Wenger needs to sit the kids down and give them a good telling off!

Arsenal’s super “KID” Jack Wilshere who was arrested last week for a GBH, was also “apparently” trying to take pictures up women’s SKIRTS with his mobile. The Sun reports

Well, Im not saying  what Jack Wilshere allegedly done was acceptable, but lets remember that he is 18 years old. And I put my hand up and admit that I did pretty much the same in my youth, and far worse.

But saying that I was not playing for Arsenal FC.

Add the Wilshere arrest to a list of embarrassing incidents by our youngguns, including the arrest of Jay Emmanuel-Thomas. Nicklas Bendtner leaving a club drunk with his trousers round his ankles.

Something is going wrong with the kids at Arsenal?  Have they been hyped up to much and the fame has gone to there heads? Maybe. The Arsenal kids are under a crazy amount of publicity and pressure.

Every young player we have at the club is hyped up by Youth team  blogs to be the next Liam Brady and the new Dennis Bergkamp. Personally I don’t think that it is right and our young players should be kept out of the spotlight, and I’m sure Arsenal FC feel the same way.

Wenger needs to sit the likes of Wilshere and JET down and give them a good telling off and warn them that there footballing future might not be as bright as they think it is. Things can change fast in football, remember Lee Sharpe at Man Utd?

What the younger players at Arsenal need to remember is this, its most of our dreams to be given the chance to play for Arsenal. Not for the money or the fame or for the girls or flash cars. But for the dream of running out onto the pitch and wearing that red and white shirt. YOU have that dream in the palm of your hands, don’t screw it up for a few drinks and being jack the lad.

Trust me its alot harder when you have to work 50 hrs a week for £17,000 a year.

Wenger and Brady need to start being a bit more heavy handed with our kids and people need to stop hyping them up and making them feel bigger then what the actually are.


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  1. dilshan says:

    yep agree, they should not loose what they have ..just ask Pennent …great article

  2. jonnyd says:

    Teenagers being paid ridiculous amounts of money and living in a cultural environment increasingly divorced from the real world, it’s not really a surprise that some of them behave like twattish teenagers, it’s just that they do it in more expensive places and have a higher profile. I blame the parents. And society. And the media. And somewhere along the line, yes, you do have to wonder about the culture at Arsenal.

  3. Chrispy says:

    Nothing is proven yet but if he was my son, i’d give him the biggest verbal kicking he’d had in his life anyway. ‘He’s young….’ bollox! It’s a short career and an ultra priveliged one. Lee Sharpe is a good example you mentioned but add to that Jermaine Pennant, Freddy Adu etc. Massive futures and now journey men. Going to clubs is normal for a youngster but a football player isn’t a normal profession and there are a ton of dodgy people would love to stitch up, have a pop at, fleece etc young Jack.

  4. ZiinNC says:

    The Bentner case was later shown to be a mate of the photographer that had pull down Bentners jens as he walked out of the club. It was a blatant set up. JET was driving without supervision on a learners license, hardly a gangster. As for Jack, we dont know the facts, and anything reported in the Sun must be taken as suspect.

    The media are out to get our young English talent, because it’ll reverse every diatribe against us “ruining English football” and make Arsenal the potential savious. Look at the team (to you filthy Sun journalists that are reading this) below the reserves, many many outstanding prospects. The majority are English.

    Remember the derision AW got when he said we could go a season unbeaten? They dont want to be shown up again. Trust me the red tops are pure scum journalism.

  5. Yunusa okonkwo says:

    £17.000 and your complaining are you greedy? even directors dnt earn that as basic salary in nigerian where i come from

  6. simon says:

    This “upskirt” stuff it total tabloid bullshit. They’re gutted they can’t beat us with the “English” stick any more so they trying to smear him already. It’s as sickening as it is pathetic.

  7. Will says:

    Whilst I do agree that young footballers are somewhat spoiled we must remember the likes of Adams and Merson and parlour were no choir boys in their youth. I think we are in danger of using these incidents to support the storyline of our prejudices rather than offering any material difference from young players of yesteryear

  8. Max says:

    Great article. Really well said but Arsenal have had quite a bit of history for being a bit of a party team. Anyone ever read Perry Groves’ book? Talks all about the drunken adventures of our players

  9. Johnny Jenson says:

    Great stuff Sinnners :) Love your work mate

  10. Emptyhead says:

    Its a society of moral bankruptcy. You can even see it in the comments. When I first read this, the first thing that came to my mind was what was a 18yrs old professional footballer ‘who was involved in a game that afternoon’ doing by that time of the day. Some would argue being a footballer does’nt kill his social life, well there are other days he can hangout. His young and I hope he’s humble as well. In my view, this calls for a disciplinary action.

