Are Arsenal about to drop out of the top 4?…

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By The Mad Muller

Every season under Wenger Arsenal have finished in the top 4 and made it into the Champions league place.

But with Man City spending like mad, and who will not only be pushing us for 4th but will be looking to win the league, Spurs who are improving and pushed us all the way for 3rd last season and will Liverpool set to improve under new management I fear that this coming season will be a new dawn at Arsenal and will see us dropping out of the top 4 for the first time.

All good things must come to an end and we have enjoyed a great run at the top. But due to a lack of serious investment and ambition from our management and board we are no longer a team that will be challenging for the title but a team looking to break into the top 4.

Wenger has said that coming 3rd is better then winning the FA Cup? This shows that he only cares about making it into the Champions league and making money.

Sorry to say but our days of going 49 games unbeaten and winning the double are long gone and I doubt we will ever see them days again.

Best enjoy the memories and DVDs, its going to be a dark future for us gooners.

Do you agree? Debate this more in this thread [HERE]

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  1. Deleted says:


  2. Sammy Nelson Vivas says:

    Speculation? You call getting hammered at home against Man U and Chelsea two seasons in a row guess work and speculation???

    I’m not talking about Citeh to be fair, but ManYoo and Chelski. They’ve been miles ahead of us for the past three seasons and Citeh now have us in the bag.

    Are you now saying that now we’ve lost Senderos, Edwardo and Gallas (as well as Silvestre and possibly Sol), and gaining Kos and Chamakh we are now better off than last season?

    Surely basic law of averages suggests we’re not there yet by any means. But let’s speculate. Maybe Chelsea will sell Drogba, Cole and Essien. Maybe Man Yoo will sell Vidic, Rooney, Giiggs, Scholes and Van Der Sar. Maybe Arsenal will get rid of Gallas, Senderos, Edwardo, Campbell and Silvestre, buy a CF and a young CD and expect to win the league???

    What planet are we living on guys???

  3. Sammy Nelson Vivas says:

    Johnny Hoy – hey man. Are you an Arsenal fan? Chill guy. WTF was that all about? Breathe. Let us have what you are saying. Maybe you could understand where some fans (true fans to be fair) are coming from???

  4. KevinK says:

    I would take finishing 3rd over winning the FA Cup 1000 times out of 1000. Winning the FA Cup is one day of joy. Not qualifying for the Champions League is a season long despair. Watching the draw and not being a part of it or hearing the anthem on a Wednesday night and knowing we’re not there would be unbearable. Not winning the FA Cup is no problem. Haven’t enjoyed winning it since Sheff Weds in ’93. It means jack now!

  5. h-n-i-c says:

    Is koscieny better than gallas?? Doubt that!!

    Has wenger been lying to the fans for years about when he will buy, what he will by, wait to the last minute and say there’s nothing out there better than what we have!! All these players David villa, hazard, van de wiel, remy, russian keeper! Have come out basically requesting a arsenal move and wenger hasn’t put in no bids!! Were bidding 4 Schwarzer? For 3million pounds, and eduardo portuguese world class keeper went for 3 million euro’s to genoa!!!??

    Its what the author said, from when wenger says that 3rd place is a trophy!!!! He should no longer be manager! Everyone looks up to him! All the young guns shouldn’t be taught that kinda of mentally!! We all know for a fact at ManU (the club we use to battle it out with every year) don’t settle for second! Let alone third!!

    But as wenger has done a lot of good in the past for the club, plus help build our stadium, I understand why fans will give him this LAST season to prove himself!! But he’s very stubburn, he knows this is his last season!! And would rather play with majority kids and lose! Trying 1 last time to prove his theory!! Than buy a few stars and win!! Giving up on his theory!! And we all know that’s true!!

    I still hope we can do it but this squad don’t look menacing!! These kids have got to all have. A outstanding season!!

