Wenger’s goalkeeping insanity goes on and on….

Wenger picks embarrassing Fabianski over Szczesny yet again.

Wojciech Szczesny wants out of Arsenal as Wenger’s goalkeeping insanity goes on and on…

I think we’ll all agree that Fabianski is a joke that’s gone too far. Fabianski can’t save, Fabianski can’t catch, Fabianski can’t handle the pressure of top-level football. To be honest, you have to wonder whether Fabianski can handle the pressure of brushing his teeth.

There’s only so long a young player can keep their heads down and their mouths shut as week in and week out they see tripe selected ahead of them. That breaking point has been reached by Szczesny; the player widely regarded as the future of goalkeeping at Arsenal Football Club.

And it’s understandable, really. Last season he was playing regular football, the first choice goalkeeper for Brentford. Now I’m not going to lie to you and say I watched even one Brentford game last season, but by all accounts, he was nothing short of phenomenal.

Which makes this whole situation even more difficult to understand. Here we have a player, not ridiculously younger than Fabianski himself and lauded as a future great for the club, playing second, no wait, third fiddle to inarguably the worst first or second choice goalkeeper in the Premier League. Szczesny seems absolutely thirsting to prove himself; he is full of confidence, command and ability. Yet game after game after game after game (I’m not sure how many games need to be included to emphasise how long this has been going on now) Fabianski the F**k-Up is continually picked to play for us. Fabianski is an embarrassment to not just Arsenal, but every goalkeeper that has ever played for this club. What’s more of an embarrassment is that our manager still is determined to pick him. [i]“I am personally convinced he is a world-class goalkeeper, potentially,”[/i] Wenger said about Fabianski prior to the Carling Cup game against Spurs, and of course, prior to yet another high-profile error by Fabianski that could have been, in other circumstances, highly costly.

Hold on for a second. Are we all watching the same player Wenger is? This is bordering on delusional. The guy is a train-wreck and a farce – we are the laughing stock of the Premier League for our goalkeepers, but even for Almunia’s shortcomings, he is thrice the player of Fabianski. And to think we’re only one sprained wrist or one broken finger from having Fabianski as our first choice goalkeeper (which, I might add, is his ambition – to take over for Almunia.)

Does that not make you all disgustingly angry? I know it does me. Fabianski…FABIANSKI is tipped to be the next thing in our goal, and we know it’s only a matter of time before Almunia gets his yearly bout of SARS.

But more aggravating than the almost unbelievable fact that Fabianski even has his name on the playing staff roster at a club like AFC is the fact that his presence, or more to the point, Wenger’s insistence on supporting this failed experiment, is keeping a guy like Szczesny out; a driven, talented and confident young goalkeeper.

I browsed a few Spurs forums in the build up to the CC game and one thing stood out – the sheer jubilation and the news that Fabianski would be in goal for us. Can you believe that? Opposing clubs are genuinely pleased to see this player take the field. They lick their lips at it. What a f**king slur that is on this club as a whole. An opposing club should never be pleased to play against your players, let alone holding out for one of them to take the field. Teams go in against Fabianski knowing they have at least one or two goals in the bag, so long as they poke the ball at him.

I’m sorry but this club isn’t charity act. It’s great to see players develop and make something of themselves but when it doesn’t come off we can’t go on forever giving them chance after chance. Fabianski has blown chance after chance and it has cost us; how many chances did Senderos get, for that matter?

Wojciech is fed up with it and so am I, and so are you, I imagine. If we lose this young goalkeeper on the back of Wenger’s absurd misplaced stubbornness, it will be appalling. But know doubt we will, Szczesny has questioned Arsene Wenger and to do so means death (of one’s career. Wenger doesn’t yet have the power to put a player who questions his methods to death but no doubt it’s something he’s been putting to the Board for a while now.)

Because that’s what it is and so often is; a matter of a clash of ego’s. It’s being reported that Wenger has a problem with Szczesny on a character level. That’s is, a clash of personalities. He’s even ignoring efforts by the young Pole to negotiate a new contract, which I might add, is up in June. [i]“I had three meetings regarding extending my contract but the club seemed not to be interested.”[/i] Isn’t that great to hear for all of us who had believed this guy was being nurtured to be the next best thing at Arsenal? Nope, instead we get Fabianski. Unbelievable.

I don’t think there’s a manager in this league, perhaps not in any top league in the world, that would stick with Fabianski, especially not at the expense of another much more promising young player. And you know it won’t end until Wenger finally gives up the ghost and leaves.

“I am ready to play at a high level and need a club which won’t be afraid to rely on a 20-year-old goalkeeper.

