Andrei Arshavin is just what we need

Tweet I know everyone is chuffed with the signing of Andrei Arshavin. I am too and his debut was mega promising. But really, I think everyone has come to the opinion that he wasn’t really what the squad needed positionally but is still a bloody brilliant signing. But after the Roma game, I’d beg to […]

The Real Disgraceful Fans….

Tweet Are not the ones calling for Wenger’s head. Nor those supporting him blindly. It’s those who think that if you’re not in one group or the other, you shouldn’t support the club. I’ve just been told that because I don’t agree with someone’s point of view, that I do not deserve to support the […]

Roma Win Was What We Needed, But It Should Have Been More

Tweet The game against Roma was just what Arsenal fans needed: proof that we can compete and that we can still dominate big teams with bags of talent, even with a team that was no where near our first team. And the players showed each other that they could play as a team, and that […]

The 180 Minutes Against Roma Will Make or Break the Rest of the Season

Tweet We have 180 minutes, perhaps 200 minutes to decide whether the rest of the season will be happy or sad. If we stay in the Champions League, we will stay confident, the players will tell themselves “we’re in the quarter-finals of the world’s most prestigious club tournament. We can’t be doing that bad!” And the good […]