  6. Eliot says:

    Hi, new poster, blahblah. …..
    Just in to say that sure, why not, maybe we will drop out of the top four….
    Not really fussed as long as the team produces the beautiful, flowing football that it does….
    This said, I think I’m in a minority of people whereby winning and losing don’t really matter overly in life…..
    It’s hardly new news, though …
    Regards – Eliot

  7. Goonerant says:

    Entertaining post but I can’t take it seriously.

    The rise of Citeh just means that liverpool are out of the top four (permanently), and the spuds entry is a temporary blip. Pretty straightforward really……….

  8. RedandDread says:

    Dumb fucking article. If you cannot see the qualities that we have in this team, you are no better then the dickwads that have been writing us out of the top 4 for the last three years. Go support another fucking team asshole..

  9. BorehamwoodGonner says:

    Jog on you plastic, the season hasn’t even started and we have over a month to bring in some new faces. Its fans like you that make me pissed off that Arsenal did make it too the big time cos ever since its been full jumped up upper/middle class people who aint got a scooby.

    Tell me… What do you KNOW 100% about Arsenal behind the scenes, I mean our current financial situation, how much Wenger has to spend? This isnt footballl manager, Wenger has put Arsenals interests first and any real fan would be grateful, he is more of an Arsenal fan than any of you writing us off in JULY will ever be. If he had the money too spend and bring in someone like say David Villa, Torres then why wouldnt he? Hes been quoted as admiring them many times? Any manager wishes they could buy players of that quality but if you havent noticed only 4-5 clubs in the world can actually pay that sort of cash and unfortunately we are not one of those teams. Id much rather Arsenal be a football club without crippling debts and threatening to go under in 10 years time because I love Arsenal and I always will NO MATTER WHAT!

  10. finnah konteh says:

    i think the management need to spend some money to buy a new goalkeeper defenders like one striker and a very good midfielder. without all this requirement then let get ready to face another embarrassment this coming season

  11. The Stig says:

    This is ridiculous, Liverpool need a while to gel together , Man City spend like there no tomorrow but Machini’s the wrong manager, and Spurs, well, Harrys full of hot air and the lose too many games. Man Utd are tired i think, they are unlikely to sign many players, Fergie even said he ain t gonna sign many. They also rely heavily on Scholes and Giggs who are getting on a bit so they wont be as large threat. If rooney gets injured then they cease to be a threat.
    Arsenal on the other hand are getting better, Nasri and Walcott are hungry and the team has matured by a year, if we sign another CB and a GK then we have a great chance at the title

  12. bastard wenger says:

    honestly that bastard wenger needs to fuck off from arsenal, that old hag has become senile and needs to be kicekd out
    bring in mourhino please!!!

  13. josh says:

    We might IF we don’t get a class Goalkeeper! And the other Premier teams are now preparing to be better armed. It is not going to be any easier this new season!

  14. tian says:

    You are right, a really dark future, it is going to be hard being the only financially stable top football team with a great youth system and great youth players coming through the ranks

  15. scorcher says:

    To you “true arsenal fans” dont you think it would help if you idiots looked to start the season on a positive note and not be so pessimistic I know everybody is entitled to their own opinion but maybe you all should view your glass as half full and not half empty!

  16. Richard says:

    Now we’ve lost senderos, eduardo and gallas (and maybe silvestre) we are weaker? Bullshit.

    Senderos was a player we farmed out on loan in jan, real important he was, so you can’t count him as a loss as he didn’t play a league game last season and he was someone that people didn’t want near the team.

    Eduardo, he was on his way to being a great striker but unfortunately that ended up in Birmingham, Chamakh is better than he was (you’d know if you’d watched any bordeaux games in the cl or the french league) and will suit the formation better (a loan front man)

    Kos isn’t as good as Gallas, probably, haven’t seen the kid and won’t judge till I have. Gallas never played the business end of a season for us, hopefully Kos will, so slightly weaker there.

    Djourou is back and he’s better than Silvestre, a player who nobody I’ve ever spoke to thought was good enough for Arsenal.