“At Arsenal, nobody is brave enough to do so. It won’t be difficult to find a new club but I am not allowed to speak to anyone.

“I know Arsenal are fighting for trophies but if you want to win anything you must play your best players – not the oldest ones.

“I am trying to fight for the No 1 shirt. I am not interested in being No 3 at any club.

“My contract’s running until June.

“On January 1 I will be able to sign with any other club so I won’t say now that I want to leave because I could fall into trouble.

“I’d love to play for Arsenal but am expecting more than a few words (from Wenger) at a Press conference that, one day Wojciech will be the No 1.”

I know the rest of you are as sick and tired of Wenger picking Fabianski as I am, and of Wenger picking Almunia. It’s not the players’ fault if they are picked, but this stubbornness by Wenger is far beyond insanity. Can you imagine what Ferguson is thinking? What Ancelotti is thinking? They’ll be laughing at us, just like most other clubs are. Don’t we have a top manager? How can somebody be so right, so clever, and so meticulous in some regards, but so stubborn and just plain idiotic in others.

Fabianski isn’t an accident waiting to happen. He’s the accident that has happened, and is happening again and again and again, but every one of us except Wenger can see it. And just when we thought that we knew the limits of the damage that Fabianski could do to this club, we find he is frustrating our gem of a keeper to the point of leaving. You can understand where this frustration comes from; everyone of us will know the feeling of having somebody above you who you are better than, be it at work, school, a sports team, or in your own families perhaps, and the feeling of seeing that person rewarded for talent they never show, while your left unable to prove yourself.

All Szczesny wants to do is show his fans, and show our opponents just how good he is; could there be a greater quality in a player? It’s an ambition that Fabianski has never shown. So just how the hell is it getting ignored?

By Curt

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  1. james

    September 23, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    what about vito manone he played a few games last year and looked the real deal big comfortabe on crosses and a good shot stopper

  2. Mug

    September 23, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    Aww diddums, I bet the spuds who put out the tripe on here must be really upset afgter the drubbin they got.

    Typically pathetic load of cack from the shittest blog.

    Newsnow hide option beckons

  3. ArsenalBoy

    September 23, 2010 at 4:14 pm

    I’d say I agree if this was Fabianki’s 2nd error-prone game of the season.

    If Wenger picks him for the next round of the Cup then I agree with you but I can understand why he started this game, is a new season and normal picking order is Almunia, Fabianski, Szczesny, Mannone.

    So imo, after his error vs Keane I’d say Szczesny should be 2nd choice for now and should certainly start the next game in the cup.

  4. James

    September 23, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    Don’t expect too much. Wenger did the same thing with Diarra; he stuck with Flamini even when he refused to sign a new contract – and in the end we lost both.

    By the way, just to make you more angry, Wenger said today: “You can’t blame him [Fabianski] for that goal because he touched it,”

    He’s fucking mad. He’s so stubborn that he’s willing to throw Arsenal’s entire season down the drain if Almunia [a second rate goalkeeper himself] gets injured. It’s not about what’s best for Arsenal anymore, it’s about the manager wanting to be proved right for all the ridiculous comments he’s come out with.

  5. George

    September 23, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    “Does that not make you all disgustingly angry?”

    That our manager doesn’t publicly bash one of our players? Not in the slightest.

    Yet another idiotic post.

  6. jeffers

    September 23, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    I will agree with you on a couple of things.
    I agree on the general point that our reserve keeper situation is precarious.
    I agree I have never seen Szcesney play.

    I may be out on my own here, but i really couldnt give a toss if Wenger pisses off a 20 year old reserve keeper. Potential or not, this season he offers us nothing. Wenger normally has no problem giving the kids a chance, so I just think its safe to assume that he just isnt ready yet. If he wants to be at Arsenal he can get his head down and train hard for a couple of years. If he doesn’t then byebye, follow the David Bentley path to excellence.

    I’d much rather Wenger concentrate on getting someone in who can do a job now. For me, Given in jan is a no brainer. He can then fight it out with Manuel for no 1 spot.

  7. Asmo

    September 23, 2010 at 4:29 pm

    “By the way, just to make you more angry, Wenger said today: “You can’t blame him [Fabianski] for that goal because he touched it,”

    He’s fucking mad. He’s so stubborn that he’s willing to throw Arsenal’s entire season down the drain if Almunia [a second rate goalkeeper himself] gets injured. It’s not about what’s best for Arsenal anymore, it’s about the manager wanting to be proved right for all the ridiculous comments he’s come out with.”

    Just inexorably stupid. Kudos.

