Arsenal still need 3 NEW signings

With only a few weeks till the start of the new season I feel that we are STILL 3 players short of having a realistic chance of winning the league.

What we are lacking…

1) Stable GK : I hope we don’t sign Schwarzer, 38 this year is he really going to be the answer? Didn’t look very convincing at this summers World Cup. Personally I would go for Frey or Stekelenburg, Or if Wenger wanted a cheap keeper then Chris Kirkland.

2) Powerful CB – we have wanted a Martin Keown type CB for a number of years now. How many times have we gone to places like Blackburn, Stoke, Bolton and dropped points due to us not being able to deal with balls into the box? I would hope that Koscielny is not going to be the only CB that arrives this summer. Even if we resign Campbell we still need a REAL CB partner for TV. I would hope that a player like Cristian Zapata or Gary Cahill would be with us before the start of the season. Not convinced with Johan Djourou at all.

3) Ball winner in CM – Alex Song has done a great job for Arsenal, But we saw last season that when he was missing we didn’t have that ball winner, With all due respect Eastmond is not ready to do this job and Denilson showed a number of times that he doesn’t have the pace or work rate to do this role. SO with that in mind, Scott Parker or even resigning Flamini or Diarra would give us more bite. Very impressed with young Frimpong but Im not sure he is ready just yet.

3 Players in Kirkland, Cahill and Parker who all play in the EPL and wouldn’t need time to adjust or wouldn’t cost a massive amount.

Anything less and it’s going to be much of the same…Getting close but not good enough and Fighting for 3rd/4th place “AT BEST”

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  1. GunnerPete says:

    You have the right idea and wouldnt Gunners love to see Arsenes anti UK blinkers broken. I would go for Parker, Jones, and Hart. AND when Cesc is sold, I would add Ozil and Hazard….we would then win the double.

  2. admin says:

    I can see whats going to happen. Signing of the 38 yr old Fulham keeper and Sol Campbell and thats it… Cesc going and yet again we make a £30m profit. Juet like last season

  3. james - South Yorkshire says:

    We need at least 3 maybe 4… We need to get shut of Diaby, Denilson, Eboue, Almunia, Fabianski and Glichy – All merdiocre and dead wood

    Centre-Back: Phil Jagielka – He is possibly the best English centre back. Unlucky with injuries last year. He would suit Arsenal a lot. He is the key.

    Goalkeeper: Man City won’t sell to their rivals, so I don’t think Joe Hart is an option. If he was I’d have him. Shwarzer seems an odd one and one I wouldn’t want – Jaskelienen would be a much better bet, but Frey appears to be an obvious choice.

    Midfielder: I’ve always thought of Jeremy Toulalan. He’d come here with no probs and Lyon need the money. I’d try and move for Diaby to go the other way! I’d also like Melo as well as Toulalan and if Juve were up for it – I’d send Glichy and Eboue their way as a part-chop.

    Promote Gibbs, Wilshere and Szezcny…

    We also need a big name to replace the outgoing dross – whether it be a midfielder or a forward. Ozil, Benzema, Huntelaar; but a big name..

    We are a big club – We need to be bold and make a statement.

  4. J.M.H says:

    Admin Ces isnt going, not this season anyway. I totally agree that we need another Goal Keeper and another Defender. The goal keeper finger is pointing straight at Schwarzer, an extremely talented goalie with experience, it worked when Man Utd signed Van der Saar SO why not us. The defender Mertesacker is the one that looks more probable, experience, cheap and quality, what else could we wont. Defensive Midfield wise, is not such a worry because we have some at centre back who have experience in thar position like Djourou, Nordveit and Koscielny.

  5. GunnerX says:

    Afraid, I can only agree with your article, if we fail to sign a top class keeper and a big but agile CB I fear we’ll find it difficult to finish in the top 4, which is a depressing thought, and really quite avoidable.

  6. Simon says:

    Get Samba or Zapata.