  11. gt says:

    One can certainly drink and hang out with mates without making a mess. I don’t remember reading anything about our Captain get into off-field troubles. Not even once. It is beyond doubt our Manager values personal behavior very highly, and our young players have one of the best role models in the form of Cesc Fabregas to learn from. If they don’t straighten up, our young players may find their careers a lot shorter than what it should be.

  12. josh says:

    Sinbad, if this embarassing news of Wilshere is true, then I fully agree that he needs telling off from Arsene Wenger. Wilshere must learn to balance his private life and his public life, his football on the pitch and his behaviour in public. All Gunners players, the seniors and the young Guns, must show responsibility to the club and to the public because they represent or may one day represent their respective countries. Wilshere has become public figure at this young age of 18, and he has to remind himself that. If true, Wilshere owes an apology to the general public, to the entertainment club’s owner where he was ‘ejected’ out and to the persons involved.

  13. Hornsey Nick says:

    Sinbad, for once my fellow gooner you are absolutely spot on – I agree with all the tenents of your article and would emphasise that we are not in the 70s or 80s any more, a time when we the fans were much nearer in terms of income to the players and hence able to perhaps enjoy or certainly understand their misdemeanours. This, as your article clearly points out, is certainly not the case any more. Nothing irritates us fans more (I’m positive I’m not the only one) than a lack of sense and humility from footballers who earn the money (and this is what it comes down to) that most of us can only dream about (especially as it obstensibly us who pay them, whether through our season tickets or replica shirts). This applies paricularly to our own (because lets face it we all enjoy it when our rival’s players really act like degenerate twa@ts rooney, terry, cole et al). We can forgive a few discrepencies, but only a few before most of us start thinking hold on a minute what the fu@k we don’t want a bunch of playboys etc (as well as themselves they are also lettiing all of us down – especially in light of the fact that the majority of us take great pleasure in telling opposition supporters about the lack of moral fibre and decency dispayed by their own players. You are absolutely right a bit of the old George Graham discipline wouldn’t go amiss – hold on a minute I retract that Adams, Merson, Parlour… christ!

    We The Arsenal are “Pure Class” let us remain so!

    Clear and succinct article Sinbad, nice one

    Hornsey Nick

  14. Edmund Simpson says:

    I agree with the basic principle: we do not want stories about the nocturnal exploits of Arsenal players splashed across the newspapers. But as, mentioned above, these incidents are isolated, without a common theme and generally do not reflect the behaviour of players at the club. The fact that these incidents are so rare suggests that Wenger lays down the law firmly and often enough.

  15. Illybongani says:

    “I don’t remember reading anything about our Captain get into off-field troubles. Not even once. It is beyond doubt our Manager values personal behavior very highly, and our young players have one of the best role models in the form of Cesc Fabregas to learn from”

    Throwing pizza at Knights of the Realm doesn’t count I guess.

  16. Zickar says:

    Every football player in the world is hyped these days and if things like you’re the next bergkamp or brady hype players what about labels like “the next zidane” or “the next ronaldo” or whatever labels get thrown around … for a moment I’d love to see an arsenal action post that is not full of negativity and sampling out of arsenal … every post makes us look inferior infants to the maturity of other clubs when that is usually the other way around … show some support ffs instead of bashing players and manager every opportunity you get .. Wilshere wasn’t charged with anything (regarding the first charge) as for the up-skirt shots well you said you could have done it yourself if you were at his age and he is just human and he is just a kid .. its one of those foolish things humans do and being human wilshere has done that .. you can only blame wenger for unprofessional behaviour on the pitch which so far is always of the highest caliber .. off the pitch its every man on his own … we don’t exaclty own the players you know . we just pay them to do their job , if they do it the way we want we are happy , what they do when they are outside their job is their business … does your boss ask you what have you beed doing up drinking till the early hours of the morning ? he only does so if that affects your job and by far I don’t think wilshere or anybody else looked out of focuse on game day …

  17. king gooner says:

    anything coming out of that MANURE loving rag(the sun)has to be taken with a large pinch of salt-however,pehaps it’s time for sir wenger to incorporate some of old red noses ways.i.e have his spies out in town keeping a close watch on their antics if they’re not mature enough to behave !!

  18. frankarsenal says:

    great comment man. we are not ready for such people at our club. wenger please sit the kids down and give them a lesson.

  19. gt says:



    All we have is a baseless accusation from Cole, who has not been covered in glory himself, both on and off the field.


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