  8. Steve

    September 23, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    It’s the likes of Woj (what an egotistical spoiler – I’m reminded of David Bentley) that undermine the club, not Wenger.

    Wenger out: are you serious?

    Juvenile journalism is something the club and the huge majority of its supporters are sick to death of and don’t need.

    Crap article.

  9. Jimmy Gunner

    September 23, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    All I know is if Alu and Fab make some high profile errors Wenger should be charged with criminal negligence of duty.It won’t happen in a million years.However if by January the gunners are not in a challenging position,that’s it.And if the learned prof doesn’t take swift action ie getting a competent gk,nobody can blame gunners fans going berserk.
    Cool down. The above scenario may or may not happen.I am optimistic with the new central defenders the defence aint going to leak goals so easily.But you never know. For starters if the cd get it wrong against Drogba,they must ,no ifs and buts,get it right against the berba.
    With the defnce palying their part,I am confident Alu will give a competent dispaly.

  10. Sir Chesney

    September 23, 2010 at 4:47 pm

    of the four (Aluminium, Flap, Mamone, Chesney) Szczesny is DA BEST

    unfortunately AW is very stubborn

  11. Little Dutch

    September 23, 2010 at 4:50 pm

    Your post completely falls down when you admit you haven’t seen Szczesny play. End.

  12. guest

    September 23, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    It is AW’s ego trip to stick to Fabianski,deep down he knows this guy is short and willing to recruit a more experience GK to nurture him,loyalty point,great,but it is wasted and will be wasted. All perception and judgement on the team’s young goalies sadly share a common fault. They may exhibit good penalty stopping ability,but that is all. No sense of awareness,positioning,how and when to hoof the ball out to prevent boomerangs,especially do not like gritty challenges. While it may work with other positioning players,because there may have cover from colleagues,the goalie is the last man defending. Other qualities come in just as if not more important,but the coaching staff themselves may not think so. And the whole sorry saga will flow on and on under the fortunate cover of brilliant goals. Sad trip.

  13. Jenkins

    September 23, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    I saw the legia Warsaw-Arsenal pre season friendly on an internet stream. Fabianski was in goal for the 1st half and Szczesny the 2nd. In the first half Warsaw humped all there crosses just under the crossbar and we duly went 3-0 behind. One corner even made him trip over his own player and forced an own goal. Strangely enough they stopped doing that in the 2nd half after Czczesny came on.

    At the start of the season I wanted Szczesny as number 1. I knew a young keeper could cost us a few points while gaining experience but how many points did our first choice keepers cost us last season? At least those dropped points would be in a good cause and benefit us further down the road.

  14. Jacob

    September 23, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    The read what some you clowns write one would be tempted to think that you all scouted Szczeny personally. That you all signed him at the qge of 16… that it is you all who have invested 4 years in the kids career. Or may be it is the man that some of you muppets call inasne that has done all that… How manay of you had heard of Szczesny before he signed?

    I’m sorry but some Arsenal fans have to be some of the most ungrateful and stupidest fans on planet earth. You all think that players like Wilshere and Chesny anf Cesc and Gibbs happen by mistake?? Fabianski narks me as well.. in fact I wished he’d just disappear but at no point would I consider myself to be in a better position to make judgement on any of our players when Wenger works with each of them every day!

    It’s muppets with blogs who have never managed even an U-10 side who the experts… Give me strength!

  15. Jekyll

    September 23, 2010 at 8:06 pm

    This site is often OTT in its criticism but it’s nigh on impossible to defend Wenger’s position on Fabianski. It’s utterly baffling. Is he his long-lost son? What is he doing at AFC? ‘You don’t get 10 chances’ said Wenger. Fabianski’s had many more than 10, and counting. There must be something going on we don’t know about. It’s very strange.

  16. G for life

    September 23, 2010 at 8:20 pm

    Well I shall start by saying I have seen Szczensy play and Whilst we have what i call mickey mouses in goal with their big white gloves Szczensy should be NO1! everyone keeps on about his age but how old was Buffon whn he broke into the first team. I am actually a goalkeeping scout and would love to of been the guy that unearthed this talent! Arsene stop bein an idiot

  17. G is for GetReal

    September 23, 2010 at 8:47 pm

    Calm down. Szceczny is NOT Buffon – not even when Buffon was 20. He’s a very good keeper with zero experience and needs to wait.

    He should be made No.2 and allowed a cup run. Agreed. But he’s not ready for No.1 yet.

