Arsene must learn from past mistakes & sign players NOW!

Anyone checking Arsenal forums and blogs in the last few weeks cannot have failed to sense the feelings being shared by all Arsenal fans this summer.

These feelings are causing different outpourings of emotion in different fans; some are full of vitriol at the manager and the board, others are adopting a back to the wall mentality of supporting the establishment in the face of clear evidence that things are going wrong.

All these comments are stemmed from the shared emotion of fear. Fear that for another transfer window we are going to see our best players leave and either not be replaced at all or only by players of an inferior quality.

We all make mistakes in our jobs from the prime minister down to a humble road sweeper. The ability to learn from our mistakes is a reflection of our intelligence and our character, the latter being able to accept that not all our decisions are correct and that next time we will do things differently.

What worries me most this transfer window is the fact the Arsenal heirachy do not seem to be showing they have learnt from their mistakes.

Whatever our personal feelings we cannot make players sign a new contract, if they wish to leave it is better we take a transfer fee and move on, the performance of Cesq this season just gone reflects the fact you do not get the best from a player who is unhappy. So much as I want Nasri, Cesq and Clichy to stay if they want to go we should let them but make sure we get the best possible price for them, we cannot allow another Flamini situation to arise.

However, the fact we seem to allowing time to pass and show no sign of being proactive in the transfer market worries me greatly. In recent years we let Gilberto leave without having signed a replacement first, I suspect Wenger thought we could sign Alonso from Liverpool, but that transfer never happened and we started the season without a recognised defensive midfielder, a situation we have never really solved, Song does well in the position but he has no adequate cover, Denilson is at best a reserve quality player.

At the end of the season it was widely accepted, and Gazidis’ comments at the AST forum confirms this, that we needed new players, especially in central defence, attack, wide and, in my opinion defensive midfield. What have we done so far? Well we have signed an inexperienced full back in his teens from a championship club, he may be a brilliant long term signing but he will not feature in the majority of premier league games next season.

Apart from that there are endless stories linking us with a wealth of international talent with just as many stories saying that the clubs involved have not received a formal bid from Arsneal.

As much as I hate Man U and their unintelligible Glaswegian manager that same manager is, probably rightly, considered the best manager in the game for the last 20 years. How have they been behaving this transfer window? They have identified several players they wanted and they have signed them before other clubs could interfere.

Our manager and board seem unable to learn from their mistakes or from the example set by other acclaimed managers, we seem content to let things bumble along in the hope of a better deal at the end of July or in August. I hope they are proved right. however, wouldn’t it be better to get new blood in at the start of preseason so they are fully integrated into our style of play by the start of the season?

In the last few years I have sat in my seat at the Emirates on the opening day of the season knowing in my heart of hearts that the squad we were starting with was not good enough to compete with Man U and Chelsea, I do not want that same feeling next season.

Please Arsene Wenger. Please Ivan Gazidis. Please Stan Kronke – learn from past mistakes and sign the players we need this week not when it may be too late in August.

by Paul Williams

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  1. Arsenal

    July 4, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    Let’s clear major doubts and myth which the media wanted to poisons without prove and rubbish jounalism.

    Dispelling some negatives at Arsenal
    Source: The Premier League Owl

  2. Craigie

    July 4, 2011 at 5:47 pm

    unfortunately the world has changed for a manager like Wenger. The lack of success is reducing the pool of players we can pick from with our limited wages and every young player coming out of nowhere is suddenlsuddenly.worth millions. If Denilson came around now he would have been £10million and we wouldnt have bought him.

    Gervinho et al are the best we can go for. Now im not against this as i believe a world class 11 can be formed by players at average clubs but we are still limited by money which in the past 3 years has become an impossible resource. The truth is we HAVE to sell Cesc because we cant afford to have lots of £100k a week players and thats what it will take to replace him and there is no way we will sign a 100k a week player, keep Cesc and give Nasri 100k too. The problem is. our new found lack of status means we will get worse players than Cesc and Nasri

  3. bob mcnabs cat

    July 4, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    lets face it, we’re fucked

    when we have got a player who isnt even the best left back in london opting to move on (for whatever motivation) we have got serious problems.

    fab and nasri will be next and then for the next 5 years (if he stays that long) it will be summer after summer of speculation about jack and who is after him. and that is an absolute cert.
    the merry go round will start again.
    who would blame any player for wanting to leave when all they see is firstly inferior players leaving and earning more elsewhere and secondly the lack of ambition within the club.

    the only hope is to sack wenger, replace the board and freshan things up!

    like i say………….we’re fucked !!!!!!

  4. Paul

    July 4, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    Welcome to the Ajax syndrome. A business cash-cow which produces young stars and sells them to the highest bidder. Sound familiar?

    Also as a trained accountant having seen the transfer fees quoted for selling/buying players, our annual cash position and stated debts. I don’t for a minute believe the directors are not withdrawing a penny from the club. The amount available to Wenger, plus property sales simply does not tally. Creative accounting is its better known term.

    And that is the root cause of our problem. The owners are businessmen in this for money, not in it for success of the trophy variety. Just look at the top clubs in Europe none are being run at this level of profit. Most are in the red and some manage to keep the books balanced. All put every penny into making the team the best possible. That is not the case with Arsenal.

  5. Anthony Smithson

    July 4, 2011 at 11:12 pm

    So Clichy has gone to MC.The red faced has spent 60 million pounds and if he were to win the cl,will it have been worth it?Of course Wenger will say it’s financial doping but ,seriously,do you think the red faced cares?The spin offs will be enormous.
    Arsenal/Arsene need to get real.It’s a different ball game now thanks to the Bowman ruling. He better get the experienced players,preferably from the epl,to strengthen the gunners.If not,players from the less physical leagues will take time to adjust. Time is of the essence and Wenger can’t afford to waste it. Otherwise the gunners will struggle to stay in cl contention ,let alone win the epl.

  6. Arsenal blog

    July 5, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    He needs to make these signings now

  7. john joseph quinn

    July 5, 2011 at 11:12 pm

    Arsenal will win the league this season …i think it would be a blessing for us to get knocked out of the champions league in the qualifying round…..concentrate on the domestic game for just one season…..some of the players have really let arsene down ….you would think at this stage they would want to play out of their skins for him ….or am i being daft thinking such a thing?

  8. max

    July 6, 2011 at 2:47 am

    for the first time ever. i 100% agree with an Arsenal Action post

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