Rating The Arsenal Youngsters….

Tweet Is it time to separate the Wheat from the Chaff…. …or is the jury still out on the Arsenal youngsters? As another season draws towards its final leg, it seems time again to reflect on the development of those players which have been at the forefront of the Arsenal development programme for the past […]

[Ramsey Photos] Never been prouder of Arsenal this season. Very well done,Now win the league!

Tweet Never been prouder of Arsenal this season. Very well done,Now win the league! Well done, well f##king done lads. I don’t think I have been prouder of them this season. I’m close to f##king tears. They played like a proper team, to their full potential and with the sense of urgency and professionalism that […]

I'm not a plastic, you are!

Tweet Well… Maybe you’re not. But I can tell you one thing neither I, nor any of the other writers on this blog are plastics. I can admit that Sinbad, maybe, at times gets a little over emotional and not rational enough. Having said that, we also give credit where credit is due. Maybe we […]

5 years without a trophy…

Tweet ..Not even the mickey mouse cup. About to be 6 as well. Just another fact for you Arsene Knows Brigade.  Let’s see you argue with that. No Sinbad to bitch about, no excuses, just a hard, plain fact. Oh, and we also have 30m to spend btw. Join our forum and debate this more […]

£30m to spend but yet Wenger would rather keep this pile of sh#t out on the pitch today?

Tweet HOW CAN… It is true, convert one of the early chances and have a semi competent keeper to prevent Nani’s bit of luck and it could have been a different outcome. But… How can Wenger say he has 30m to spend and put that pile of shit out on the pitch today? Add insult […]

Should we bring Buffon to Arsenal?


Tweet Buffon  Has hinted he may leave Juventus. With speculation of the Italien International wanting to depart from Juventus, it has became an option to bring him to London. Manchester United and Arsenal could both be on the brink of approaching the 32 year old. Van Der Saar, 39, who looks set to retire at […]