Gazidis"We have mega Money",Wenger "I wont spend Big"

Just who the hell is running the Public Relations campaign at Arsenal??

On the day Ivan Gazidis told the Arsenal fans we have “sufficient funds to invest” in new players this summer {Link}

Our manager (Wenger)  then tells us “I wont be spending big” & I plans to keep faith with squad {link}

Wenger also said that Arsenal finishing 3rd was better than expected??? You cant make it up can you?

So what did you expected at the start of the season Arsene?..And if it was worst then 3rd why didnt you do something about it?

I take it that Gazidis and Wenger and not Singing from the same hymn sheet then?

So Wenger has loads of money to spend but he wont??? So whats new?……….Its going to be a long summer.

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  1. 7masters

    May 11, 2010 at 4:11 am

    One thing presents Arsenal team are crap save for RVP,Cesc,tv the rest are just ordinary…Arshavin mmm it like waiting flower to bloom you either missed or waiting to see him focus. Worse of All is the manager he seem to have developed long pinochio nose for lies that why people are fed up.

    Wenger is more a developer than tactictian and he need new team around or face disaster. Defence,goalie and even midfield is problem area why? Whoever Arsenal buy to score goals is going to starve for lack of ball? Simply no good supply but plenty of chances to pass sideways.
    Wenger brigade are funny lot almost they would get excited be mere mentions of his name weird?

    Anyone remember Wigan, Birmingham or other low points? Wenger must go after next season as he promised. I have written our chances off as long as he with us. Full stop

    AKB why don’t all start supporting PSG that where he is heading.Au revoir

  2. WengerIsWrong

    May 11, 2010 at 6:57 am

    HAHAHAAHA that’s not gonna happens.
    Stop joking around.
    Wenger is noot good.
    Accept that mate.

  3. WengerIsWrong

    May 11, 2010 at 7:04 am

    FANS WHO CHANTs “in arsene we trust” is ARSENE WENGER FANS. And i’m not his fans. But i’m arsenal fans. In Arsenal i love.

  4. DM

    May 11, 2010 at 9:25 am

    Becks – I can forsee the future – we will get injuries!

    The following players will get injured at some point next season:

    So maybe, just maybe, Wenger should plan for this for once as this has happened for the past 4 seasons!!

  5. DM

    May 11, 2010 at 9:30 am

    what you fail to notice is the general build of these players that DIDNT get injured. They’re stockier, with larger muscle mass which means less fatigue on their joints and so less muscular and joint injuries. These players naturally wont be as injury prone as our smaller, slighter players. ie. Rooney + Drogba are more suited to the premier league than RVP.

  6. InArseneWeTrust

    May 11, 2010 at 10:53 am

    what a stupid article, sufficient funds is how much mate? and of course wenger aint gonna spend big, you want him to spend 50 million? get real, wenger knows who he wants and he might bring in 3/4 players, vermaelen cost 10m and he was instantly successful, so if we have 25-35m to spend that isn’t spending massive amounts of money.
    however you have definitely won the award of attention seeking article of the week..

  7. Matt

    May 11, 2010 at 11:36 am

    Really strange these blogs you get people expressing views and because other people dont agree with them they start abusing them like they are more loyal fans.Just because fans dont protest outside the ground doesn’t make everything Wenger does right plenty of fans at the matches dont agree with his transfer policy doesn’t mean you stop going to games.The problem has been all the promises made while we were building the stadium that have not come to fruission and the lies that have been told by Wenger & the board.Anybody who thinks we dont need a new GK are lying to themselves or know nothing about football.To compalin about the injuries is a red-herring RVP,Rosicky,Eduardo,Gallas etc have been injured for large parts of every season they have been at the club.

  8. Hamza Yassine

    May 11, 2010 at 11:36 am

    Guys, Im a goonner for life, and i even have a tattoo on my arm for arsenal… i just want to share my opinion, and you may take it as u like…..

    Ok im with wenger, and all what u said is right! a huge achievement, to stay a top 4 team, while you have to pay for the stadium, Plus Arsene bought Nasri, Arsha, Vermael,,,,
    Im with wenger, that we dont buy titles, and we have the beautiful side of the game,
    Im with him, for his 3pl and 4 fa. and the unbeaten historical season,
    Wenger never manged for a short period, but for a future,,, Honestly i started to doubt this future…

    Ill try not to contradict my self, but im scared that thats the truth, So please read carefully:
    Please CANNN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY HE BOUGHT SILVESTERE FOR 500K POUND?!!? I mean wtf?!? ok he bought cheap experience! BUT we all know that he is not good, SO Y IN JAN, at least didnt loan a good Defender?!?!