  7. Smudger says:

    Although you’re right in pointing out the blindingly obvious, suggesting that Scott Parker is good enough to warm our bench, and suggesting Chris Kirkland, a man who’s injury record would make even Rosicky jealous, is what we need is quite silly. Who cares where the players come from?

    Half of the comments on here are clearly Football Manager players who don’t really watch much football. Huntelaar a big name? Man City selling us Joe Hart? Phil Jagielka the best English center half? Dear oh dear. At least the comments suit the blog I suppose.

  8. admin says:

    Come on then Smudger, Name the players you would sign?

  9. Gunnergetreal says:

    Every year we hear the same lies from arsene at the end of the season and then over the summer he fails to fix the problems that are so obviously in neeed of fixing after last season.

    We are going into the liverpool game with Clown A or Clown B doing nets – surley you don’t have to be paid what arsenes paid to work out that a goalkeeper should have been signed before pre – season so he can work with any new defence.

    Come 1st september we’ll hear the same lies “I tried to sign x y and z but they werent available. arsene has done so much for us but if he can’t fix the problems this year he never will.

  10. BigL says:

    The problem is we are always 2 or 3 players short. wenger seems to always want to do things the hard way like winning with an under strength team is somehow better.

    We’ll probably get Sol back and that will be it

  11. ed says:

    most of you are wrong, zapata would have happened by now, we’ve been linked with him so many times, kirkland is only a tiny bit better than almunia. mertesacker would cost 15m minimum, parker is good but i’m not sure he would be good enough to play at our level, i want honda he would be great but that looks unlikely. frey would be a possibility because of the boruc signing, minimum of 10m probs. i wouldn’t be surprised if we resigned campbell and bought schwarzer or someone of that mould.

  12. EireGooner says:

    Schwarzer is an above average keeper, hardly the keeper of a side that dream of winning the champions league. Mertesacker is slow and has issues with concentration. Hes not an AW defender at all. Chiellini or Zapata are more like AW type defenders. Having said that, if Campbell re-signs, I doubt we will be buying a centre half – Vermaelen, Koscielny, Djourou, Campbell, not to mention Song as cover too…Id love to see a top international defender coming in, but I doubt it will happen.
    Id settle for a top level goalkeeper, because that, combined with less injuries, would see our squad putting up a real fight. In all honesty, we were not too far away last season, until the injuries really piled up. I really think we should go all out to solve the biggest problem in our team, and shell out for once on a world class goalkeeper.

  13. riad says:

    yes arsen beck flamini in arsenal

  14. Herbert Chapman's Arsenal Army says:

    There are at least 5 clubs in the Premier Lge who have 2 GK’s better than Almunia, & I include Stoke in that list! Schwarzer isn’t in the same class of GK as van der Sar, you may as well compare Australia & Holland. IF Fabregas is unhappy, we would have to sell him. If Gazidis says we have money we should be aiming to bring in the type of player that fires our captain up to want to lead our club to glory, without giving Barcelona a 2nd thought. We throw away leads at teams like Wigan because we are spineless. Only TWO Premier Lge teams failed to score against us last season, Aston Villa & Fulham. And too many times we get the Bendtner v Burnley instead of the Bendtner v Porto. If the hierarchy at the Emirates have any feeling for our club and it’s great but long-suffering supporters, invest in a team that can comfortably beat Chelsea & Man Utd, and one that can go & conquer Europe and bring home the spoils of war. Do they read these sites? Or are they in their own little bubble counting their profit! Start justifying your £2million a year salary Mr Wenger!

  15. admin says:

    Honda is an attacking player isn’t he?

  16. joseph says:

    GunnerPete says: Arsenes anti UK blinkers
    The last match played Arsenal had 6 English players on the pitch with 3 of them will have a big part to play for Arsenal this coming season also we have a welch player out injured.
    I know over the years what you might be saying may have a grain of trouth to it but i feel in general British players have let Arsene down. So i find it hard to blame him.

