho, etc)

    There’s a lot of talent in our youth squads and I’d love to see a guy like Oguzhan pair up with the likes of Muhammed Demirci in the years to come.

    If we manage to sign this kid… well, that’d be amazing and the kind of moves we should be making… we could learn something from Arsenal.

  3. Kaan

    June 8, 2012 at 10:42 am

    He underwent his medical checkup today. Should be signing his contract today or maybe tomorow. He’ll be earning 600k Euros per season for 5-years (that are the rumors anyway as nothing has been signed yet).

    The deal is reported to be for 570k £ with a 25 % on the possible next sale for Arsenal.

    I’m suprised he’s allowed to be let go so cheap? I hope he’ll do well for us 🙂

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