    2) Eduardo da silva: is he a finisher? striker? i mean i can only remember in 3 years just one goal against bolton, i think,,,, Ok the lad broke his leg, Fine by me, ( WHY KEEP HIM?) sell him!!, y is arsene saying i need to talk to him? talk about what Mr.Wenger?! he is just not good,,,

    3)Nicklas Bendtenr: this year all of u guys think that he is gr8!! well please! crorect me if im wrong! he scored like 12 goals maybe!! BUT CAN U PLEASE TELL ME HOW MANY EASY GOALS HE MISSED?!… ok if wenger wants to keep him, ill accept only for Carling cup! Maybe Arsenal can win it since 1993!!! MOURINHO i remember played a full squad against us, coz at least its a cup!, n this cup if u win it, it will give u motivation to go forward, and finish the league w a trophy.

    4)GK: i was in England during the game of arsenal vs tottenham, the 4-4. when fuckn bentley scored,,, I swear ,i defended Almunia while i was heading home, and every one was saying arsenal need a World Calss Gk,, i was like, no, Almunia is good, but it was only a mistake, n i remember him saving the penalty against R,Kean,, but after this year?!?! NO COMMENT, from Him And Fabiansky,,,ABSOLUTELY NOTHING,, and plz dont tell me give fab time, BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW THAT IF A GK MAKES ONLY 1 MISTAKE, WE CONCEDE,! so its a critical position.

    5)Can i please know the names of the arsenal bench::?!?

    2 . VELA?!? i mean vela can he change a game?!??! can someone tell me if carlos vela can change a game vs united or chelsea or barca?!??!
    3.Denilson or Diaby: i duno whos better, or whos worst, for gods sake wenger, choose one,if not u shouldnt have accepted not to negotiate a contract w flamini!! he was amazing w cesc, but these 2 arent helping cesc at all!
    4.Fabianky n Manone,, NO comment
    5.Eduardo,, No comment
    6:Jack W n A Ramsey!… Perfect!! but for Carling cup games, if we have a Physical Game?! BE WARE OF UR LEGS LADS !!! ((CAN U REMEMBER WHEN WE HAD PARLOUR,Petit,VIERA!)) LOOK AT US NOWW

    8)Why DONT WE HAVE GOOD DEFENDER MIDF in case song gets injured?!,,,, look at the top teams::
    Real:alonso,diarra, Chels:Essien,J O Mikel Inter:cambiasso,thiago motta,montari Barca:Toure Kieta……….

    Arsenal fc: Song &????



    To End it,, i just want you to know, that after all what i said, i still believe in the boss, its just i know that the premiership changed,, n look at the salaries,, THE FUCKN ADEBA YOR is taking 170k i think,, its insane yes,, but i think if wenger can sacrifice n take a risk, im 100% sure its gonna be worth it,… n maybe if stan Kronkey or Usmanov will overtake the club during arsens time, theres no fear at the club, Coz im more than sure that wenger will accept this Under His conditions only….. oh and one thing,, i just hate about arsene,that in the end of the season he didnt say that the lack of experience and lack of quality, made us lose everything, he just blamed the injuries,, well if you dont buy physical players ull always have the same problem….

    Dear Arsenal Fans, i can only say, May God help us, coz next season, Manutd will buy, Chelsea,MANNCITYY, Totten,,, they will all BUY, so i just hope we will be surprised , and arsene will stay, so lets give him some time to think about it, he us the boss in the end!….

  9. Charl;es

    May 11, 2010 at 12:23 pm

    The problem is that most of Gunner fans posting comments act like prosititutes. Fact 1. All the pundits in the land concluded that Arsenal will finish below Citeh and Spurs b4 the season started. The fact that with the injuries we got to where we are was a miracle.
    Fact 2. Gazidis did not mention how much cash is at the clubs disposal to spend, so how do we know we have mega money.
    Fact 3. Lets assume we have £40m to spend do anyone in this forum think that it qualifies as mega money, when Chelsea, Citeh, Man U, Barca and Real will certainly spend twice the amount in 2 or 3 players. Considering that all teams will be shopping from the same pound.
    Having said this, we need AW vision and eye for talent to compete in and stand a chance in this insane tranfer market. £40m will not get more than 2 world class players. Melo and Buffon will probably cost more with a good display in the world cup.
    People, lets be realistic and give AW some respect for what he is doing for the team. Yes, i for one want my team to win some trophy but to think AW thinks otherwise is stupid and beggars belief. I know he wants success more than anything for this club but at the same time he has to deal with the fact that money is tight. We have to live within our means as we have no billionaire owner that will give him a blank cheque. Until that happens, the biggest assets we have is not Cesc or RVP but AW. So lets shoe some appreciation.