  17. admin says:

    Joseph. Wenger has also overlooked English players like Upson/Sidwell for the likes of Cygan/Stepanovos. Wenger would rather go French everytime. But he never gets the balance right. Look at Man Utd, Chelsea.. A host of English players who are the heartbeat of the side. Something we have not had for years

  18. Herbert Chapman's Arsenal Army says:

    Two poor examples of English players admin. Upson looks ok in a side like Birmingham, how or why he plays for England is a mystery to me, I think we saw that against Germany. Sidwell has a good work ethic, but no real quality. We should’ve been competing for signings like Dawson from Nott’m Forest, Cahill from Villa, Milner from Newcastle, all easily within our budget at the time of moving from those clubs.

  19. joseph says:

    How about Cashly / Pennent /Jeffers also Upson was let go because he would not wait for first team football at the time he was behind some very good defenders. Also I seem to remember Arsene say he would like to see Upson back at Arsenal some day. As for Sidwelll I am not sure he was ever up to Arsenal standards.
    Cygan/Stepanovos I can give you a list of great players from out side the UK but what’s the point you them already. Look I know we need some new players but I don’t care where they come from. I just want players that will help us win. I feel this anti-British thing is distraction and a stick to beat Arsene with used by the press and dare I say it Arsenal fans who would like to see the back of Arsene

  20. perrygrovesworld says:

    The homegrown player rule comes in this year so wishful purchases of overseas players requires more scrutiny nowadays… Beware what you wish for as Ivan and Arsene need to balance up who is eligible to play any given game….

  21. Dirty Turkey says:

    Look guys, it’s obvious who we need:

    GK – Seaman
    CB – Martin Keown
    DM – Patrick Vieira

    See, how simple that was?

  22. gary says:

    i argee with admin,same as last four summer transfers window,promises of new signings will be made,certain high profile players will be allowed to leave to lower wage bill and raise funds which we will be told is in transfer chest waiting to buy right players then all of a sudden the transfer window ends and guess what ?no new signings. wenger will continue to drop names in the hat like joe cole but do little to sign anyone ,is it any wonder barcelona see arsenal as their feeder club,report them to ufea or are arsenal scared to bit the hand the board clearly thinks feeds them

  23. Daxxjoker says:

    hahahahahahaha . . . who gives a shit about what you bloggers have to say !? You really think that someone outside a little village in Africa respects your opinion ?!

    Arsenal need 5 more signings,but top class not Chamakh or Koscileny.

    Problem is – no top class player wants to come to Emirates !

    The man you all blindly believe shredded the club’s importance just as easy as he built it.
    Now football masters only want Chelsea and Manchester Utd,and even City.
    No one is that crazy to come to Arsenal,except some average players.For them,its an honor to be seen by Wenger and to arrive at Emirates.

    As for current squad – it is even bigger joke than the one from last season – and this time around,we won’t finish in top 4,and hopefully – Wenger will understand that this way of his is total bullcrap !

  24. chakravo says:

    @ Herbert Chapman’s Arsenal Army
    “…long-suffering supporters”. You are kidding right? 5 years is a long time for you?

    Agreed that we clearly need a GK and probably a CB as well (actually I think we need a DM much more than we need a CB if Sol resigns), but suggesting that Scott Parker is the answer is a bit like saying that a faltering engine can be repaired with cooking oil and string. Would he be better than no one? Probably, but I am worried that the same people commenting here will tear him to bits – a la Eboue – if he fails to perform.

  25. bastard wenger says:

    lol umm no we need 4 signings-

    1 great GK

    1 great CB

    1 great holding CM like song

    1 great striker to complement van persie

    but lol i forgot, arsene whinger thinks we r good enough

    the old hag needs to be kicked out,. bring in mourhino i say

  26. mark dean says:

    spot on mate! that’s exactly what i had in mind before i read this article.

