Why Jackson Martinez would be the perfect signing for Arsenal

This week it was reported that Arsenal may be moving closer to a summer move for Jackson Martinez as a result of Vallecano striker Bueno potentially signing for Porto.

Jackson Martinez would be an ideal signing for Arsenal, the Porto forward would bring attributes to the team that are much desired. He is tall and slim which means he moves fast and with finesse, as well as pace he offers the ability to move around the pitch and his opponents with ease.

Martinez is described as an out and out striker, he has an impeccable finish and that is only enhanced by his ability to play with both feet. He has been the Primeira Liga’s top striker this season and has scored 32 goals in 41 games and has always been praised for him ability to score goals and lots of them.

Arsenal need a speedy player upfront, they lack pace there due to the fact Giroud is a heavier type of player so that naturally slows him down. The amount of times he is far behind an Ozil or Sanchez cross, desperately trying to reach it and before you know it the chance is gone, we’ve seen it plenty of times this season and it needs to change.

We haven’t had a top striker since Robin Van Persie left, Giroud’s goal tally has been mediocre compared to days of getting between 20-35 goals as season from a forward. Arsenal still have a lot of goals coming from midfield but there is still room for improvement and signing a better striker will only magnify what the midfield can achieve.

To win a title you need a decent striker or at least one who takes full advantage of the creative midfield that has been carefully selected and built behind him and Giroud just isn’t good enough and Welbeck needs time to improve but still might not ever be used consistently in that role. Our midfield is very strong and full of players who ooze bundles of creativity which needs to be taken advantage of.

Martinez suffices in all aspects of what we would be looking for in a striker, he is fast, creative, agile and scores plenty, if Wenger was to buy a striker this summer he would get our vote for sure.



  1. Chris

    May 28, 2015 at 6:22 pm

    Giroud’s goal to game ratio is pretty damn impressive this season. The biggest issue we have is not that he isn’t good enough, but rather we lack a player of comparable quality to replace him when he’s injured, off-form, or when tactics dictate that a different type of player is needed.
    Welbeck needs time, as does Theo in that CF role. Neither will replace Giroud.
    Giroud needs a WC player to push him for that starting role. As is the case with DM, there is no competition in that position.
    The best teams have 2/3 top quality strikers; we only have one.

    A WC keeper, DM, and striker, and we can seriously challenge on all fronts.

  2. Solo solo

    May 28, 2015 at 7:09 pm

    Wenger should get him for us or sale giroud for him to come in

  3. GoonerGirl

    May 28, 2015 at 8:25 pm

    His goal to game ration isn’t bad but it’s not consistent enough, he didn’t score for the last eight games but scored in the eight before that, I’d prefer to have someone who scored a goal almost every game! I think A main striker should come in and Giroud be the back up. He’s too slow now! I definitely agree with you though, with those positions filled we can compete!

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