Wenger in/out Two Arsenal fans go head to head with Live debate



Wenger out

Morning Gooners!!

Last night I watched a very interesting live debate between two Arsenal fans who went head to head over the long standing debate on Arsene Wenger hosted by GoonerNewsTV

Wenger in @moodyarsenal vs Wenger Out @memz_dogi both sides made some valid points in a respectful way, but who won the debate in your opinion? …..Enjoy the video posted below

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  1. Ali says:

    wenger must stay , but he must a one touch striker and holding midfielder that box to box who can help coquelin

  2. Dolly says:

    AW is a manager wt reputation n integrity. He’s the source of emirate stadium of which is nt easy for evry other manager. He’s a kind that always try to fulfil his promise even when things are nt still in order. I love him. One love Gunners

  3. Jim mac says:

    Not sure where u got the Wenger In guy as he seemed to argue the other side more at the beginning. If the Wenger Out bunch can’t see the change in the team the last few years then I’m afraid they haven’t got a clue about our team. It’s obvious there’s been a shift from being “happy” about finishing 4th to aiming towards winning the title. The current crop we have are here due to Wenger and I for one love watching this team play football as opposed to parking busses. It hasn’t been 10 years of drought, we won the FA Cup back to back. Chelsea and the Manchesters have had 10 years of spending and we have had 2. People need to get real instead if letting frustrations of the trophyless years cloud them. The change in goals is obvious and Wenger is the man I want at the helm for this. 42 years an AFC fan is why I know this.

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