Transfer window about to open. Who will come and go?

Obviously with the summer transfer window just around the corner, the main focus of this blog will be potential signings, and which players should leave the club. Firstly, on the topic of signings I would say it is essential for Arsenal to keep either one of Nasri or Fabregas. Clearly, this is an obvious statement to make for anyone who follows Arsenal but there have been murmurs around the club’s more loyal fans that Fabregas should leave the club. This is stimulated by the cliché philosophy that no one man is bigger than the club. This is true, and with that in mind we may have to look at Wenger’s position at the club. However, I will come on to this later.

Since February (after the demoralising loss against Birmingham) Arsenal only managed to win two games in all competitions The two reasons which coincide with this awful run of form are the injury of Fabregas combined with an alarming frailty in defence. Clearly, goals were not an issue as in this period Robin van Persie set a Premier League record of nine consecutive away goals, scoring eighteen from the 1st of January, an achievement only previously matched by Cristiano Ronaldo. Defensive vulnerability was highlighted by the inability of Arsenal’s defence to hold on to a 4-0 lead with 20 minutes to go against Newcastle. Fabregas is obviously pivotal as both a player and a leader.

However, the early season form and prolific goal scoring touch of Samir Nasri when played down the middle provides some optimism for the club. In my opinion, Wenger primarily needs to sign a commanding central defender as once again Arsenal conceded more goals from set pieces than any other team in the Premier League. I would also suggest to Wenger signing a leader on the pitch as well, preferably in the centre of midfield as it is highly likely Fabregas will leave the club. Even with Fabregas as captain a lack of leadership is still very apparent. This was made clear by his statement “No we don’t do that, we are more European” in response to a question asking who is most likely to give a rousing speech in the dressing room.

Now, to return to Wenger’s role at the club, I personally believe he should stay for at least one more year due to the fact that he now knows he will have to spend money this summer, combined with the truth that Arsenal are very close to success and only a few key areas have to be strengthened. In terms of individual players, Arsenal are at least as strong as Manchester United. Realistically there is no better manager to take Arsenal forward. Losing Wenger could have a very damaging effect on the Arsenal dressing room, given the strong emotional attachments he has with many players, and the enduring French connection he has created at Arsenal. Important players attracting interest from top clubs like Sagna and Nasri may well be far more likely to leave with the departure of Wenger.

By Paddy Mcgovern…”Member of the Arsenalaction Facebook page


  1. Danish Gooner

    May 30, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    Very close to success,i wonder when you are all gonna stop deluding yourselfes ?????

  2. Miron

    May 30, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    im tired from hearing that a lot of players are linked with arsenal and at the end no one is coming ….

  3. GoonerDave

    May 30, 2011 at 10:37 pm

    In fairness Danish Gooner, we were close. But for our capitulation in the run-in, we had a great chance.
    That is close.
    Decent article I thought, we do lack leadership and mental toughness. This comes with maturity, so Id like 2 experienced players to join our team and help our youth to fulfil their potential.
    Agree about Wenger staying too. Seems counter productive to get rid of him at this atage. Back him with some decent disposable cash, and lets see what happens.
    Im staying positive.

  4. irish gooner

    May 30, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    @danish,,,,,,when will u stop..we are a lot closer than u think,,,,,,,, pathetic

  5. irish gooner

    May 30, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    nice spelling aswell danish ,,,back to school for you id say

  6. Gunner2301

    May 30, 2011 at 10:48 pm

    First you say that we missed Fabregas and his leadership then you say we need a leader in CM. Fabregas is no leader, which leader could oversee a capitulation of his team in the way ours has? Nasri played better in the middle because Fabregas was injured Fabregas returns Nasri gets pushed to the wings where he’s not as effective. We need to ship Fabregas out he doesn;’t want to play for us anymore and that’s clear.

    Why people keep hankering after him like a love sick puppy I don’t know. Would you like to work for a company you don’t want to work for? He needs to go and we need to bring in players that want to play for Arsenal and give their all for Arsenal. It was a mistake to keep him as captain for the last season when he openly courted Barca and openly stated he wanted to leave. How on earth is anyone supposed to follow a leader who doesn’t believe in the club anymore?

    One of the problems we have is the French connection at Arsenal, the club has lost it’s identity apart from Wilshire there is no one who is synonymous with the spirit of the club. That is a mistake that Wenger made in getting rid of those who epitomised that spirit and brought in players that were just there for a good payday, showcase their talent and to use the club as a stepping stone to a better team (Wilshire and Fabregas in 15 years is not a good return).

    I don’t want Wenger gone. I’d like him to fix the mistakes he’s made. You say we are not far off United. That is nothing to cheer about this is the worst United team probably in living memory so to say we are not far off them shows you how far we have declined as a club and it’s as if Wenger has purposely looked at how weak United were and decided not to strengthen on that basis rather than looking at the flaws in our own team and looking to remedy then.

    Wenger is on his last legs. This is probably the biggest transfer window of his life and he knows it. He stands to put at risk all the good work he has done off the field if the fans turn against him so he needs to get this right and I;m not holding my breath to see who he buys, but the fans will judge him accordingly when next season ends.