    So of the players we’ve lost, we have improved by what we’ve brought in, got back from injury, is that good enough to win the league? Probably not, does it call for panic? No, we have a decent squad, few weak points which hopefully will be addressed before the season starts in 3 weeks time (Kepper, defender) and then we’ll be in with a very good shout of pushing the others the distance.

    And the days of 49 games unbeaten are long gone…that was a ONE off, you could live another 100 years and not see another side do that, it was a monumental achievement that won’t be repeated soon.

  17. Armourist says:

    As an Arsenal fan you have no bottle. Get back and hide behind the couch, the rest of us will give you a shout when we are sitting pretty at no 1 come May next year.

    @ Sammy Nelson “Are you now saying that now we’ve lost Senderos, Edwardo and Gallas (as well as Silvestre and possibly Sol), and gaining Kos and Chamakh we are now better off than last season?”

    In a word yes, now here comes the science;
    Senderos – didn’t play last year so difference
    Silvestre was a liability – so we are one up
    Eduardo wasn’t Eduardo anymore – Chamakh Chamakh is more physical – two up
    Gallas great defender who was divisive for the team – bad for the defence, good for the team – no difference
    Sol another defender with the right attitude the anti gallas if you will, however the league will be better prepared for him this time round and he will get skinned – JD20, Nordveit and Kos so two up!

    You see how we are better off, numbers wise it looks bad but to me the deadweight in the squad is getting trimmed off which means you have a leaner more motivated hungry team. So grow some and sit tight as its gonna be a bumpy road, if you want an easy life as fan you should support Rangers or Celtic there’s no competition up there, so nothing to fear.

  18. Pauly says:

    As arsenal supporters we should support the club through thick and thin. We are blessed to support a club that plays or at least tries to play good, entertaining football. We have been fortunate to witness achivements like the invincibles and the double doubles. It might be sporadic but its well worth the wait. We are lucky to have a competitive team every year. Winning is not the be all and end all of success. I rather we win trophies with good youngsters developed thru our academy then go around buying players for shitloads and becoming champions. Where is the satisfaction in that? I also rather be supporting Arsenal than the crappy Spuds who buy shitloads and crap all around Shite hart lane. Remember fellow gooners…like the great man Arthur Guiness once said. Good things come to those who wait!

  19. Sydney Gooner says:

    With a month of the Transfer window still to go, you write this complete Shite?

    What sort of a Mug are you? were Arsenal not challenging for the title a month before the end of last season, and only injuries to TV, CF etc. stopped this….?

    Do you suffer from depression? your glass is obviously half full, Try supporting the club, rather than whinging like a bitch.

    The whole process of the Youth policy is that the likes of Theo, Ramsey, Wiltshire (I could go on) improve every year….

    Just because players don’t cost 30 mil, doesn’t mean they are useless.. Chamahk for example carried Bordeaux to the CL semi’s last season, is that not an improvement on Eduardo, who scored 4 all season, Letting Silverter go is only a good thing… Doujouro, a Swiss international, should we right him off because he picked up an injury..?

    Please let me know who Chelsea, Man United, Spurs, Liverpool (all except City) have signed to increase our oponents quality? Your argument is weak, it is non existent. So if you call yourself an Arsenal fan, I’m calling you a liar.

  20. georgesydaust says:

    I agree with johnny hoy…………

  21. jena says:

    I totally agree with your article. Its a sad reality we have to face as gunners fans. Buying KOsclieny and Chamakh is not going to make us title contenders. At best we remain number 3 or 4 contenders as has become the norm. Man City will definitely go a level up, Liverpool, Tottenham, Villa and Everton will also be pushing for that number 4 spot. We need a world class goalkeeper, central defender and defensive midfielder to play with Song. As it is now we have the same bunch of players who are masquarading as “young” but have played 5 to 6 seasons but have won nothing. Most of them will not come good or become world beaters that Wenger would like us to believe they would. In particular im refering to players like Theo, Denilson,Diaby, Bendtner, Almunia,Fabiasnki,Eboue, Clichy etc etc. I hope Fabregas stays , because if he leaves, it will accelerate the decline of our team. We will be like a radarless ship.

