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Arsene down and out

Right time for my say on the AFC affair after staying quiet on it all yesterday.

WE as a club, are in a NO WIN, situation currently, if we get rid of Wenger as we all want – well a growing majority want – we will have to accept a couple of seasons of transition – something i’m quite prepared and happy for, HOWEVER what happened to Moyes was the WORST thing to happen to us as a club, due to the fact it put the wind up our board members who were looking at maybe offering Wenger a way out from the bench into the boardroom itself, and after seeing how Moyes single handily (albeit with prob the WORST United squad he was left with, in over 25 years didn’t help) destroyed 25 years of work by Fergie there, decided to backtrack and jumped in with the ‘extended contract’, that Wenger ‘shook and accepted’ on back in the Autumn of 2013.

HOWEVER the fact that most fanbases are now ripping the crap out of us (Saints fans yesterday singing ‘One Ronald Koeman’ in obvious ref to the old Arsenal chant and now current AKB chant of ‘one Arsene Wenger’ and ‘you’re getting sacked in the morning’), shows how far backwards under Wenger we have now come – we’re NOT feared by anyone now and teams have worked out Wenger, as easy as switching on the kettle.

ALSO we lose either way now with Wenger at the helm, instead of him going at least 3 years ago – the board have shafted us right up the ‘Arse’ with keeping him on – if he goes now a new manager comes in, and transition, if he stays for the next two seasons after this season, opposing fans and clubs ARE STILL laughing due to how feeble and unchallenging, nor contentious in the Premier League and Europe we have become – so thank you to the spineless board members of Arsenal owing to you, we’re now screwed either way as a club and a football team for the next two seasons or more

(Danny Griffiths – formally of Arsenalnews.com)

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  1. Sean Williams says:

    It may not take three years to rebuild. The true ‘big’ clubs like Real, Barca and Bayern, and even Juve after their ‘punishment’ came back quickly. It depends on who we hire as new manager. Seeing that we will probably make a really conservative choice you will probably be right,although with the right choice of manager it could be seamless.

  2. Brdgunner says:

    Say what you want about his game management, the club is categorically better off for having him. It’s ridiculous to claim the club is backward because of him.

    Even with the on pitch issues we have never signed players like Ozil and Sanchez before. Both blatently a result of his management.

    This is typical of the ungrateful attitude of football fans today.

  3. Neal says:

    It’ll take longer to rebuild if he doesn’t leave!

  4. USA Gooner says:

    One season at most. A coach steeped in pass-based attacking football can improve the team in one season. Klopp, Koeman, Pep, Rjykard will all do better than Wenger. We have sufficient talent and culture to triumph. All that is needed is a Manager that can motivate the players, punish lethargy and play the lads in the correct positions. The current team sans Wenger can deliver. Wenger loathes opposition research, changing formations mid-game and trusts the players to be responsible. That formula has failed. If all eleven players play with the attitude of Sanchez we would win the league. That same attitude is on display week in week out at Chelsea and Stoke.

  5. mystic says:

    ‘we will have to accept a couple of seasons of transition…..’
    Well we have been through many already, so another couple is no worry.

    Just seen the pictures of Podolski in Milan – Bl@@dy disgrace – I am furious that a World Cup Winner could be treated so badly by an Arsenal manager.

  6. James says:

    Moyes didn’t destroy Utd, just went through a lull – in fact they had a much better away record than the current Utd. Van Gaal is proving things can be turned around quite quickly.

    Indeed, Arsenal could improve immeasurably without buying or selling a single player. The problem is our ignorant, out-of-touch manager who doesn’t have a clue how to prepare his team tactically or create a solid defensive strategy. You know, I know it, he knows it, but he’ll refuse to step down because he’s holding all the power.

    The fans will have to grab the arrogant bastard by the scruff of the neck and throw him out or we’ll win nothing and sign another new contract in three years.

  7. hotblack says:

    Podolski & Arshavin two players that Wenger couldn’t blend into his myopic way of playing. Podolski was a man with so many caps for Germany but Wenger couldn’t or wouldn’t find a way to accommodate his play.

  8. Hobart says:

    I think 3-4 years transition is about right, but only if the next manager can keep us in the champions league. If they can’t then it’ll be 6 years plus as our owner will not bank roll in the same way as Man Utds.

    If the board get behind Wenger financially then he can make us a success again, if they don’t then he can’t. However neither will any other manager.

  9. Malaysian gunner says:

    ReallY?No one is indispensable especially a perennial sif.The problem is Wenger is
    too arrogant to admit his repeated blunders. There is no need to give a catalogue of his errors.
    Di Matteo was sacked despite winning the cl. Ancelotti was axed inspite of winning the epl.
    It seems to me the board are content with the gunners qualifying for the cl.
    This season the gunners could be under threat .
    If Arsenal are serious about challenging for trophies,they wwould have to take a gamble.
    There are many guys whose credentials surpassed the fm in trophies. There are many of these guys around.
    Arsenal have nothing to lose. As for transition,it has been one like that every season the last ten
    I will say again . No one is indispensable especially if you are not winning trophies.The name of the game is winning trophies and not finishing 3rd/4th.

  10. Mick says:

    Southampton then, not only had the gaul to beat Arsenal but their fans, the cheek to enjoy the fact. Terrible state of affairs that eh?

  11. Fred says:

    Whoever replaces Wenger nothing will change from the club’s current goal.
    That goal is to make the majority shareholder, his & his son as much £millions as possible which means selling the best players, underbidding for world class players, making do with a team of inexperienced youngsters over experienced players (e.g. Sanogo preferred over Podolski) and not investing in the quality of medical staff so injuries are risked.

    Now we know where the dividends (http://www.theguardian.com/football/2014/sep/23/stan-kroenke-arsenal-dividend-fans-anger) has gone towards (http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/american-football/30693233)

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