Manager Arsene Wenger last night hinted that there will be “NO new signings for Arsenal before the transfer window”

Speaking on Arsenal TV Wenger was asked about if he expected to be busy working on transfers in the final days of the transfer window, Wenger said ” “At the moment NO, it’s very unlikely that we will sign a player, I must say. In or out.”

“Deja vu” for Arsenal fans?

Its seems like we have been here before right? Wenger has hinted all summer that he would bring in 1/2 player players to replace Toure and Adebayor. We also need a defensive ball winner in the middle of the park. I cant understand why Wenger would not invest in the team?

Any intelligent football fan can tell you that we need a CB and a DM . If Gallas or Song for instance gets injured our replacements in those positions wouldn’t even be Fulham class.

All you deluded gooners need to wake up and Arsene you need to be more honest with us because, you know you would rather have Hangeland or Zapata rather than silvestre or Djourou.

Bendtner is cleary not good enough to replace Adebayor so we also need a striker.

Has debt got anything to do with it? NO! Wenger has over £30m to spend on new players.
Wenger is just a stuborn man and if he refuses to spend on new players after selling Toure and Adebayor it will prove that he only cares about making a profit for those dinosaurs in the boardroom!!!

Wenger MUST spend if he really wants to to challange for the championship.

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  1. Eddie Yak

    August 30, 2009 at 6:12 am

    I think every single ARSENAL fans will be disappointed. Looked at last night’s game against Manchester United, the Arsenal players were bullied throughout the game by both Manchester United players and the referee. Mike Dean. If this is a bribery investigation Mike Dean would be the prime suspect because he has a motive. Anyway this type of match scenario always happened to Arsenal went they play the top four be it Chelsea or Liverpool. The fault actually is within Arsenal themselves, they always seem to cracked and players start to make basic, simple and silly mistakes. We alway shoot our own feet. I would say the lack of experience and temperament. Wenger is extremely stubborn, just like a donkey, and he refuse to accept the need for better players. If last night we have able replacements, like a Lampard, Ballack or Essien for the injured Fabregas, do you think we will be bullied by Manchester United ? Anyway Song and Denilson did their best and if Arsenal won there will praises for them for doing a good job, unfortunately we lost – brickbats as usual from the fickle. I sincerely wish Mr. Wenger will understand Diaby is not up to the level require of him. This guy play without conviction and he simply daydream and sleepwalk through the match. He only woke up after his own goal. Yes technically he is up to the mark but football is not just physical it is thinking game perhaps he should consult Ashavin on how to play the game. Aaron Ramsey is not ready yet – period ! His final pass is absolutely POOR giving the ball away to MU to counter attack several times. Mr. Wenger if you think this squad is good enough to win you the League, FA Cup and Champion’s Cup without buying any more players than I beg to differ, you WILL FAIL ! All the Arsenal fans will cry without you !

  2. Eddie Yak

    August 30, 2009 at 6:25 am

    Johnno ! Who are you ? Owner of Arsenal or you think you are John the Baptist, certainly not because they are never so foul mouthed like you. Only scambag write and speak like your article. You don’t own anybody or anything, everyone have their opinions, you keep yours and they keep theirs.

  3. Erik

    August 30, 2009 at 9:01 am

    “Not even Fulham class”? sorry, had to stop reading your non-sense at this point.

    CB – I admit that once we have an injury we might struggle, but to cover we have a player that holds the record for longest time played before conceeding a goal in the Champions League in Senderos who is more experienced now and just spent a whole year training with the best defender of our generation (Maldini)

    DMC – We have 3 players contending for this position who are just developing, what is the point in signing someone for £20m to play here and hinder the development of our players.

    I just got back from a long drinking session and reading crap like this annoys me, why do “fans” think we are just gonna go and buy, we are not a buying club, just because Chelsea, Man U and Liverpool do it doesnt mean we have to.

    4 years without a title? so what, we play the best football and we develop and create teams from scratch with little resources, this team is 23 yrs old in average, cost around £30-40m and are genuine title contenders, you SHOULD APPRECIATE AND ADMIRE THIS ABOUT YOUR OWN CLUB.

    If you are a real fan you’ll see that even without signings we will win the title either this year or within the next 2…. a £30m DMC and Defender wont guarantee us the title.

  4. Melvyn

    August 30, 2009 at 9:26 am

    No team can be a top team without a decent goalie. Almunia is a clown. He can be a decent shotstopper sometimes, but his judgement is appalling. He fails to come when he should, he comes when he shouldn’t. Diaby screwed up, but it wouldn’t have happened with a proper goalie. Our team is a talented attacking team and now looks like it can defend too – but it will not succeed with that Goalie. I don’t understand Wenger – he knows that Almunia isn’t good enough – he’s said so. He thought that Fabianski was going to step up, but it didn’t happen, and yet he does nothing about it.

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  6. cyprus tax

    March 2, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    LEt me just repeat what I read earlier: keyword: “at the moment”..

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