  22. Chris says:

  23. Francis Jayadurai says:

    How many times this has been said about Arsenal? Did Arsenal go down? You……………pessimistic. This article is rubbish and not worth the read. Overly pessimistic/negative.

  24. Welsh_Gooner says:

    Johnny Hoy – thumbs up!

  25. spideygooner says:

    i’ve been an arsenal fan for donkey years.and have seen the team through rough patches as well as league my opinion, times are changing. and in order to succeed big teams have to spend. this has been evident as we see the likes of ManU & Chelski with big names in their squad. i’m not undermining the likes of our youth. in fact i see a lot of potential in them. but that will take time. (god knows how long). so i think arsenal need to on par with the likes of ManU & Chelski (i didnt meantion Citeh just cause i dont think they have wad it takes) and start making some proven, world class, intentional signings if we’re gonna start winning some silverware this season

  26. Ranj says:

    I’m getting de ja vu after reading ur article. Wasn’t all this written last season? One things for sure and even Man City fans, though reluctantly, will agree to this, they’d rather have Arsene Wenger than Roberto Mancini. Who’s to even say that Mancini will even end the season with them, could be another Mark Hughes. Last season, some journo’s predicted Arsenal wouldn’t finish in the top 6. What do u think now?

  27. yog says:

    We can all get carried away with the big buys of city, but let me tell you something we will end up above them again. Liverpool will improve under hodston; spurs will go back to being crap. Chelsea will drop a bit as the team is ageing now with last term seeing them peeking. United will be there or there about as always. Now to the most important of them all Arsenal, I think this season will see Arsenal improve on last year best finish second. Unless we bring in a world class keeper and cb then it will be first. However I agree with wenger we need to bide our time, we are only three players away from a great side. The question is when will these three players arrive? Trust in Wenger a great man at a great club, and remember the class shown by Arsenal Football Club in handling the disgrace that is Barcelona. As for muller good try Spurs fan we can smell you bastards a mile off

  28. SpudGunned says:

    Pessimism is understandable. The end to last season was a joke and the fact we’re never realistically considered as title challengers anymore makes it easy for everyone to just fear the worst.

    AA, no need to go mad, a ball hasn’t even been kicked yet and who’s to say Man City’s investment is going to even bare fruit? It didn’t last season.

    As for the spuds, the only reason they made the top 4 last season was because they had no European distractions. They will find it impossible to maintain a decent league position while playing in the champions league (provided they qualify).

    Man U haven’t invested in their aging squad and if Rooney has a World Cup hangover, even just for a couple of months, then they’re in just a procarious position as us.

  29. Gabzevo says:


    i like the response to this article

    ARE there some true GOONERS OUT THERE ? FOR REAL !!!!

    no seriously , this is the first time i actually see US stand up for our CLUB and support

    i think we’ll Challange on all fronts this season , people keep saying we didnt buy we didnt buy
    what about all the talent thats gonna come thru this season
    i think the following players had mediocre (compared to what we know they can do) seasons last season and will light things up this season :
    NASRI (had problems with injuries – broke his leg before the season even started for Christ sakes)
    DIABY(best player for France at the WC, till now we have only seen glimpses of his ability,this season is make or break for him and i’m putting my money on MAKE)
    THEO ( I still think he is Quality and man does he have a point to prove)
    VAN P ( if he can just make it for more than half a season)
    SUPER NIKKI B (he just keeps getting better and better-scored some pretty important goals last seasos)
    ARSHI ( well bellow his standards if we just see a glimpse of what we saw in the first season we be fine)
    BELIEVE IT OR NOT DENILSON ( Myself and Wenger must be the only peeps that see something in this boy-by far the best player we had playing against Barca in Champions league-when he came on they didnt see sh*t , is the best at breaking up play in our squade)
    VELLA ( we’re gonna see more chips this season)
    SAGNA AND CLICHY ( Both by there standards were really poor last term , if we go back to 4-4-2 we’ll see an emidiat change , if we stay 4-3-3 , they’ve had a season at it and will be better)
    then the only Problem we have , a partner for TV( this is the only gamble,Djourou or the KOS-this one will have to be IN ARSEN WE TRUST)
    VITO IS GONNA BE CLASS- i was really impressed with him llast season when he got chucked into the deep end – YES he made mistakes , but i challenge any one to show me a mistake he commited twice, HE DEF LEARNS FROM HIS MISTAKES WHAT MORE CAN U WANT FROM A YOUNG KEEPER)
    THE CHEZ-nough said onloan
    and even FLAPPYHANDSKI – still has abbility his confidence took a massive knock, he also is still young

