[Ratings] Arsenal out of the FA Cup, Does anyone really care?

It would appear NOT!

I can understand why Wenger rested some key players today with 4 BIG games coming up. But i dont understand a few things.

Why did he risk Fabregas for the full 90mins with a huge game with Villa in midweek? The FA Cup is clearly not a priority for Wenger, so why risk your best player?

Also, Today showed that……….

Walcott and Vela are not as good as we think and hope. Both did nothing, and its about time that BOTH stepped up there game if they want a future at Arsenal.

Denilson is not a defensive player and this showed for the stoke 2nd goal.

Fabianski is just as bad as Almunia

Great to see Sol Campbell back and he did well, But please god can somebody tell me how Silvestre is still at the club ahead of Senderos?

Up front we looked very weak.. Cant remember the stoke keeper making a single save in 90 mins.

I have watched a lot of the reserves last season and this and Eastmond was always a RIGHT BACK, And Coquelin was a Centre Mid.. Can somebody please tell wenger this. If you are going to give the kids a chance, at lest play them in there correct positions.

So we are out of the FA Cup, Who gives a shit… Lets just HOPE that the next 4 games bring us something. For me if we want to win the league we must take 9pts from the next 4 games.

If we win the next 4 games is anybody really going to care about the Stoke game?..Now we can concentrate on the league.…For the next 4 games anyway


Fabianski (6): At fault for the first goal and make a few mistakes

Coquelin (6): He is a CM. Dont ask me why he played at RB. Looked very poor, Not fair on the kids as he is a VERY good player

Campbell (7.5) Good to see the big man back. Looked stong and fit.

Silvestre (4.5) I hate this bloke. Lucky not to give away a pen. and was to blame for the 3rd goal.

Traore (7.0) Showed great pace going forward and made some very good runs and crosses. Shame we didnt have a big man in the box

Eastmond (6) A right back playing in CM???

Denilson (5) Weak, Didnt even try for the stoke 2nd goal.

Fabregas (6) Cant understand why Wenger risked him today.

Walcott (4) Very Poor.

Vela (5) Not as bad as Theo but close

Emmanuel-Thomas (7) Worked hard and linked the play well. But didnt even look like a striker

Subs – Eduardo – Arshavin – Ramsey = (6)

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  1. Sam Le Man

    January 26, 2010 at 12:40 am

    No one goes into any game wanting to lose, but you could sense that the lads weren’t totally up for this one. We were hoping to catch them on an off day, but that was never going to happen from the minute the first goal went in. We were out muscled and overpowered by a shit team whose game is better suited to league 1 or 2. The irony of it all is that the two best bits of football in the entire match won them the game. Does anyone care?? I don’t. Arsene will always play a hybrid team in the FA Cup so who says we were guaranteed to win it this season anyway???? We would have had another trip to Citeh were we suffered our heaviests defeats this season. If we stay in the title race to the end of the season and be good enough to lift it, then I wouldn’t lose a wink. Get some perspective people, WE ARE PUNCHING WELL ABOVE OUR WEIGHT AT THE MOMENT, and in todays world the FA Cup is CAT C competition behind the Champions League & The Premiership.

  2. Gooner JJ 71

    January 26, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    My point is why does this s_ite only offer player ratings for games that we lose or where we give a lead away to draw? The posts on the s_ite are only made to validate a couple of misguided fools who think that Wenger should sacked, they then describe anyone who defends our glorios leader as AKBs. S_ite.

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