  10. Ziggy

    May 11, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    you calling us plastic fans? go support Chelsea, they spend big and change managers all the time, you’ll be much happier there. And by the way – read this – Arsene Wenger is a GENIUS! You’re blind if you can’t see it.

  11. Ziggy

    May 11, 2010 at 2:28 pm


  12. Hugo

    May 11, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    I see you’re twisting quotes to suit your absurd agenda. At no point did Gazidis say we have “mega money”. As you later point out he says we have “sufficient funds to invest”. Which means we can afford to buy some players, not necessarily “spend big”. Wenger says we will buy some players but not spend big. So actually they are saying pretty much the same thing, but that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun as whinging like a spoilt child would it?

  13. Merse-10

    May 11, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    This site is pathetic, moronic and clearly has no grasp of the real facts.
    Here’s an idea for you; watch and listen to the free video’s on from the Q&A with Gazidis.

    It’s all there. It’s there in black and white. The FACTS. Not the bullshit spouted here. The facts about money, the stadium debt, transfer budget – what is included in that budget. Listen and stop all this absolute shit you keep spouting.

    Mr Gazidis has confirmed everything i and sensible fans have known all along and how lucky we are to have Arsene in charge rather than someone who is prepared to bankrupt the club.

    Do you think Pompey wanted to be in the position they are? Do you think their FA Cup win means that being f*cked as club is acceptable?
    If that’s what you wanted for Arsenal, to spend beyond our means and f*ck the club p then you clearly do not have Arsenal in our blood.

    The club is about yesterday and tommorow not just today.


    May 12, 2010 at 4:34 am

    Merse – “Five years is nothing ?” If you’re not one of the top 4 clubs in the Premier league, that would be true.But WE ARE.We set ourselves high standards.We have a proud tradition we want to retain. Five years of nothing with Wenger’s “I believe in this team” mantra is simply not acceptable.
    We have money (30-40 mill.) available NOW , but in the “Wenger won’t spend big” link , he says “major additions are not necessary for his young squad”.By “major” I take it he means experienced players with a higher price tag.Yet a week or two ago he told us that he WILL sign experienced ones! This is another example of Wengers duplicity ( or just plain lies?).
    You all say “we didn’t have the funds available to buy”. Well now that we have,from this comment – he STILL won’t spend big.He obviously intends to stick with “his young squad” ,to keep faith in a policy that has, and will continue, to produce underachievement. We deserve better than that.


    May 12, 2010 at 4:57 am

    Lady Arsenal,
    “Where are the protests ” ? Well, I would suggest that there are a (growing) number of disgruntled supporters out there ALREADY,and if we are sitting here this time next year, with another empty season behind us, you might be joining them, and make up a placard to wave, also.But if not, then perhaps ANOTHER five years might convince you ? By that time Wenger’s “young team” will have maybe produced the goods ?
    ” Stand up for your beliefs?”. Wenger has been doing that for a LONG time now- we’re still waiting to see the results !


    May 12, 2010 at 5:14 am

    T. boyle,- Dead right ! Wenger had the chance to buy or LOAN Klaas Jan Huntelaar, a prolific scorer with good technique- 186 goals in 290 club games. 15 goals in 30 internationals. Look up his credentials on “Wikipedia”. He would have made a great fill in for RVP.He was available for quite a while, but Wenger thought we had enough strikers !!!? Not worth even trying out QN LOAN apparently !
    So we end up playing Arshavin out of position as a striker,as we didn’t have anyone else to use there.Great forward planning, Wenger.


    May 12, 2010 at 5:34 am

    Merse – Spending within your means is a given- no one will dispute that, and I’m not either. But last season Wenger was told “Arsene will be given the money to buy if he needs it”. In other words, he had a budget WITHIN which to spend. But he is not by nature, a big spender.
    This is the problem. Good players, experienced players – not more kids- are what we need(ed).They don’t come cheap.So when you need to splash the cash on quality, YOU MUST ! Even if it goes against your nature, and provided, as I said , it is WITHIN your budget.
    Failure to strengthen the squad when required cost us the league.The buck stops with him.The disturbing irony is history could repeat itself, judging from his recent statement.


    May 12, 2010 at 6:09 am

    Becks – no, Wenger wasn’t responsible for the injuries we had this season”. But IT IS his responsibility to have a PLAN in place to COVER for those injuries.That means having quality players in reserve, in case that happens.
    We didn’t have those players to step in- because he didn’t bring enough (or any ? ) in ! Not even LOAN players ! Then he proclaims at the end of the season, “We were ‘unlucky’ with all the injuries we had.” That’s not bad luck – that’s incompetence.

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