Arsenal fans MUST Boycott games


Tweet Empty seats and hit in the pocket is the only way this bunch of greedy bastards wills every take notice. Arsenal fans pay the highest prices in the land for what? The money is NOT invested back into the team and all that keeps happening is that the money is wasted on sub standard […]

[Video] Arsenal Annual General Meeting


Tweet Video : Arsenal Annual General Meeting    

[Ratings] Gunners fire another blank


Tweet  Arsenal 0-2 Schalke 2 shots on target in the last two games. 0 goals with back to back defeats, worrying times at Arsenal fans. The same Arsenal that lost 1-0 to Norwich. The same players that have barely earned the right to wear the Arsenal football team kits but blame everyone else but themselves […]

Ivan Gazidis earns £2.1m. More then ALL the Chelsea directors


Tweet Ivan Gazidis earned a massive £2.1million last season. While the Arsenal failed to win a trophy for the seventh season in a row, the Gunners’ chief executive saw his pay package swell by 24 per cent to £2.15m in 2011-12. Of that huge total, £1.366m was basic salary with a bonus of £675,000, benefits […]

Kroenke, Gazidis & Wenger OUT! Save us Mr Usmanov


Tweet Another transfer summer, the same old rubbish. Lies and profit by Arsene and the board with the fans feed more spin about how this bunch of players are good enough to win the title. Sad fact is that nothing has changed, and this season will be another frustration waste of a season and a […]

Arsenal Fans ’Board’ of the same old story


Tweet Fans everywhere are absolutely fuming about the Van Persie situation. Regardless of whether we thought he was staying or going we are all so annoyed that it has been allowed to happen again. When I look at all the great players we have let go over the years and all the (excuse the language) […]