    if there are any additions they will be welcome , but if not not really bothered

  30. fabregas says:

    man im sick of this we always do this people always write us off always wont finish in the top four no one respects arsenal any more yes im worried too i believe we finished 4th or 3rd as much as i hate 2 admit this chelsea and manchester united will always be a step above us i love arsenal but chances of us winning the epl or champions league is slim that doesnt mean i wont support arsenal i love arsenal more than anything in the world but its time for us gooners to live in reality we not going to win a trophy this year and i dont want people saying how do you know well all i can say is injuries cost us we played the same evelen excluding rvp last season and we suffered for it eg fabregas and rvp is just a pussy he cant go one season with out been injured so we need more physical stronger players not technical light weight players it shows we get out muscled eg arsenal 0-chelsea 3 drogba 11 goals againist us omg too much stress

  31. Greg says:

    people have been saying that of the “Big Four” we would be most likely to drop out of it for years now. and guess what, its never happened. In fact its been Liverpool who have droped out, TWICE! and considering that their big name players have uncertain futures at the club and, no disrespect for Roy Hodgson, but how can you say that he is an improvement from Rafa Benitez who led them to two Championsleage final appearances, a Champions League win, and an FA Cup title? additionally they are in financial trouble, including massive debts along with Man UTD and Chelsea. Arsenal of all the top four teams has the best financial situation and has been posting the least amount of losses for the better part of the last decade. While other clubs continue to pile on debts, Arsenal is only improving financially. Coupled with the fact that we’ve got an ever improving young side, and one of the best and growing academies in England, nay, the world, i see no basis behind this argument.

  32. DUTCH says:

    We will not finish in the top 4 this year and all you AW fans can go get your candy from le Boss
    I am a fan of Arsenal Fc not AW i am a man not a child so i doubt Le Boss will like me or his mad blind sheep like kid followers out there 5 Trophy Less season that is success he would not last one more year at a real BIG club

    Time will take care of him just like at Monoco

  33. Don says:

    Afraid I am more inclined to agree with Johnny Hoy than this article…



  35. Max says:

    We are not going to drop out of the top 4. everyone says this before every season but it never happens. we are still better than Spurs, City, & Liverpool. City have better players but they aren’t a team and are going to fight with eachother the whole campaign. We beat Spurs 3-0 & we only lost to them the second time around is because of the injuries. As for Liverpool they still have noone in central midfield with Mascherano about to take off and are screwed if Torres leaves. The only teams better than us are Man United & Chelsea and theres no shame in being just behind those two.

  36. Goona says:

    Can’t see us making the top 4 this time round as the boss is taking much too long signing a few quality players and far too long working for french TV during the world cup he could have quite easily sat at home and weighed up the talent from his armchair without any pressure. The question is as usual has he got the lolly or ain’t he? if he has I hope he pays the cash that the clubs want instead of cheapies. Our goalie situation is dreadful for goodness sake pay the money and buy this dutch guy it will be better for us in the long run. Fraid the boss is on trial this season so far he’s signed no one of any note and once again the burning question is and I repeat has he got the lolly or ain’t he?

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