Grzegorz Krychowiak should be top of Arsenal’s list of targets

Arsenal have been linked with every man and his dog in the last few weeks, the only first team addition has been Petr Cech joining from Chelsea for £10.9 million last month.

Many fans have seen Manchester United splash the cash on Morgan Schneiderlin who reportedly preferred a move to the Emirates, however no bid was submitted and the French midfielder signed for the Old Trafford based club.

Wenger coy over his targets

Arsene Wenger has been very coy about his conduct within the transfer market, admitting that he likes Schneiderlin, Raheem Sterling and Bastian Schweinsteiger but was never interested in bringing any of them to North London.

One name who has been linked with a move to the Emirates in recent weeks is Sevilla defensive midfielder Grzegorz Krychowiak who is believed to be interested in a move to the Premier League, the Polish international was instrumental in Sevilla’s campaign last season which saw them stroll to an impressive UEFA Europa League trophy, running out eventual 3-2 winners against FC Dnipro.

It is not only on the domestic stage that he has impressed, he is part of a very promising Poland international side who currently top their Euro 16 qualifying group ahead of world champions Germany, he has made 24 appearances for his nation since making his debut in 2008

Arsenal are blessed with attacking talent but only have one recognised holding midfield player, in the shape of Francis Coquelin who had a fantastically and unexpected campaign at Arsenal in 2015, there is no competition for the young Frenchman who has become one of the first names on the Arsenal team-sheet.


Krychowiak is available for £24 million due to a contractual release clause and Arsenal could do a lot worse than triggering that this summer, Sevilla’s commanding midfielder played 32 La Liga games last season making 82 tackles and providing 96 interceptions.

For a while Wenger’s side has lacked real bite or a commanding presence and the acquisition of Krychowiak would change that, this would be a significant signal of intent from Arsenal and not only that, it would address a problem that has existed since the departure of Patrick Vieira who was never effectively replaced.

Can Arsenal be serious contenders next season?

It all depends how the club responds to the their rivals making significant improvements, Manchester United have already shown they mean business this time around and have  splashed out £76.7 million on the likes of Memphis Depay, Morgan Schneiderlin, Matteo Darmian and Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Manchester City are expected to announce Raheem Sterling as a City player very soon and don’t expect them to stop there, Liverpool have also made integral signings that include the acquisition of Brazilian Roberto Firmino for Bundesliga club Hoffenheim.

Arsenal were not a million miles away last season but suffered due to a poor start, if they could put together a solid season anything is possible. A good start is essential for the Gunners who are still shy of a couple of world class additions to their very talented squad.

In addition to a much needed enforcer, there is also a need for a world class striker, Olivier Giroud has been a good option but is still yet to fully convince he is good enough to lead Arsenal to a premier league trophy, Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis once mentioned that the club is capable of matching the likes of Bayern Munich financially, there is no better time to prove it than now.



  1. Dan

    July 14, 2015 at 6:01 pm

    I have to admit i am really getting concerned already – United have strengthened in EVERY area cept a forward and don;t thin they won;t get one soon lol, took us weeks to sort out cech deal – they got schwein, schneiderlin and darmian in less than 48 hours – schneid was said to be overpriced and yet his stats showed he has had the most interceptions since 2012 on the pitch so if he is over-priced at £24mill that we could’ve signed for – what isn;t overpriced with the stats to back the player – chelsea getting falcao – and mourinho is prob the one manager wh could get him back to his best again lets be honest here – possibly signing up Pedro as well – everyone around us who finished in the top 6 has strengthened or are strengthening and us ??????? with £200mill risk free to spend as announced publicly by the AST……….everyone said about have faith in wenger he has money – well even when he;s had money the board have had to arrange and force two big names in – one being a proviso from Puma that we had to sign a big game player – we were looking at alexis anyway, he was surplus at barca and plays for Chile – who wear Puma;s brand already so it was a no brainer in terms of business – and glad we did force that one – but how long before he gets burnt out – or decides he’s had enough of carrying u s- lets be honest here now cards on the table so to speak mr Rees hahahahaha

  2. mjc

    July 14, 2015 at 6:34 pm

    “well even when he’s had money the board have had to arrange and force two big names in….”

    You want to name a source for that daft claim?