    Realisticly im thinking:

    1) Joe Hart
    2) Per Mertesacker
    3) Scott parker

    Orignally i was DREAMING of:

    1) Gianluigi Buffon
    2) Nemanja Vidic
    3) Yaya Toure

    What do you think guys?

  27. Murtuza says:

    I request wenger to sign one gk and one defender but gk top priority. wenger should spend all his transfer money on top class gk like lloris or neuer. i know lloris is not possible but we can try for neuer as i see him as next jens lehmann. Or sign any good gk but i dont want alumina n fabainski in our squad, i would be happy if wenger makes mannone or szczesny our no1 gk.

  28. Raif says:

    Kirkland would be a waste of time and money. his got a dodgy back and wont be able to handle the number of games we play.

    he would be another player in the treatment room,

  29. Joe says:


    We wont sign a young first choice keeper.

    If we did we would basically be saying to Scezeny you’ve wasted your time being here and that’s not what Wenger wants.

    Fantasy? If we do truly have money i would love us to shove in a cheeky 20-25 M bid for Reina, add 6-10 points to our end of season tally and give us a real hope of challenging.

    Realistically/Probably? Schwarzer


    Campbell or a £5M back up player

    Probably? Campbell

    Defensive Midfielder

    Wengers always hated having big first team squads and mass rotation. When we were winning things it was done with a settled team week in week out and that’s how he continues to want to play.

    As well as FA Cup games Song is already guaranteed to miss:

    Man City H
    West Ham A
    Wigan H

    for the African Cup of Nations. It’s not terrible but everyone knows what our injury record has been like over the last 3 seasons so he will no doubt miss more than that this year.

    I would like us to buy someone but realistically with Coquelin, Eastmond and Frimpong all wanting a chance (I know Coquelins on loan this year but he will be back) I very much doubt we will bring anyone in.

    Probably? No one.

    So Schwarzer and Campbell would be my guess.

  30. Harv says:

    Bradley the yank no. 4 from Moenchengladbach. a Parlour/Flamini type who is not shy of getting into the box, mixes it in midfield and can pass accurately to the frontline.

  31. Max says:

    preach on brother. Man City are going 2 get rid of either Hart or Given so we should take whoever they dont want or go & get the Russian keeper that Arshavin was giving the hard sell to. At cetere back i would like 2 see Jagielka or Chris Samba come to the Emirates. At defensive midfield Wenger should sign Diarra or re-sign Flamini like you said.

  32. True Gooner says:

    I never realised so many of my fellow Gooners were completely retarded.

    Some of the comments of we need to buy x,y & z are just laughable. You forget we challenged for the title last season, without the likes of TV, Cesc, Van Persie etc. for long periods of the season.

    Chamakh has been abused in the above comments similar to TV last season, yet he carried Bordeaux to the Champions League Semi last year…. yeah – he’s rubbish….

    A keeper is needed, admittadley. but Djourou has been injured, he is an excelent player, why do you write him off, because he was injured? then in that logic signing a CB that has never been injured is hard to come by…. then there is the young Norwegian… but unless they don’t cost 40 million half you lot won’t be happy.

    Sad really, what happend to true Arsenal fans..

  33. Tony Waters says:

    I have long thought that M. Wenger has a blind spot when it comes to goalies, vastly underestimating the value of having a world class ‘keeper who commands both his area and his defence. last season, IMHO, Almnia and Fabianski cost the club ten points over the course of the season, compared with having a Cech or a Givens in goal.

    In short, trying to win the title again with those two as the principal ‘keepers is rather like setting out to sea with a hole in the boat. Why can’t le Professeur stop sniffing around Goodwill stores looking for free transfers, and pay real money for a real ‘keeper toute-de-suite! Last season, Arsenal found themselves playing against teams with better goalies than their own at least every other week. The EPL is full of excellent goalies. M. Wenger had better go and buy an established international ‘keeper. There were half a dozen on display in South Africa.

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