Wenger in/out Two Arsenal fans go head to head with Live debate

Wenger out

Tweet   Morning Gooners!! Last night I watched a very interesting live debate between two Arsenal fans who went head to head over the long standing debate on Arsene Wenger hosted by GoonerNewsTV Wenger in @moodyarsenal vs Wenger Out @memz_dogi both sides made some valid points in a respectful way, but who won the debate […]

When Wenger leaves it will take years to rebuild

Tweet   Right time for my say on the AFC affair after staying quiet on it all yesterday. WE as a club, are in a NO WIN, situation currently, if we get rid of Wenger as we all want – well a growing majority want – we will have to accept a couple of seasons […]

Protest is needed! It’s time for Wenger to go.

Arsene down and out

Tweet Some might say it’s long overdue, and Arsene should of gone years ago. Some say he should of gone at the top and walked after winning the FA Cup this summer. One thing thats for sure is that Arsenal fans are divided right now and from what I can see on social media its […]

Is Benzema the missing link at Arsenal?


Tweet   Despite the Premier League season being mid-way through October and the transfer market being shut for well over a month now, transfer rumours are still running rampant throughout this Autumn period. After rumours had appeared to have died down about the Luis Suarez saga moving to Real Madrid, according to the Metro, talk […]

Photos : Wilshere joins Cruyff, Ozil, Zidane & Socrates and others smokers


Tweet Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere was caught smoking outside a London nightclub last night and this didnt go down very well with the gaffer. Some of the beautiful game’s best players have been caught taking up the ugly habit, but is it such a drama that a footballer smokes?. Arsene Wenger said “I disagree completely with […]

Will the Ozil signing be enough?


Tweet When the transfer window slammed shut at 11pm UK time on the 2nd of September, Arsenal fans were delighted for the first time in close to a decade. Instead of enduring a summer where they lost their best players and signed inferior replacements, Arsenal had gone out and splashed 42.5 million pounds on Real […]