  3. Andy Rees

    July 14, 2015 at 6:35 pm

    I agree with you, it is a major concern Dan. All around us look like they mean business, I never know what is going on in Wenger’s head from one day to the next. We are told he is looking for quality yet is adamant that he wants to get his squad fully fit before he commits to any new signings. I can see us signing maybe one more player but if that is the case we will be short yet again

  4. Dan

    July 14, 2015 at 7:10 pm

    Yeah it’s called speaking to actual shareholders – hold on i’ll pull the face to face convo’s that i’ve had with a number of people connected to the club from thin air shall i – prat hahahaha – and even if i did youd still say it was BUll like the lil wengerboy you are

  5. Dan

    July 14, 2015 at 7:14 pm

    Same shit Andy – every fecking season we’re left at least 2/3 class players to enable us to compete at the top – i’ll be honest i’d go right in for Muller if he’s available at the price he is – and well they won;t do it now but i’d of had Wanyama in asap – not to mention if we’re gonna look in the midfield – Hamsik i’ve always said would suit us and the prem style and physicality – Andy you heard the same as me reg Ozil an the board forced deal with Gazidis and Law dealing in Madrid and Germany personally on the day because they were getting pissed that saonegoal was looking our only acquisition 😉 …am i lying or is it how it happened lol

  6. Begeegs

    July 14, 2015 at 7:34 pm

    I can’t see him buying another midfielder nor a defender unless one leaves, like the Monreal rumour (which I hope is bollocks because he was excellent last year). If a forward who can play on the flanks comes available, then that is all that I could see and even then Walcott would have to go. So potentially, Lacazette or Gotze – which I would admit would both be improvements on Theo and I like Theo (ok Gotze can’t play through the middle).

    Utd had and still have a long way to go to get to the top 3 and even with the signings that they have now, I can’t see them getting past us or Chelsea even if we sit on our hands for the remainder of the window. The one team which I wonder about is City (who also could use Walcott) because they are needing of help. Sterling will go some way to filling this, but they also need to fill their quota, so they will be sniffing around. Liverpool – I don’t worry about at all. I like Clyne, but Ings? Balotelli? and now the unknown quality of the new Brazilian. I can’t seem them cracking into the top 4 without a new keeper or some better defenders. Ditto for Spuds – not enough quality.

  7. Andy Rees

    July 15, 2015 at 6:46 am

    On the contrary Gotze has been playing through the middle in the last few Germany games but I don’t think it is something that suits him. could see him on the right and Theo through the middle, but I think we are living in dream land with that possibility lol. I agree with you that Monreal would be a big loss after the season he has had. I can’t see Manchester United’s team settling at all next season, they were bad enough last time around when they changed their system every week. Their biggest problem is Van Gaal, I don’t rate that guy at all, apart from Alkmaar he has just spent, spent and spent some more. He always throws money around like there is no tomorrow. I think we will once again be top four but without anymore signings I can’t see us challenging, we will have a big dip at some point like we always do due to the squad not having enough depth

  8. Andy Rees

    July 15, 2015 at 6:53 am

    Bang on the money with that Dan, I would go further back than that though, do you remember in 2011 when we signed Per Mertesacker? that was another board decision because we needed someone, anyone in the back four. It has become an unwelcome trend that Wenger does not operate quick enough and we are left with scraps and by then he says the quality is not available. I don’t see how anyone can dispute the Puma Sanchez deal, that one is a given to be fair lol. It had gone around for a while that Puma wanted a sponsored player at the club. I heard that Ozil thing as well, it might be that Ozil was convinced by Wenger’s phone call but once again it was Gazidis having to move heaven and earth for Wenger to agree to a deal. At this stage it still feels that we will be hit with numerous rumours and then nothing, once again he would have signed a player that is quality but is not a priority. I am not complaining we have signed Cech because that signing is welcomed by me but if we don’t signed another holding mid and a world class striker then this summer would have been another failure, can see Gazidis having to step in to save Wenger’s blushes once again.

  9. Dan

    July 15, 2015 at 1:48 pm

    😛 Andy Reed hahaha…………Errmmm to be fair my ‘negativity’ at the time with certain individuals and claims i stated like about saonegoal was gonna be a lame duck freebie – to be told he’s gonna be world class etc etc etc – sadly these days i don;t really need to speak to the same people i used to – cos it’s just as simple to sit back, look at the deal or price or link and no what you know and the past records and draw a pretty much solid 9/10 correct answer hahaha plus with my eyesight from my right eye as bad as it is now that im having an injection behind it every 3 – 6 months which leaves me with fixed double for 3 mnths as a side effect i cannot even think of bringing my site and articles back up as a paid job – or else i’d have the site and articles back up – and think a few would like to see it running again lol – i say it how it is – i’ll praise when necessary – sadly it’s kind of a rare there is season after season fa cup aside – last season up one place but with less points – i fail to see the actual progress others keep bleating on about – bear in mind season before that also – 128 days on top and we still flat into 4th by the end haha. yeah remember the mert and the rush around for fecking arteta and santos and Park who then got c**ted out – could even go back to Nacho when Gibbs was injured and once again he was gonna do feck all till the board pushed the deal we were supposedly waiting till the summer for through…i would go on but at some point i have to move from the keyboard hahaha

  10. Dan

    July 15, 2015 at 1:50 pm

    ‘look at the deal or price or link and no what you know and the past records and draw a pretty much solid 9/10 correct answer’ sorry meant ‘and KNOW what you know’ i meant, bloody non sighted right hand side vision lol

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