  18. Curt

    September 23, 2010 at 10:16 pm

    Okay where to start:

    Mug: Obviously Tottenham wouldn’t have been pleased with the result, that’s for sure, but just think of the damage Fabianski’s error could have done in other circumstances. What if it was a Legaue game? We would’ve only gotten a draw. What if Keane had scored that chance at the end? We would’ve lost. Eventually the only thing the team could do was take matters into their own hands by never ever ever letting Spurs attack. Did you know Fabianski has now conceded 6 goals in 5 appearances against Tottenham? He also, in his entire career for Arsenal, has played 39 games and conceded 40 goals.

    George: You are being over the top. Nobody wants to see Fabianski get ‘publicly bashed’ by Wenger. But there’s a difference between a humiliating a player, which I don’t think anybody would ever do (the mere fact you have suggested such an extreme shows how closed your mind is in this topic) and continuin to play them. Since when did dropping a player constitute a public bashing? Either you or the club has gone soft, or both. This isn’t a free meal ticket, you should have to perform to earn a place at Arsenal.

    Steve: Nobody here has suggested ‘Wenger Out’ so your post in nice and redundant. Gave me a laugh actually, your so blinkered that, you willm note if you review this ENTIRE page, YOU are the only one who has ever brought up removing Wenger. Don’t be a sheep mate, have a brain.

    Little Dutch: So The collective praise of almost the entire club and fanbase, including Arsene Wenger say Szczesny is the future of this club, shouldn’t be enough to convince me of his quality. Oh and I’ll admit I’ve seen at least one game, that in pre-season. The one where fabianski got ravaged in the first half and then Szczesny came on and took control. : )

  19. Curt

    September 23, 2010 at 10:18 pm

    It is a sad testament to Wenger’s cult of personality at this club that this goalkeeping issue can even be up for debate, let alone inspire defence of Wenger in this policy. I like Wenger, of course, but there is no other club in the world where a manager has as much control as he does.

  20. Kyawthu

    September 24, 2010 at 4:24 am

    Hi Curt, great one. Agree Fabianski (or Flapianski if you prefer) is totally rubbish and you are right about Flamini as well. We could have retained both Diara or Flamini or one of them if the club didn’t mess up.

    But I have a small point. Szczesny is an outstanding keeper but not without blunders himself. I have seen him play in Brentford from highlights. He was outstanding indeed but he did make a few mistakes, although they were low profile ones. Doing great in Brentford is one thing and doing well at the highest level for Arsenal is another. Szczesny is still unproven at the top level and very young. He should be patient and wait for his chance at the right time without rushing.

    But with the ways as they are I can’t argue with you. Szczesny or Manone should be in front of Fabianski. Fabianski is truely awful now.. Totally Rubbish. Anyone is better than Fabianski at the moment. How he lost his mojo, I can’t figure it out.. 😐

  21. Jacob

    September 24, 2010 at 6:45 am

    Cult of Personality??… What nonsense. Wenger has absolutely earned the right to use his judgement when it comes to who plays for Arsenal and above all else WHEN they play for Arsenal. This whole Fabianski nonsense proves just how short memories are at Arsenal. I bet the same people who booed Song at Fulham, the same so-called fans who booed Eboue at the Grove; the very same clowns who all those moons ago were saying that Thierry Henry would never become striker… I’ll bet anything that they are the same ones kicking up a stink now.

    How many great players in this Arsenal team have been dismissed by loud mouth, know-nothing blogs before they even kicked a ball? Thomas Vermaelen was supposed to be too small, Denilson is meant to be rubbish, Wenger was going to destroy Wilshere’s career because Wilshere wasn’t French… all this tripe is what passes for intelligent comment by fools who haven’t the humility to acknowledge that Wenger has a way of working that means that each player is treated fairly. Szczceny has nothing to complain about to be honest and certainly nothing to complain about in the press! My own view is that if the guy cannot learn not flap his lips to the papers then Arsenal are probably better off without him… we absolutely don’t need another Gallas in the team. If the guy cannot show the basic respect for his team mates I don’t think that he has any feature at Arsenal… no matter how good he is and no matter what any thick Bloggers may write.

    My own attitude is that I don’t understand what Wenger sees in fabianski but then again some fans didn’t understand what Wenger saw in Alex Song or even Gilberto and Lauren… If that amounts to a cult of personality then lets have more of it!

  22. ere

    September 26, 2010 at 2:51 am

    Szczesny has every right to complain. Wenger has put him in an impossible situation. He says Szczesny’s too inexperienced, yet won’t let him do something about it! Wenger won’t play him in the CC and he refuses to let him out on loan to get experience at another club. So how is Szczesny supposed to become good enough for Arsenal?

    For those thinking Szczesny is arrogant, put yourself in his shoes. Would you sit quietly if you were told you’re not ready but were prevented from working to improve yourself?

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