  7. GoonerDave

    May 30, 2011 at 11:22 pm

    Cesc is top top class, its natural we would want him to stay at the club. If the only club he wants to play for is Barca, does that mean we ship him out for whatever they offer? I take the point about not keeping a player who doesnt want to be there, but he signed a long term contract.
    Id like us to put up a real fight to hold into Cesc. Show him how much we appreciate him.
    As for the French connection, well it was fine when Pires, Henry etc. were winning things for AFC.
    I believe in most of our players, and stand by what I said before. The capitulation at the business end of the season cost us. If we keep the nucleas of players we have, and just inject some maturity where needed, we would stand a great chance I reckon.
    Forget comparing ourselves to ManU – the CL final proved that we are at least going in the right direction with our style and philosophy. At least we can look forward with hope.
    The point about this transfer window being pivotal is very true though. I really hope hes given some proper cash to spend and that he spends wisely. We have been starved of big signings in recent times, it would really get a buzz of excitement going for the players and the fans if a big name or two joined us.

  8. fred gunner

    May 30, 2011 at 11:26 pm

    Nasri must be our Iniesta.Fab our Xavi and Song our Walcott on da right,RVP on da left and Falcao center with Sagna Vermaelen Samba Baines.Wat do u think?

  9. Daniel Smith

    May 31, 2011 at 1:57 am

    Soon hthe tw will come and go in the blink of any eye. Don’t be surprised Wenger just buys a central defender and asks the fans for one more year to see his project y through.That would be a step backward too many.Not only has enough but more than enough time has been given.
    The redd faced will be strengthening as will all the other major teams. So the only team standing stiil
    will be Arsenal. So come the end of season report,it will will be a case of I told you so. But by then it will be too late and the gunners will be in the Europa cup. Wenger said finishing thrd or fourth and participating in the cl can be considered a success.Now contrast that with the red faced who wants to overhaul Barca.That is the difference between an winner and a perpetual loser.

  10. Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    May 31, 2011 at 3:06 am

    I support Gunner2301’s opinion for the most part. Fabregas has lost that ambition to drive for victory that he showed against Barca two season’s ago at the home CL game where he played with a broken leg but tied the game for us! The historical and cultural attraction that a Catalan feels for Barca is way beyond the short-term loyalty he may feel for Arsene and the AFC. It isn’t DNA it is deep in the soul…hell they fought a terrible civil war over the Catalan versus Castillian view of the world (1937) and it is still very powerful. Catalan is quite different from Spanish and a native of Catalyuna is first and foremost a Catalan then Spanish.
    The French connection statement is sheer xenophobia and chauvinism and not logical at all. The club’s identity is not just British or English or even North London, it is,like every great club…International. Take a closer look at the team photo and you’ll see black Africans, Arabs, Northern Europeans, Latinos, Eurasians, Brits, etc. all proud to represent the Arsenal. If his point was to remind us of how much we miss the Viera’s and Henry’s then why didn’t he just say so.
    The EPL this year appeared to be less robust and competitive than previous seasons but I believe that is an illusion. The league was actually more difficult to win this year as the normal top 2 (Manure and Cheatski) were aging and showing their failures earlier in the season. The Spuds and the Pool were not up to their respective challenges , Liverpool because of internal issues and the Spuds because of their arrogant reliance on 1-2 players and their deluded views of their own grandeur. Shitty finally made the top 4 after spending a king’s ransom on overpriced, overhyped and over the hill superstars…whoppy shit…give any mid-table EPL team that kind of money and they’d have done it in one season.
    The Arsenal were a team that showed their lack of finishing skills in terms of scoring, closing down tight games and remaining calm and consistent when under duress and playing a purely defensive game. On the other hand they also showed what can be expected in the future from them in games like Barca at home, Cheatski, Shitty and Manure once they get a second finisher (Benzema?) to help RVP, a new CB to work with Vermaelen, a new defensive midfielder leader to keep the team calm under pressure and a keeper who is headed to becoming one of the best in the EPL.
    Wenger will still be at the Arsenal when Gunner2301 is on HIS last legs in a hostel for aging Arsenal fans….because he knows what he’s doing, regardless of what the Wenger-haters rant on about endlessly.

  11. segun

    May 31, 2011 at 7:49 am

    this story is just like a old wine in a new bottle…we are tired getting close but not having our hands on the trophy! Mr wenger should sign as much good players he could sign this summer.

  12. Paddy McGovern

    May 31, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    Gunner2301, this lack of leadership was most visible when Fabregas was not in the team, explain in your own terms if you please. However if he leaves the vacant role in cm must be filled and this player has to be a leader on the pitch in order for AFC to progress.

  13. Paddy McGovern

    May 31, 2011 at 12:55 pm

    Also to whoever said comparison to mufc was not aspiriational enough is simply wrong. Any AFC fan in the land would be very happy to win the Premier League and play in a CL final considering we have only achieved this once before.

  14. george

    June 3, 2011 at 9:22 am

    Wenger has failed, the players are inadequate to the fans requirements their is no sign of any success, he will never strengthen accordingly and we have to pay more? no mr muppet wenger, you must have a substantial pay decrease and your failing players also. you say its hard to strengthen, wot are we paying you for? dont need your psychology and rubbish philosphy, over analysing and not doing your job properly. get out of our club,you have undone al your previous work. your fired!

  15. 8Wenger

    June 6, 2011 at 6:26 am

    How many ‘one more years’ are we going to give this guy? We already know what will happen in the transfer widow. He’ll sell our best players and replace them with dross from the French league.

    I have no faith in Wenger to sort out this mess, none what so ever.

  16. bob mcnabs cat

    June 8, 2011 at 4:49 pm

    What is Wengers obsession with midfielders all about?

    Everyone and their dog knows we need defenders and strikers. Yet he is still flirting with midfielders, is there no one at the arsenal that will stand up to the man and tell him a few home truths.

    The bloke has lost the plot

    Sack wenger and give brady the job!

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